Lily pov

Lily Luna Potter. That's me. I'm fifteen. I'm the daughter of the famous Harry Potter, and just before the beginning of the summer holidays I got thrown out from Hogwarts. The press had a field day when I got kicked out they were all saying the same thing "Oh the famous Harry Potter, He can defeat Lord Voldermort but he can't control his daughter". Oh how he hates me now I'm sure, you see, I was kicked out because I was caught shagging my boyfriend Scorpius Malfoy. I don't think Dad would be as angry with me if it was anyone but Scorpius Malfoy because my dad and Scorpius Dad have been at each others throats ever since they started Hogwarts some thirty years ago.

"Lily" mum yelled. "Can you come down stairs please?"

"Alright" I yelled back. Not really listening.

"Now" she yelled a few minutes later.

I walked downstairs into the kitchen and was surprised to see Dad sitting at the table with mum.

"What have I done wrong now?" I asked, not really wanting to know.

"Nothing yet" she said "we just wanted to talk to you." Oh great.

"Your father and I have come to a decision about your schooling," she spoke very calmly but I could tell she wasn't happy. "As you know we've already tried to get you a place at Beauxbatons and they said no. Your father won't budge on his decision to send you to an all girl's school, so I'm afraid you will have to go to a muggle school." She said the last part through gritted teeth.


"Stop yelling and let me finish" she snapped. "We've decided that you can choose what school you go to, so long as it's an all girl's school." I could see from her face this wasn't her decision, she just couldn't change Dad's mind.

"Alright, fine" I said angrily and I stormed off to my room.

I grabbed my laptop and started searching the net for all girls' schools. They were all really old fashioned, makes sense, they would have to be because what normal high school would only allow girls in.

They all sounded really boring and old, so I decided to search the words "worst girl's school in the uk" and I found a link to a school called St. Trinians. The picture looked the same as the other schools I found, really posh old building but there was stuff every were as if they'd just had a party and bellow the picture there were the neon green word in bold "not for the faint hearted".

I couldn't wait to tell Dad were I was going.

This is my first story so it would be nice to know if its any good.