Chapter 9 Time's Enemy

Harry looked at me Kara what is it? You look upset and I just felt you tense up what is wrong? Harry started massaging my shoulders. "Your shoulders are very tense right now. Do not flip out. Just tell me."

"Harry we need to get back to the time ship or the chalet now someone is coming and I don't want to tangle with him right now it's an old enemy of my mom and dad, mostly my mom. It's an evil time Lord a lot like Karaleigh we met last week and we had to kill. That nearly killed me.

This one is worse it's you from 5 years in the future. He bought his own time ship back and he is either after me or Petra he traced our time ship signal here. I don't know which or if it's both of us yet. He might be after chakotay because he is standing in the way of his and Petra's happiness I don't know if I am strong enough to take him."

Harry pulled me close. "Kara you the grand master the strongest Jedi of the order you had your Time powers 9 years. your more than a match for him and you can control yours and you don't abuse it and use it for the wrong reason's either. How did you know it was him?

"Its part of my time powers Harry. I can sense when another time lord for Good or for evil is around and it felt like you but not you. A darker evil you that is after us he is evil. Harry only other time power users can take him. so that leaves me or Petra. You and Chakotay have a part of them cause of us but your powers are a stretch of our own that we share with you. Chakotay and you can't take him alone. Petra or I would have to be with you because our powers are equal to his."

"Harry more like your equal to him Kara I am still your husband this year and the future you saw was five years from now. either him or Petra or you do something to trigger that."

"Kara I know how it's triggered its Petra she is feeling down and empty and worthless which pushes chakotay away. causes you to fall for her and be there for her Chakotay kills me or you do. We have to take steps to stop that."

Harry Kara we can't just go up to Petra and juxtaposition her for something we don't even know if she is the trigger. You know as a time lord you adopted the no interference policy. "

"But just not the future only the past Harry. It's not written in stone yet the future is always changing by our choices it might end up no future for any of Starlight academy if we don't get to work now. Harry just trust me take my hand I will show you."

Harry and I teleported two months back

Two months ago

Harry looked at Petra "Petra I forgive you for using me for revenge that is why I saved you"

"Harry just go away I don't need your help or sympathy Maybe I deserved to be raped I hurt you I hurt Kara and I hurt Chakotay the person I love most in this world besides my kids and you two are my two bet friends and maybe if I give myself over to him this will stop and I will deserve it"

"Harry and hurt yourself and your kids and the order come on Petra your talking crazy."

"No one deserves to be raped Petra no matter how much you screw up." Chaktoay said and tried to comfort her

Petra ran away and hid down near the lake near the cabins. She thought this is my entire fault if I wouldn't have given into my revenge instincts to hurt Kara and Harry and Chakotay like they hurt me this wouldn't have happened this is my entire fault I am going to give myself to him when he returns back from his own time again to attack us again"

Harry and I teleported back to the Present Day Academy

Present Day

"See harry she bought the blame on herself which caused her to lose her nerve and muchness and it in turn started a downward spiral if we don't get her to stop it. It will happen again she internalized it and let it tear her up and destroy her inside. This caused her to kill me and kill you. In this parallel world she will be in and where Harry is from in the future. Until she forgives herself for it we won't have our Petra back she will be half a Petra.

"Kara just how did you know this?"

"Harry when Petra flipped out that day she slept with you. Remember I disappeared a few days with Chakotay.

"Yeah Kara I thought you were sick or helping chakotay with something what did you two do?"

"Harry Chaktoay and I went forward in time and traveled to this parallel universe five years from now and we saw this happen. We went backward and saw when it happened and forward to see the worse part of it. When the academy is in shambles and torn apart."

"What would Petra need to do to stop this Kara we can't interfere with her destiny"

"Harry that is the point we can't we can nudge Petra to do it but we can't Force her or do it for her. She has to come to the resolution on her own."

"If she does will the timeline return to normal and that future we saw won't happen."

I looked at Harry and crossed my arms "It's hard and difficult to see Harry but if she does not kill him she will become the Petra we saw in the future where she don't care about anything and just let any guy do what they want to her."

Harry looked at me and looked like he was about to get angry or cry. "Which means she will go back basically to the life of a prostitute like Watto did to her when she was a teen. Kara we can't let that happen to her again."

"Harry its true and I know you care for her an love her a lot so do I but she has to chose her own life we can't direct it for her she is in control of her own destinies"

"I just hope she makes the right one" Harry thought

"Harry you think loud" I sent to him

Outskirts of the academy

Dark Time Master Harry Landed his ship and cloaked it he nodded at his two companions and gave them pictures of Petra and myself. He looked at them and said

"Spread out until you find a sense of someone that has abilities there should be two women near this academy that have abilities time travel abilities. One is there leader they have a time ship like ours but it's hidden like this and cloaked so we can't find them and track them."

Lilly looked at Harry "Master how will we find them if these pictures aren't up to date?"

Gillian exchanged looks with Lilly then looked at Harry "She is right Master Kim how?"

"There is a sense that all we time lords good or evil are connected. We know when one is near I should be able to sense Kara and Petra both. one of you might cause Gillian I know you are one cause that is why I picked you for this mission Lilly is expendable"

Lilly looked at Harry "Thanks a lot master for the vote of confidence I guess the lovemaking we shared for three nights in a row means nothing to you." She waved her hand to toss Harry into the wall

Gillian glared at Lilly "he made love to me last night I thought I was yours Harry your equal the only one that can stand up to you our powers together. We are a lot like the way you and your ex wife were we were bonded before we left our Earth. WE are married and bonded now too."

Harry shoved Lilly back. Lilly shoved Harry against the wall and lifted him in a force strangle

Harry blocked it and deflected it back at her Lilly gasped for air. Harry disarmed Lilly and destroyed her crimson lightsaber by crushing the warming crystal and binding her Harry held Lilly and lifted her up on a limb and nodded at Gillian to move into position to kill her

" Gillian is my choice go and find them Gillian if Lilly moved to fight don't stop her right now Kara is my focus we eliminate her the rest should be a piece of cake.

"Lilly what if I eliminate you first for taken my boyfriend's Heart I don't care if he was yours first. She pinned Gillian hard against the tree. Crushing her windpipe with her fingers Gillian tossed Lilly and pinned her down with the Force. And ignited her lightsaber shoving it into Lilly back and thru her stomach and Lilly vanished.

Harry looked at Gillian. "Nice work my dear now you're my only one and consider yourself an official Dark Lord you killed who I needed you to. Now let's go and get them. I will go with you I can be like my loser double enough to fool people but you might be hard to pass for Kara unless you have a way of hiding yourself or projecting a image from the picture I had given you. "

Gillian ran her hand down Harry's chest slowly unbuttoned his button down form fitting shirt that showed his muscles thru it. "Don't you want to make love to me as myself first?" Gillian Smirked and traced his muscles. Harry moaned "You do have a point Lets worry about that later. Gillian shall we go to our bedroom and celebrate he smirked I know what fights do to you and I it arouses us shall we give into it my love"

Gillian looked at Harry "Of course my love I thought you would never ask. I am aroused more then you realize Harry darling"

Harry looked at her "I am sure Gillian as a matter of fact I am very aroused he moaned and ran his hands under Gillian's Robe and caressed her stomach and chest. Kissing her chest and stomach and neck up and down.

Gillian Looked at Harry and moaned loudly she ran her hands underneath his unbuttoned black silk Shirt ripping it off. Caressing his bare chest and digging her long black fingernails into his chest. Dark Harry moaned and pushed Gillian against the wall pulling off her robe and pushing against her. She reached down and unbuttoned and unzipped his black leather pants and pulled them off tossing them to the side. Harry pulled off Gillian's skin tight shirt and caressed her stomach and chest he pulled off her pants and bra top and tossed them on the floor in a pile. "Oh Gillian" he pushed hard into her hard and rough and fast. "Is that to rough for you"

Gillian Smirked "I like it rough. I can do anything you want me to my love I Just gives me a few minutes to concentrate after we are done here."

Gillian pushed Harry against the wall guiding his hips into her. "The Rougher the better my love." She kissed him hard and passionately pushing him into the bedroom on the ship and falling down on the bed pulling him on top of her.

Harry pushed her down on the bed and thrusted deeper into her and straddling her "I wouldn't dream of interrupting this darling. " he moaned "you are so much better then Kara ever was. She didn't like it rough and she always had to be on top you let me be on top he smirked."

Gillian moaned loudly "that is why you had me killed her" She raked her nails down his back and arched up to meet him HE pushed into her deeper and rougher caressing her stomach and chest.

"Yes that is part of the reason Gillian the most of it was she kept trying to woo me and change me and she would't give into her darkness it's that Skywalker blood in her. We could have been powerful like you and I am my love. but she wouldn't let her dark side out to play. Which was what I liked her fiery temper and passion and power. IF it wasn't for her I would never understand the scope of my powers and what I could do with them."

Gillian relaxed against the pillows and sighed sleepily but contented "Harry smirked you're not tired are you yet."

"Gillian Master I would need some time to change my Dark black hair and brown eyes to red hair and green eyes if we want to make our move tonight we have to get started before Kara realizes we are here."

Dark Harry reached out with the Force "Gillian it's too late she sensed us as soon as we landed we need to either make the move tonight or early in the morning to catch her by surprise. When she isn't expecting us. Go ahead and make the preparations to change your image and project Kara's personality over yours at least until she tries to make the move on us."

Harry got off her and pulled his dark black robe over him he combed his hair and slicked it back as opposed to his spiky unkempt long hair look.

Gillian concentrated on Kara's photograph imagining her red hair over her long dark raven locks and closed her eyes projecting Kara's blue green eyes over hers. As she opened them and looked into the mirror. She projected that image out and in her thoughts. Using her force sorcery.

"Harry what do you think?" Gillian walked over and touched Harry's chest tracing his muscles. She untied his robe and caressed him Down to his hips she moaned Brushing and pushing against him. He moaned loudly and pushed against her hips untying her robe you're wearing nothing underneath expecting something when we get back. What If I told you I wasn't either" Gillian's eyes twinkled and she smirked. "How do I look?

"Maybe I am maybe I am not. You must be too if you're wearing no clothes either under your robe as well. Easier access I suppose " , He winked at Gillian; Gill the Force illusion is perfect you look just like her. Now you just need to hide your dark Force power with Kara's good power. Do you have a lock on her yet?" HE adjusted his robe around him and adjusted himself. Harry and Gillian re tied their robes tightly.

"Harry I am trying but its hard she keeps her powers and temper under wraps. I might just have to study her first and not jump in yet see where her powers come from and how she uses them. I might trail her a few days if that is okay with you darling. You look enough like him but I think his hair is a little shorter you might need to cut yours a little even though I like it long. Problems Harry you can't be right now"

"What if I am? Harry sighed its agreeable Gill just don't lose yourself in it I like your dark evil passionate personality. Your Force sorcery is awesome. I might just say I let it grow long I got sick of it being short. I don't want to cut it if you like it long" Gillian smirked "I like running my fingers thru it and it gives me something to hold on to when we are making love." Gillian smirked.

Harry winked "When you're not digging your nails into my chest and back he smirked lets go pay a visit to our counterparts. We will observe for now before we make our move."

Dark harry grabbed Gillian's hand and teleported them both to the academy.

"We will come in below the radar lets go to the common hall. they will think we are new teachers for the academy this year. We won't reveal who we are until its time okay love. You can use your real name for now we aren't going to impersonate our counterparts yet we will blend in to academy traffic. I will just think of a name to call myself now."

I looked around in the office and out the window "Harry I sense something odd do you and I got an odd commutation from a husband and wife team that volunteered to teach here."

Harry looked at me "As a matter of fact I did oddely enough. Two new teachers Jedi masters sent us a communication they wanted to teach or Intern with us. I didn't know you were hiring two new teachers I thought we had all the positions filled. It was a husband and wife team that said they just arrived on Naboo a day or two ago."

I looked at Harry. "We do You and I are teaching Petra and chakotay are Keri is and Kris is taken your position over as security cause she wants to be home with Lucy and Adriana lets go introduce ourselves to them then."

Harry and I stepped out of my office and leaned on the railing Gillian looked up at me then Harry's double did I leaped down and Harry followed our silver capes flying behind us as we landed.

"Who are you" I landed in front of Gillian with my arms crossed. Harry had his hands on his hips his right hand near his lightsaber holster that was open.

"We are the new teachers that you asked for us to intern with you. My name is Jerry Kade and this is my wife Gillian. We want to intern with you and we spoke to someone that said you two allowed it. Her name was Kristina Stevens she said that you are willing to help us. She sent you two an email didn't you two get it?"

I glared at Kade "We Did Kade but we are not in the market for teachers right now we are all filled up a miscommunication must have arose but you're welcome to stay in town a few days and look around"

Harry looked at me and nodded to an empty room, we pulled the two in the dark classroom. Harry slammed the door.

"Dark Time lord Harry drop the act! You can't pull the wool over our eyes that easy" Harry glared at his double

Gillian looked at Harry "Honey I told you they wouldn't believe us."

Harry didn't stop. He stood strong and would not falter. "We are smarter than that you two. Why didn't you just come in and announce yourselves. my daughter did call us we did get your messages for both of us. but you must have used a mind trick on her to make her believe the new teachers we are hiring she knows as well as we do positions have been filled. By the council members."

Dark Harry looked at me "When did my double suddenly get so assertive. You disappoint me Kara you're finally letting him take control."

"Only cause I asked him to take more responsibility after your friend Karaleigh tried to take me out. She almost succeeded if it wasn't for Harry and my friends. Neither Harry nor I is over the other or taken charge as you say. Time lord you disgrace the title. We can't change anything or interfere in anything you can't change the outcome of the future it's not written yet and the past is the past I suggest you step away and not Force me and Harry to exercise our authority more then we have save us both time and tell us what you're up to.

I rested my hands on my hips Harry and I were standing with identical poses now.

"Harry my love" Gillian rested her hands on the table and looked at Dark Lord Harry. They are truly one look at them they mirror each other's stances and personality it's extraordinary.

Harry looked at them "Let me explain even though you two might not understand it its different from sith bonding. its cause my wife and I were married once on voyager and about 5 years ago now Kara and I were bonded we became one our personalities and skills are inseparable we share all things from our personalities to sparring styles. For life nothing can separate us. If you reach out to nudge one of us when we fight you can't distinguish one of us from the other. even now people associate one of us with the other we are always together. We fight a blur one of us falls into the others path when we attack. One of us anticipated the others danger and went after them or anticipates what our wife or husband does next.

Gillian looked at Harry "so in a sense you're saying that if we cripple one of you during combat it would hurt both of you?"

I picked up on Harry's thoughts and sent to him "Harry don't challenge them not in the academy if we challenge them we will take it outside the academy grounds. It would be too dangerous."

"We can beat them Kara we are stronger than them we have been bonded longer they were just bonded in the Sith sense."

"We are not going to tell you that you will just have to find out" I glared at Dark Lord Harry if you want to challenge us we will teleport somewhere else we aren't going to fight in the middle of a academy classroom."

Gillian "Such bravado Grand master wonder if your all talk or not?"

Harry glared at his double "Your little masquerade wouldn't have worked if you were going to pass for me you would have needed to be thinner and cut your hair a little shorter. you really thought you two could fool any of our council members they know us to well. You can't alter views to fit facts they know us here they would see right thru your disguises. Gillian wouldn't pass for Kara because she isn't as powerful as Kara is and the only way you could have even passed for us was if you killed one or both of us Kara would regenerate and change I wouldn't have. We are up on your game guys why don't you tell us what you're after."

I gave Harry a warning look "Harry calm down" I sent to him and narrowed my eyes.

"Will you two excuse us a minute" I nodded at Gillian and Dark Lord Harry

I teleported Harry to my office "Harry will you stop bating them when I told you I wanted you to be more assertive I didn't want you to attack them verbally."

Harry looked at me "Kara I only said what you were thinking inside your head we can't just come out and tell them we know there game. That whole Time lord non interference thing would come into play. where they cannot know that we know what their plan is we just need to get Petra to forgive herself and fight off them so we can stop that possible future from happening how else can I bait them to attack one of us to make their move on us. Surely if Gillian attacks you or me it will alert Petra"

I rested my hands on my hips "Harry we can't push Petra to do this I told you she has to come to the attack on her own she is in tune to you well" "Too well" I muttered under my breath especially since you two slept together once or twice."

Harry glared at me "Kara it was once you slept with chakotay twice you don't see me getting pissed off I heard what you thought Kara."

Gillian looked around "My Lord" she pulled Harry against her caressing his bare chest and stomach under his robe. "We will have some fun later especially if we fight Harry you know how that arouses me so much for their perfect bonding and marriage they argue a lot."

Kristina walked over to them "Gillian, Kade I assume you found my parents are they going to let you in on the academy you two would be a great asset.

Gillian turned on Kristina and shoved her back Kristina acted fast and deflected the shove. She had her lightsaber out blocking Gillian and Harry's twin lighting back at them.

Dark Harry came behind her and conked her over the head with a lightsaber handle Kristina ducked and rolled out of the way and crouched tossing them hard into Kara and Harry as they arrived Harry neck pinched them and I pinned Dark Harry to the wall.

"Harry take them to the brig." I walked over to Kristina and checked her over you okay Kris?"
Kristina looked at me "Yea mom I am fine"

I ran my hand over her body checking for any injuries "Kris your good shape and you really think fast there you were pretty quick on the defense."

"Dad taught me well mom I am glad you're finally encouraging him to go out on his own and become stronger he has great potential mom he never uses it How come I didn't realize that was Dad's double when they came thru the gates mom?"

"That is what I tell him Kris and I finally made him become more assertive to. Kris you were mind tricked. Your dad's double brainwashed you making you think he was a possible teacher. As soon as you saw him he planted it in your head again who he was didn't dad tell you to keep your mind shield up?"
"Mom he did I just was busy looking and was distracted by their lack of clothes they had just there robes on and boots no jumpsuits or nothing do you and dad walk around like that at night or during the day?

"Only when we are at home by ourselves. Kris doesn't you and Pat walk around like that?

"Pat does he walks around in his boxers no shirt I sometimes walk around with just a bra top and pants on but I am always covered."

I looked at Kris and pushed her behind me "Kris look out" I stepped in front of Kris to block the lighting I deflected it then I felt a hand grip my neck and I fell down. Kris looked over at me and shook me awake "mom wake up" then Kristina felt a strong hand grip her and she suddenly teleported away with her hand over her mouth. Gillian grabbed me by the shoulder and bound me.

Petra stood up and woke with a start she jumped out of bed. She grabbed her robe off the foot of the bed.

"Chakotay looked at Petra "Petra what is wrong I was about to kiss you to wake you up and you woke with a start what is wrong?"
"Chakotay its Harry and Kara there fighting then Kara I felt drop out of the force and I sensed Kristina and Harry's panic I need to go after them Chaktoay and fight it's the only way they will be safe and I get a feeling I can't explain Tiger tis like I need to fight them to be free of whatever has been eating me away inside I get the feeling if I Kill these two or at least Harry's double it will work okay and I will be myself again."

Chakotay Go Ahead lioness I won't interfere because it seems to me that you want to do this to come to terms with yours and Harry's affair so to speak.

I woke up and rubbed my neck and Kris rubbed her head.

"Mom what happened and where are we?"

"We are in the isolation Dorms. Gillian and Lord Harry attacked us in the classroom. We are on the third floor and I hear Gillian and Harry whispering over there I can't feel the Force can you Kris?"

Kris looked at me "just barely oh great they got pets"

I looked at Kris. "Kris it's the ysalimiria they are Force sensitive but the Force I so strong in them it blocks even the most powerful Force users like us."

"Did Granddad run into them more than once? Is that how you knew what they were?"

"Yes but he told me how to fight them remember Kris when we put the force bubbles around us to protect ourselves or make us invisible in the Force"

"Yeah I do mom it was one of the First things you taught us."

"We enclose ourselves in a small Force bubble with ourselves and calls on the Force from the outside it will block there power enough to escape.

Kris looked at me and rolled her eyes "Mom how do you know it will work seems awfully odd to me that it would work. It's a long shot mom I hope your right."

"IT worked for your dad Kris I am sure it will work now be quiet and concentrate."

I shut my eyes and closed the area around me with a Force bubble and stretched it out till it covered Kristina and me.

Kristina and I moved thru past the Yslamairi and out of the room I nodded at Kris "We are good now let's go"

Kris looked at me "Mom you got out of the room and I feel the Force back but we didn't defeat them why?

"Cause dad told me if we used out power against them they would absorb it and it would be rendered useless give me your blaster."

Kris pulled her blaster out of her boot and I rigged it to overload and I tossed it in the room and placed our Force shields back up there was a flash of bright light and the room smelt faintly of acrid smoke and ozone.

Petra was darting thru the woods keeping herself hidden and blending in with the surroundings she found My footprints and Kris's she turned the corner and was met by some troopers that blurred the path.

Kris looked at me and whispered. Mom shouldn't we send out some sort of signal for Petra so she can find us she is on our trail I sense it but we are both still hidden."

"No Kris she will find us her skills are sharp and her husband is an Indian so she could track us if she wanted to. Besides I left her clues along the way a scuff here and some sticks and some rocks there she will find us I am sure"

Petra looked ahead and saw Kara's trail marks where she left a rock pile a stick pile and some slight slashes in trees. The sticks she followed as she tossed the troopers and slashed thru them.

Gillian looked at Dark Harry "she is on her way this should be a good fight"

Kris looked at me. "mom lets attack Gillian now the only one Petra needs to face is Dark Harry."

"Kris I am going to teleport you home when you get there talk to Dad and tell him where to find me I can win this fight. I don't want to risk you I will regenerate and heal you won't its part of my time lord power."

Kris looked at me "Mom I don't want to leave you even though you have that skill I don't want to leave you behind you have a academy to run and kids at home and family."

"Kris you do to just go you don't have the power only Keri and Zoe have it and Petra. You inherited your dad's skills you were always the one that favored him. Keri and Zoe favored me." I placed my hand on Kris's shoulder and teleported her back to the chalet.

Harry walked thru the chalet and saw Kris appear "Kris you alright is mom fine?"

"Dad she is she told me to tell you to go find her in the old forest near the old run down forest she is in a clearing she has to fight Gillian his new wife. Petra's fight is her husband your dark double that has double time lord power that he got from being your double and sleeping with mom in his world. Mom can weaken her but Petra needs to finish her."

"Then why does she need me Kris?"

"I don't know Dad she just told me to get you and Run."
"Get home to Pat and I will teleport to Kara's side see what she wants."

"Dad I am not letting you go alone."

Harry pushed Kris behind him "Sometimes you are as stubborn as your mom but I can go alone Kris you have family and kids to go home too. I don't want to put you thru this it could be my death or your mom's I don't want you to witness that. Your Mom I am not worried about she can make it. I only have part of her power."

Kris pouted and walked home

Harry sighed and teleported to my side "Kara what do you need me to do?"

I looked at Harry "about time you arrived here Kim we need to keep Gillian and Lord Harry busy until Petra gets her bearings situated and goes into attack mode"

"How do you suppose we do that Kara?" he asked me

"We attack Gillian and Harry from behind we surround them and when we sense Petra we will step back okay handsome."

He smirked "Okay and we will have fun later after this will we?"

"Depends on how we handle this Kim you might get lucky. Also how wired up I get."

Harry nodded at me "Deal Shall we join."

"We shall" Harry and my eyes met we felt the power of our bond fill each of us up and we moved to attack.

Dark Harry looked at Gillian "they're coming the grand masters there joined Harry was right I can't tell one from the other."

Gillian tossed off her robe and stood in attack stance with just a bra top and pants. Harry shrugged out of his robe "Let's give them a fight Gil."

Dark Harry reached out his hand and brushed it against Gillian's as they joined.

Gillian moved to attack Harry and I we spun and blocked Gillian's onslaught. Harry tossed his double back. Gillian moved to block I shoved her back. Petra stood in the back watching them.

Harry looked at me "Kar one more blow Petra is here." Harry and struck at Gillian and disarmed her Harry pinned his double against the wall as I disarmed him. I nodded at Petra take Gillian from the back"

"Kara I am just suppose to fight Dark harry."

"Petra no you're not you fight them both there one like Harry and I are."

"I need chakotay if there joined."

"You need to do this yourself Petra chakotay can be there only if you need him will he join you this is your demons remember?"

Chakotay walked up to Harry and I "Grand Master can I at least stay with my wife she will learn how to deal with it on her own I will only step in if I need to." He looked at Petra and sent to her "Lioness you can do this I am here if you need me."

Petra looked at me "Kara I know that is why I am asking for you and Harry to step back and at least let Chakotay be here with me." She sent back to Chakotay. "Chakotay I know and I need to do this I know I do don't attack or move unless I tell you too. Kara is right I do need to fight this on my own."

Chakotay nodded "Lioness I will step back and let you do this."

Petra moved up and tossed off her robe and ignited her lightsaber.