As the smoke, billowing from the scarlet steam engine cleared, Selena Belen could see the amount of people on the platform clearly for the first time. She could see parents rushing their children onto the train while shouting goodbyes to some, well wishes to others and she even heard some greetings among the hustle and bustle on platform 9 ¾. She turned to watch as her father melted from the wall behind her. She tried to smile at him, but it was forced, like everything else she did for the past couple of weeks.

Ever since Vanessa's death, Selena had found it hard to carry on with everything. She knew that if Vanessa were still around she would yell at her to perk up and move on. She would tell her that things happen and though we may not always like them they happen for a reason. Vanessa had told her that many times after Selena's mother had died in her second year. Selena had made it through that, barely and only with Vanessa's help. But now, well she just didn't know how to deal.

Her father grabbed her trunk from her hand and silently, the two walked down the platform. He kept glancing at her nervously, like she was going to fall apart at the seams any minute, and honestly, that's how she felt. They reached the train and her father stowed her things away, then he turned around to say goodbye. Selena hugged him tightly, then pulled away to look him in the eyes. Her father held her at arms length and studied her face.

"It's not too late to turn around." He told her. "We can go home and I can owl Dumbledore. Tell him that you'll be joining them in a few days. Just take another week, sweetheart."

Selena smiled at him sadly.

"I would love to daddy, but I have to do this. I have to face this sometime. Besides, what was that saying mother always said, "Never put off till tomorrow what you can accomplish today." I have to do this." Her father nodded his head silently and pulled Selena into a hug.

"Write me. No matter when. Okay?" Selena nodded her head and slung her backpack over her shoulder. "And tell that boyfriend of yours to take good care of you."

She smiled at her father's over protective behavior. "He always does daddy." He smiled at her.

"Be strong, baby girl." He kissed the top of her head and she turned and walled onto the train.

Once on board, she sighed. Being here brought back so many memories. She didn't know how she was going to handle it when she got to the castle and into the room they had shared for five years. She looked down the train, she wasn't sure whether she should sit with her friends or her boyfriend. Deciding that she needed sometime to herself, she entered the first compartment she found that was empty. She threw her backpack onto one of the seats and settled herself on one next to the window. Vanessa always loved sitting next to the window, that way she could see the beautiful scenery roll by. She felt the tears spring to her eyes at the thought of her best friend. She remembered many arguments about who would sit there since Miri always needed a window seat because she would get sick otherwise. So that always left one other window seat. Over the years she and Vanessa had worked out a system of who got it and when, and since she had it on the train ride home last year, it was Vanessa's turn now. Remembering this, she moved over and left the window seat open.

She sat there for what felt like days with her knees pulled up to her chest and tears falling from her eyes. She heard a soft knock on the compartment door and turned to see her boyfriend, Ryker Huntington, standing there. The worry was clear in his warm chocolate brown eyes. He gently slid the compartment door open and sat down next to her. He pulled her into a hug and let her cry into his chest. He looked over and saw the empty window seat and immediately understood its significance. He gently rubbed her back, tears of his own threatening to fall. He hated seeing his once bubbly girlfriend so upset.

"Why didn't you come and find me?" He whispered to her, she could tell how worried he was.

She sniffled. "I thought I needed to be alone." He nodded his head and continued to hold her. He hated feeling so weak, he hated feeling like he couldn't take care of her.

"Why her Ry? I just don't understand." Ryker sucked in a deep breath.

"The way I see it, they were trying to get her parents. She and Alex just got in the way. It stinks and unfortunately it's happening a lot lately." Selena's response was a sniffle and a fresh round of tears.

They sat like that, wrapped up in each other's arms, for the rest of the train ride.


With a sudden 'pop' the sensation of being squeezed through a tube was suddenly lifted off of William Hagarty. He quickly looked to his right side to make sure he still had the hand of his little sister, Lucy. A few seconds later, his mother and father appeared behind him. He turned to face them. His sister was scanning the platform curiously, looking at all of the people gathered there. His parents were also looking around. Will looked down at Lucy and recognized the look in her eyes.

"Don't worry Lu." He said kindly, giving her hand a reassuring squeeze. "Everything will be fine. You'll love Hogwarts. It's a great time." She smiled up at him and gave him a hug.

"Thanks Willy." She whispered. He smiled.

"William. Lucy. Come along. We need to get your things on the train before it leaves." His mother called to them. She reached out and took Lucy's hand. William, along with his father, grabbed their school things. They stowed them onto the train and stood to say goodbye.

"Have a good term sweetheart." Their mother said to Lucy, giving her a hug and kiss on the cheek. "And make sure you write to us and tell us what House you got into." Their father added, also giving Lucy a kiss.

Their mother then turned to Will. "Please be good this term dear. I don't want any letters home about you and that Slytherin bunch." She smiled before she kissed him on the cheek.

"Yes mum." He said as he gave her a hug.

His father clapped him on the back. "And make sure you keep an eye out for your sister." He gave Will a firm handshake and turned to his wife. Both parents watched them get onto the train. Will led Lucy to the compartment that he and his friends shared.


"Effie! Hurry up! The train is leaving in 10 minutes!"

Effie Zale was sprinting as fast as she could through King's Cross Station, her parents, sister and brother just in front of her. They had all slept through their alarms. Thank Merlin Effie had always been an early riser or else they would have missed the train. Finally up ahead of her she saw her family disappear through the barrier that led to platform 9 ¾. She pushed herself faster and before she knew it she was weaving through the mass of people gathered to see their family and friends off.

"About time." Her sister, Daryn, teased as she approached her family. Their parents had already loaded her things onto the train and were now reaching over for Effie's. She gladly handed them over.

"You know, if you expect to stay on the Gryffindor Quidditch team, your going to need to be in better shape than that." She smiled cheekily at her.

Effie stuck her tongue out at her little sister.

"Come on girls, knock it off." Their parents had returned. Their mother was holding tightly onto the hand of their six year old little brother, Kyros. She stopped to give Daryn, who was closet, a hug. Their father turned to Effie. He pulled her into a bone crushing hug.

"Make this year your best, you won't get another chance." He whispered into her ear.

"Thanks dad, but I really can't breathe." He chuckled and let her go. She turned to face her mother.

"Mum, I'm going to miss you so much." She wrapped her arms tightly around her as tears brimmed in both of their eyes. Suddenly the train gave a long whistle and started to move.

"Hurry Effie!" her sister called from the last open train door. Effie kissed her mothers cheek one more time, hugged her little brother quickly and ran to the door. Daryn caught her arm and helped pull her in. Once her feet settled on the train floor she turned around and waved one last time to her parents and brother.

"I'm going to find Lisa. I'll see you at the feast Effie." Her sister headed to the front of the train.

Effie turned and headed in the opposite direction, she had to get to the Prefect's carriage and quick. She looked down at the shiny badge pinned to her cloak. She had been so happy when she got the letter saying that she was the new prefect. She was replacing Lily who she was positive had been made Head Girl. She was happy for her friend and knew how important this was for her, but she was also happy at the fact that she could be able to spend more time with her boyfriend. Maybe they could pull some strings and patrol together. She ran down the hallway and burst into the compartment. She smiled sheepishly when the people who were there turned to look at her and sighed happily when she noticed not everyone was there. She looked up at Lily and smiled at the girl. She had a surprised look on her face that made Effie chuckle. She turned away from her friend to scan the carriage for Remus. She spotted him near the window, sitting next to Alice Salmon, the 6th year prefect. She smiled and took the empty seat on his other side.

"What are you doing here?" He asked her after giving her a quick kiss on the lips. She smiled and realized just how much she had missed him.

"Well since Lily is Head Girl, they were down a prefect so . . . " She pointed to the shiny badge on her chest. Remus smiled and captured her lips in a kiss again. Effie smiled and settled closer to him, taking his hand into her own. Yes, this was going to be a great year.


Miriam Rushwood laid her head against the cool glass window she was sitting next to. She and her twin brother Kiptyn had arrived at the platform early since their parents had some work to take care of at the Ministry. Once on the train, they had gone their separate ways, he went to find his friends and she went to the compartment she shared with hers since second year. She was happy to have the compartment to herself for a little while after spending a summer with her Aunt and three little cousins, not to mention her brother who acted like a five year old, on holiday in France. The quiet was doing her head a world of good. But, just like every other day, it didn't last long.

"Hey! I found one!" Miri groaned. She opened her eyes to see Sirius' face right in front of her own.

"Ah!" She yelled, not expecting to see him that close. Sirius screamed like a little girl and fell into the seat across from her.

"Sheesh Miri. I was only trying to say hi." He cracked a smile. She could hear the other three boys laughing from the doorway. She glared at Sirius and closed her eyes once more. She felt the boys settle around her and hoped that they would let her enjoy the silence just a little longer. But she was never that lucky.

"That was not the spot I meant to send my knight Remus. Come on just let me have a do over." James pleaded. Miri opened her eyes. Sirius was still sitting across from her staring lazily at the game of Wizard's chess that James and Remus were playing. James had settled himself in the spot next to Sirius and Remus was next to Miri. She looked past Remus and saw Peter sitting next to him, reading some sort of magazine. Miri settled back into her seat, all hope for quiet gone.

"That's not the way it works James and you know it." Remus told the boy sternly, moving his next piece. "Check." He smiled cheekily at him.

James ran his hand through his already messy hair. He made his next move and their previously silent game continued.

"Come on Peter. Please?"


"Pretty please?"


Miri sighed and started to rub her temples in irritation. Sirius always knew just how to tick her off.

"One little game?"

"I said no Sirius."

"Petey! Please?"

"Sirius for the last time NO! Now please bother someone else. Maybe Miri will want to play." Miri growled lowly at the boy across from her.

"Or maybe not."

Sirius looked at Miri then focused his attention back onto Peter.

"Come on Peter! I'm sooooooooo bored."

"So entertain yourself or something but I'm not playing Exploding Snap."

Sirius sighed. Miri perked up a bit. The compartment was once again quiet. Now if only it would stay this way she thought to herself.

"Check mate."

"Damn you Remus. You cheated!"

So much for that! Miri sighed and went back to rubbing her temples.

"I did not James and you know it."


Sirius suddenly perked up. "James!" He yelled loudly.

Ug! I am going to kill him! Miri thought, glaring daggers at Sirius.

"What Sirius?"

"Will you play Exploding Snap with me?" He asked eagerly, practically bouncing in his seat.

James chuckled. "Sure thing Pads."

Sirius looked at Peter and stuck his tongue out at him.

"Oh yeah. Real mature Sirius." Peter scoffed and continued his reading.

Remus chuckled at the boys and hid himself behind a book.

The compartment was once again quiet for a few glorious minutes. But of course that ended as quickly as it had come once James and Sirius ended their game.

"You cheated." James accused Sirius, part of his eyebrows were singed off.

"My dear Prongs, you need to learn how to handle loosing." Sirius said, lounging back into his seat like a king who had just finished a grand feast.

"I'll lose you." James grumbled back at him, his arms crossed and a pout worthy of a two year old on his face.

Remus put down his book. "James, you do realize that made absolutely no sense."

"Yes it did." James said, still pouting.

"Prongsie Prongsie Prongsie. You are being silly. Remus is, once again, right. That made no sense." Sirius told the boy.

"Yes it did." James said childishly.

"No it didn't." Sirius argued back.

"Yes it did."

"No it didn't"

"Yes it did."

"No it . . . "

"JAMES! SIRIUS! WILL YOU TWO, FOR MERLINS SAKE, SHUT UP!" Everyone in the compartment turned and gaped at Miri. She blushed at all the attention. "Please." She added a little quietly.

Remus was the first to recover. He quietly continued to read his book. James and Sirius turned to look at each other and then sat down in their seats, looking anywhere but at Miri. Peter was the last to recover. He coughed awkwardly and turned back to his magazine. Miri sighed. Finally.

She felt the train lurch. Weird, she thought. Where are the others? She knew Lily was going to be late, being Head Girl she was probably already in the Prefect's carriage, setting up for the meeting. But Effie and Selena should have been here. Maybe Selena's sitting with Ryker and his friends for a bit. After a few minutes of silence, Remus glanced down at his watch. "Oh bugger! James we're going to be late."

Miri looked at James curiously, "Late for what?"She asked them. They quickly rushed out of the door, completely ignoring her question. She shrugged her shoulders, she would find out later. She rested her head on the window again. Sirius turned to Peter and smiled.

"Wanna play Exploding Snap?"


The Platform was still quiet. Very few families had arrived yet. Lily walked silently toward the scarlet steam engine. Once she loaded her trunk and cage that held her Tawny owl, Millie, she went back onto the platform to help those who had arrived. She looked around at all the kids with their families and sighed. It was her own fault her parents weren't here today. She had told them to stay behind and help her older sister, Petunia, plan more of her wedding. John and Maggie had only agreed since Lily had insisted.

Lily let out another sigh at the thought of Petunia. It really pained her how much they had grown apart through the years. When they were younger, they did everything together. Then when Lily was 11, she had gotten her letter telling her she was a witch. Petunia, who was 13 at the time, had seemed happy for her sister. Petunia had waited for weeks after the arrival of Lily's letter for her own. But it never came. Lily had come across a letter in Petunia's room from Headmaster Dumbledore kindly dismissing her thought of attending Hogwarts, and it seemed from that day on she and Petunia had just gone their separate ways. They grew so far apart that now Petunia hates Lily, magic and any form of the two.

And now Petunia is getting married, To that great oaf Vernon, Lily thought to herself. And now she feared that she and her sister would never again be friends. Vernon shared the same views that Petunia had, he hated anything that was in his definition not normal. But they seemed to genuinely love each other, and as long as Petunia was happy, Lily was happy. Lily was suddenly pulled out of her thoughts by a first year tugging on her robes.

"Excuse me miss." The little girl called. "But where do I put my trunk?"

Lily smiled down at her. "Just follow me."

She led her over to the part of the train where all the trunks were stored, and helped her put it in.

"Thank you, miss." The little girl said happily.

"You're welcome. And the names Lily. I'm Head Girl so if you need any more help, just come and find me."

The girl nodded and ran onto the train. Lily turned back around and noticed that the platform had filled up considerably. She checked the time on her wristwatch, 10:45. Lily decided that she should head back to the Heads' compartment and go over the notes for the prefects meeting.

A few minutes later, she had arrived and set everything up. Then she started to wonder who the Head Boy would be. She always thought it would be Remus. But what if it wasn't, what if it was a Slytherin. She shook her head clear of those thoughts. She wouldn't worry about it until he arrived. She looked down at her notes again. A few minutes later she heard the door open. She looked up, hoping, but it was only the Gryffindor 6th year prefect. Lily smiled at her.

"Hey Alice. How was your summer?"

Alice Salmon walked over and sat down next to Lily. "It was great. I spent most of my time with Frank and he even came with us to the states to visit my grandma. She isn't doing to well." She added solemnly.

"I'm sorry." Lily said while giving the girl a hug. "But tell me about Frank. What's he doing now that he's graduated?"

"Well he bought his own place in London, right near the Ministry. He just started Auror training last month."

"That's good. It seems like so many people are becoming Aurors."

"Yea, well, we kind of need them all, right? I mean with Voldemort and his people terrorizing everyone." Alice focused her eyes on the ground, a grave look on her face. She looked back up at Lily.

"I heard what happened to Vanessa. I'm so sorry Lily." Lily was unable to say anything. The thought of Vanessa being gone always brought tears to her eyes.

Alice tried to change the subject. "But still, Frank has wanted to be an Auror forever. He's always wanted to be just like his dad." She said with a chuckle.

Lily gave her a small, sad smile. It seemed like more people were now entering the compartment. Alice waved and went to sit next to the Hufflepuff 6th year prefects Holly Lundy and Shane Peters.

Lily was trying to organize some more things for the meeting when she heard the compartment door slam open. Effie stood there looking around sheepishly. Lily caught her friends eye and gave her a questioning look. She must have looked funny because Effie chuckled. She turned around and walked over to Remus. As she settled herself in the seat next to him, Lily saw a flash of silver. So Effie had been made prefect in Lily's absence. She was happy for her friend. She bent down to organize the pile of papers she had been working on previously.

Soon all of the prefects were assembled. Lily noticed that the 7th year Ravenclaw prefect, Ryker Huntington, was missing. She thought to herself that she would let it slide. Ryker was probably with Selena and Lily knew how much the girl would need her boyfriend right now. Lily looked at her watch and decided it was time to start, Head Boy or no Head Boy.

Just as she was about to open her mouth, the compartment door swung open. James Potter ran into the compartment, out of breath.

"Sorry . . . I'm . . . late." He said in between breaths. "Had . . . to use . . . the loo." He sat down in the seat next to Lily. Everyone in the compartment, including Lily, was just staring at James. He looked around.

"What? Have I got something on my face?" he asked, confused, while feeling around his face for something that wasn't there.

Lily finally finding her voice spoke up. "No Po- I, er, mean James. Why are you here? You do realize this is the prefects meeting."

"Yea, I know. The letter told me I had to be here at 11 for the meeting. I'm Head Boy."

Everyone in the compartment was silent and they were all staring at James. The only one who didn't look shocked was Remus. Effie was so shocked, her mouth was hanging open.

"Er, um, okay. Let's start this meeting then." Lily called to the compartment. Slowly every eye was lifted off James and focused on Lily.

"This will only take a few moments. First of all, my name is Lily Evans and I am your Head Girl. And as you all know this is James Potter, who is apparently our Head Boy." Everyone chuckled. "Now I expect all of the older prefects to show the new one the ropes around here. Okay, I need a pair of volunteers to patrol the train corridors for the first half of the train ride. James and I will patrol the second half." The Ravenclaw 6th year prefects, Jasper Kelly and Victoria Shepherd, volunteered. "Okay, thank you Jasper and Victoria. Next, we need to talk about the patrolling schedules for Hogwarts."

"If you could all talk it over with one another and hand myself or Lily a sheet of paper letting us know when you are available and we shall write up the schedules and let you all know when you are expected for duty." Lily had been shocked to see James take control. The meeting continued a little longer and then they were all dismissed.

"Thank you, and as James has said, we will let you know your patrolling schedules. Any questions?" She looked around. No one had a hand raised.

"Okay then, you are dismissed." James called. "Jasper, Victoria, we'll see you guys in a few hours."

Everyone filed out of the compartment. Lily started cleaning out the papers.

"We'll see you guys in a bit." Lily heard James call to Remus and Effie. "Save us some seats and make sure Padfoot doesn't eat all of the candy."

Lily heard the compartment door shut and was surprised to see James helping her clean up.

"Thanks." She told him, and prayed that he didn't see the blush creeping into her cheeks.

"So how did I do?" he asked.

"Surprisingly, not that bad." James smiled at her comment.

Lily felt a curious feeling in her stomach when James smiled. She wondered to herself if she was coming down with something. They soon finished cleaning up. As they were walking out of the compartment, James held the door open for her. James sure has changed a lot she thought to herself. She noticed how closely they were walking next to each other and cursed the blush that started to enter her cheeks once again. I really must be coming down with something. Maybe I should see Madame Pomfrey when we get back to Hogwarts.


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