Memories IV

Reunited at Last


Her heart was beating quickly. Where was she? She was surrounded in lush green trees. Her own emerald eyes scanned the unfamiliar area, her mind reeling questions non-stop. Where was she? What happened? Who was she?!

The young girl panicked. She couldn't remember her own name! Frightened, the girl ran. She didn't care where she would end up, she just ran through the thick green bushes. Arriving at a dirt road, she stopped. People were walking back and forth, wearing rough looking cloths. A group of children played happily with each other.

She clutched her head as she felt tears fall down her cheeks. She was afraid. So very afraid. She felt a tug on her own rough looking sleeve. A small child with messy brown hair and dark blue eyes looked at her with a warm smile. There was a deep cut on his cheek and she instantly placed a hand over the small wound. A green light emitted from her hand surprised both of them.

Removing her hand, the cut, she saw, was gone and the small child smiled even wider at her. He opened his mouth and said to the pink haired, green-eyed girl;

"Welcome, to Soul Society!"


It has been 6 years since Sakura's death. Konoha had mourned for her death and the killer, who turned out to be Ichimaru Gin was killed along with Sosuke Aizen and Kaname Tosen. Peace had once again blanketed Soul Society and Konoha. But in one captain's heart, a war was still raging.


Toshiro stared out the window of his office. His neck adorned a black necklace in remembrance of his beloved. His turquoise eyes held warmth he had promised never again to cover in cold ice unless necessary. Those eyes trailed over the words on the paper he was reading. Paperwork. He sighed slightly.

Even after 6 years of peace, his lieutenant still couldn't seem to just sit down and do her paperwork. Instead, he was doing it for her. But lately, he didn't mind. With peace overcoming the Society, lazy days were becoming more frequent. And that meant free time for him to think.

You would think that being a captain, you would be required to think of ways to prevent war and help the Society prosper. But because there were no potential wars and hollow sightings in the human world were becoming less, captains now have the privilege of asking for days off. He was one of the captains who saw no reason for day offs; the other one being Kuchiki Byakuya. But even he take long breaks to simply have tea and watch the cherry blossoms fall.

Cherry Blossoms…


Toshiro sighed. He never stopped thinking of her. She was on his mind before he went to sleep and after he wakes up. It wasn't bothering him; he was just worried. He didn't know what district she was in to go looking for her and there were 80 Districts in total in all of Soul Society. He would try to take a day off, but we all know to explore 80 districts within a single day was practically impossible.

What's more is that now that peace has arrived, the number of Shinigami who retired were increasing. Leaving more work for the still working Shinigami. Thus leaving more paperwork for him.

Toshiro sighed. He was just thankful that Momo and Rangiku had decided to stay with him. He needed them. Getting up, Toshiro made his way to the 5th Division. Maybe he and Momo could get something to eat later.

Arriving at the 5th Division's office, he heard Rangiku inside talking in hushed voices with Momo. He raised an eyebrow. The only time he would see Rangiku talking in low voices was when she was planning something. Was it his birthday today? No, his birthday was three months away. Knocking on the door, Rangiku opened it and smiled at Toshiro.

"Taichou, what brings you here?" She asked.

"I was thinking on bringing Momo to get something to eat, but if you guys are busy…" Toshiro trailed off.

Momo appeared at the door with a cross look on her face. Toshiro quirked an eyebrow. Whatever Rangiku had suggested, Momo didn't like it one bit. She grabbed his arm and dragged him out of the 5th Division, ignoring Rangiku's shouts of protests.

Matching his walking speed with hers so he didn't need to be dragged anymore, he gave Momo a look that said 'Whats wrong?'. Momo sighed and smiled slightly.

"Its nothing, Shi-Hitsugaya-kun." Momo sighed. "Its just that Rangiku-san has been a tad annoying these days and… Did you check the graduating shinigami last week?" Momo asked.

Toshiro shook his head. "No. I sent Matsumoto."

Momo nodded. "Well, there's someone there who you might want to see…" Momo said. Then she sighed. "Rangiku-san wanted to keep this a secret so that she could just plan a party to surprise you."

"Who is it?"

Momo bit her lip and held onto Toshiro's arm tighter. "Sakura-san"

Toshiro stopped dead in his tracks. Momo looked at her friend with a worried expression. "Shiro-chan?"


Momo nodded.

"Does she…"

Momo shook her head. Toshiro cast his eyes downwards. Of course she wouldn't remember him. He smiled slightly at Momo. "At least I can just see her again. Even if she doesn't remember me."

Momo nodded her head. "Momo… Sorry, but… Could you… leave me alone for a bit? I need to think." Toshiro asked, looking at Momo. Momo nodded and headed back to the 5th Division after saying; "She's in the 6th Division."

Toshiro walked towards the 10th Division. His mind reeling on thoughts of Sakura. He could see her again, but she wouldn't be able to remember him. He felt tears prickle his eyes and he blinked them away. He couldn't cry over something like this. He just couldn't. Shaking his head, Toshiro sat on his chair and stared out the window. The cherry blossoms were blooming and falling freely to the ground.

His eyes softened. He would need to go visit her. Just to see her face.


Toshiro's head snapped towards the direction of the voice. His eyes widened at whom had said his name.


Sakura was looking at him with a confused look on her face. She was wearing a standard shinigami uniform with her hair in a loose bun that released strands of her hair. She backed away slightly.

"I-I'm sorry, Hitsugaya-taichou. I just… I didn't know what came over me. I.." Sakura stammered. She had this frightened look on her face as she looked down at the floor. "I just saw a flash of something and I accidently blurted out you name… I …" Sakura bowed. "I'm sorry for my behavior."

Toshiro's heart clenched. She really forgot him. But there were traces of her memories still there. Maybe, just maybe he could bring out those memories.

"It's all right, Sakura-san. What did you see?" Toshiro asked as she approached the girl.

Sakura straightened. What she saw. Another flash of lights covered her mind. A little boy with white hair and a little girl with pink hair playing in a sandbox.

"Two children… A boy and a girl. The boy had white hair and the girl had pink… It felt familiar. But… I cant remember anything else." Sakura said, looking to the side.

Toshiro was now right in front of her and he quietly breathed in her scent; vanilla with a touch of watermelon. He really missed her. Without thinking, he reached up and twirled strands of her hair with his hand. Sakura looked up at Toshiro shocked as another memory came to her.



She smiled even wider. "You're here… Thank you, for trying your best."

Toshiro cast his eyes down as he approached her. "I couldn't save you."

"No one could, Toshiro." She said as she sat up slowly. She only had a few more minutes in her life. And she wanted to spend it with Toshiro. She already told Tsunade she had a letter for Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi and the others. But she wanted to talk to Toshiro. "I heard that you could send souls to this Seireitei?"

His brain clicked at what she was trying to say. "You'll loose your memories."

"As long as I can see you…"


"Toshiro-kun… Please…" Sakura pleaded, feeling her energy fading.

Toshiro could see her soul forming the chain on her chest as he took out his zanpak-to.

Sakura's soul smiled at him. "Wait for me."

Toshiro let a sad smile grace his lips. "I will."

"Toshiro-kun…" Sakura whispered as tears came to her eyes.

Toshiro stared shocked at Sakura. "You remember?"

Sakura shook her head. "Not much… Just that you said you'd wait for me… When I entered the Shinigami Academy, it was merely on a whim. I never really had much thought into being a shinigami…" Sakura smiled as she looked up at him. She raised her hand and rested it on his cheek. Toshiro grasped it with his own. "Now, I know… Toshiro-kun."

Toshiro smiled as he leaned down to her, brushing his lips with hers before pressing them to her lips. They felt what ever they had felt for a long time. They can finally continue what had been abandoned. They were once again reunited.


Outside the office however, three shinigami listened in on their conversation. Rangiku and Momo were quietly aww-ing the two still kissing couple while Byakuya just stood with a smirk planted on his lips.

Rangiku turned towards the smirking Kuchiki. "Ne, Kuchiki-taichou, I didn't know you were one for match making."

"Hn." Byakuya turned away and headed back to the 6th Barracks. Rangiku stuck her tongue out and turned to find Toshiro was glaring at her while Sakura was blushing madly. Momo was nowhere to be found. Rangiku laughed nervously.

"Ehehehe… Have fun?"

Toshiro glared. "Matsumoto…"

"Y-yes, taichou?"



"Run." Toshiro repeated as he unsheathed Hyourinmaru. With that, Rangiku ran off.

Toshiro sighed as he turned to a giggling Sakura. He smirked. Everything was going to be perfect. He moved in for another kiss when a hell butterfly came in.

"Attention to all Captains, Hueco Mundo has released an alarming amount of hollows. There will be an emergency meeting immediately."

Toshiro sighed. Maybe not so perfect.


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