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fun fact~ this extra is 1000 words in length, with 100 (or 200) words in each section. I hope you enjoy (:

Disclaimer: Vocaloid is not mine.

Extra #1. The Meaning of Love

I'm a very – and I repeat, VERY – big fan of both Vocaloid and romance. And writing, but that doesn't matter much.

The point is, I love reading – you guessed it – love stories. Sweet and sappy, dark and angsty, humorous and lighthearted, with or without plot – I like them all. Well, mostly.

And Vocaloid is just amazing. Enough said.

But moving on, I thought of a VERY good idea. Adding one and one together, I figured, if I like romance and Vocaloid so very much, wouldn't a Vocaloid romance be even better?

(…Say yes.)

And thus, I embark on my adventure.

My goal here is to find out about true love. Vocaloid true love. True Vocaloid love. True love Vocaloid.

You get the point.

So, armed with my pen and notebook, I will ask the Vocaloids what true love means to them.

First, I stumble upon Kaito.

"What does love mean to you?"

He doesn't even bother to look up from the tub of ice cream he is currently devouring. "Rwove… erz wern… Om whi… irce cwea…"

I giggle. I figured Kaito would answer something like this. Love = Ice cream. I jot it down in my notebook and move on.

Second one I find is Meiko. She's holding a sake bottle, and looks a bit red in the face. I'm a little hesitant about approaching her, but then I remember that people are sometimes the most honest when drunk.

So I walk towards her. "What does love mean to you?"

She raises an eyebrow at me, her eyes drifting halfway between life and death. In a very drunk voice she declares, "Who needs love when you can have sake?"

I sweatdrop while chuckling nervously. Maybe this wasn't exactly the best idea. Sake is more important than love, I scribble down.

Third up is Hastune. Or rather, Hastunes.

"What does love mean to you?" I ask the teal haired twins.

Miku jumps up. Something sparkles in her eye. "Oh, love! Joyful love! Powerful love! Envious love! Leaky love! Love of leeks! The crisp, tender feel; the fresh, rejuvenating scent; the wonderful feeling of knowing that they're always in the fridge… Oh, lovely leeks I-"

"Yeah, yeah, shut it already, we get it," Mikuo interrupts. "Love's just wistful thinking."

Miku whips around and her eyes glint a menacing red. "Yeah, and shoving leek up your ass."

Mikuo scoffs. "More like -your- ass. While knowing that you like it."

"Oh, is that so? I'm pretty sure you're the one who would enjoy it more."

Mikuo stands up. "Are you calling me -gay-, dear sister?" He closes the distance between the two.

"Only because it's true," Miku shoots back.

"Let's see about that, shall we?" Mikuo whips out a leak from seemingly nowhere.

"You're on." Miku draws an identical weapon.

I rush out of the room. Or rather, should. But I don't. I cannot tell you what I am seeing right now, simply because this must stay PG-13.

Love is a lie and leeks.

I can't seem to find Luka anywhere, so I decide to send her an email.

Dear Luka,

I am collecting data for a possible future novel, so if you wouldn't mind, could you answer: What does love mean to you?


Surprisingly, a reply came within two seconds.


Whoa. Never knew Luka was this type of person. Definable by Google, I write. Gathering my supplies, I prepare to hunt down my next victim. I am long gone by the time a second reply comes, explaining:

Oops, I thought you were someone else. I'm so sorry!

As I continue wandering around, I come across Gumi.

"Gumi," I say, getting her attention, "Do you have time? I wanted to ask, what does love mean to you?"

The girl smiles good-naturedly. "Of course! Let's see…" A contemplative look spreads on her face. "It's when there is no materialism involved, and you are able to see past your own desires. Oh, excuse me- I have to get going now."

I wave to her, then look back at my paper. How should I write it…? Love is free of greed, I finally decide.

I close my notebook and head off.

Gakupo is next on my list.

He is in his room, rearranging his uh… eggplant action figures. I knock on the open door to signal my presence.

"Yes?" He turns around, and had this been a shoujo anime, roses and sparkles would have splattered the room.

"Gakupo – I'd like to know what love means to you."

"Love?" A knowing smile quickly spreads upon his lips. He approaches me and swoops down to my level. "Why, my dear, love…" A slender finger touches my chin.

My pedo alert goes off instantly. "Okay!" I declare.

And run.

Don't ask Gakupo about love.

The only ones left are the Kagamines.

I find it strange that I haven't seen them yet, seeing as there's two of them, and well, they're not the type to avoid people.

Nevertheless, it's getting dark, and I am about to give up my search when I hear shuffling noises coming from what I thought was an unoccupied room. I tiptoe over to sneak a glance through the partially open door and find myself looking at the twins.

Though the room is dark, I can see their matching silhouettes against the hazy orange window. They are sitting on the bed, side by side. No words were spoken. No action was taken.

I take out my notebook and prepare to enter the room, but I stop. Another rustling sound is heard, and under the dim light, I see that the twins have joined hands. And then… nothing.

I am unable to move. It was an action so simple, so pure, and so genuine… I cannot say exactly what I am feeling – but somehow, I knew my mission was over.

On my way home, I tear my notes out of my notebook let them flutter away in the wind.

Love is...

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