Star Trek voyager meets the Jedi Part III the academy years

We just arrived at our new residence an apartment for where we could live my dad and his new wife Elizabeth Keeler disembarked the transport after us.

Luke handed Harry my Husband a set of keys. "Here is a little present for you and Kara you can stay at the academy you helped build yourself this is a little parting gift Kiana and I want you to have we will stay around for sometime but we are going to retire here the Jedi order is yours now."

Harry looked at me and raised a questioning eyebrow he opened our bond up "Kara don't let your dad do this you're the owner and builder of this acdemy don't make him do this besides I have a bad feeling about this chalet."

I looked at my dad and stepmom "dad I can't accept this with being the owner and founder of this place I can't live apart from it and I get depended on to always be there for my students"

Luke looked at me and then gave Harry a look "Make her take these use for weekend getaways but watch one room its has a time machine that if you get to close to it or enter it will move you thru time and space and you can't change the past unless it's absolutely necessary especially if you are time travel sensitive like you and Petra and harry are"

Harry looked at me "oh great Kara now he tells us"

Kara "okay fine daddy we will take the keys thanks for the warning and the heads up"

Beth: Luke lets go to our cottage outside of the academy and let Kara get settled in with the others"

Luke linked his arms thru Beth's "Very well my love we will let her get settled in and we will check on her once she gets her stuff in.

He nodded at me"let me know how you like it Kar

I looked at Harry together we watched them go Harry put his arm around me and we walked to the apartment Harry put the keys in my bag and helped me carry my things in.

Harry looked at me "Kara we should just accept this you know how sometimes we want to get away"

I know harry it's just I don't want anything to distract us at the moment with just getting this started and just moving in and the time travel thing flips me out what if we change stuff that isn't suppose too?"

Harry opened the door to our apartment with our kids in tow carrying there stuff

The kids settled in and I looked around the furniture was nice enough