Greatest Love of All

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It was a rare sunny day in Seattle, the crematorium for quiet a small crowd of people followed the coffin, into the crematorium. They follow it down the aisle and than they sat down in the front pew. The look of devastation on the face of one of the congregation was so evident. He was heartbroken, in the coffin, lays the love of his life. Sat next to him their daughter Ellie and on the other their son Tyler, with their partners. He sat there half listening to the minister, he was sat there thinking about her, how was he meant to go on with his life, without her by his side. He always thought that he go first, being older than she. Has the coffin, enters the furnace, he breaks down, he whispers "goodbye, my love, I will see you soon". He would never get to hold her in his arms again; he would not wake up next to her, with her face buried in his chest. In all the years they have been together, he had never been able to sleep without her. In the 5 days since, she died, he has not slept, he can't get use to being without her, it not right.

He feel Ellie helping him up, has they exit the crematorium; he can feel her standing next to him, only she isn't there, not anymore. He wishes that it was him lying in that coffin, not her. As they get into the car, he has re-treated into his own world. Thinking about the day he first saw her.

It wasn't until my eyes fell upon her, and they would not leave her. They followed her to the bar, the blonde in the black dress, sitting at the bar, drinking, and downing tequila shots one after another. She didn't know yet, but she had me memorised, the way she held herself, the way her honey blonde hair fell has it rested on her back, the way she managed to still look so elegant when downing shots. I had no idea why my eyes wouldn't leave her; they wouldn't stop watching her, refusing to leave the beauty of the woman sat a few yards from me.

"Dad, Dad" Ellie said

Ellie aroused me from my daydream,

"We are home, Dad" I heard Ellie say.

I get out of the car, and walks towards the house, has I enter the house, I see Cristina, Izzie, George and Alex first, Izzie come up to me.

"That was a beautiful ceremony Derek" Izzie says

"Thanks Iz" I replied. I turn to Ellie and say "I'm going to have a lay down, El".

As I enter our bedroom, it's the first time since she died I have been in that room, since Mer died, I haven't been able to face, sleeping in that bed, not without her, by my side. I am so exhausted; I can still smell the lavender in the room, like she is with me. I lay down on the bed, I can feel her, holding me, I whisper "how can I go on without you", has if she could hear me. I fall in too a deep slumber, as I dream about that night, the night I met her.

I downed the rest of my drink, using that has an excuse to get close to her; I was drawn to her like a magnet. My mind filled with a thousand thoughts and pick up lines, I disregard each and every one of them.

"Double scotch, single malt please" I said to Joe and while he was busy getting my drink; I turned to her and flashed her, my best smile. It had been a long time since I had done anything like this. I guess this is what living on the edge felt like.

"So is this a good place to hang out" I asked her, surprised the words was coming out of my mouth.

"I wouldn't know, never been here before" she replied, giving me the quickest of glances. Looking at her took my breath way.

"You know I haven't been here either, first time here. I'm new in town, never been to Seattle, new job" I found myself telling her, even though I'd noticed that she was trying to ignore me. I had to get her to notice me,

"You ignoring me", I asked

"Um, trying too", she replied,

"You shouldn't ignore me" I playfully told her

She raised an eyebrow "why not?"

She had got me there, now what was I suppose to say to that, that wouldn't leave me sounding arrogant and like I had just graduated from the 'Mark Sloan school of pick up lines'.

"Because I'm someone you need to get to know, to love", I ended up telling her

"Really?" she asked, amused

"Oh yes" I answered

"So, if I know you, I'll love you?" she asked facing me

"Oh yes" I replied

"You really like yourself" she added

"Just hiding my pain" I told her, laughing

She giggles, and I smiled. I love that giggle, it was soft and so her, even though I didn't know her name.

"So what's your story?" I asked

"I don't have a story, I'm just a girl in a bar", she simply put.

"I'm just a guy in a bar" I told her and finished my drink.

I feel someone shaking me, "Dad" I hear, I just want them to go away, "Dad", and I wake up.

As I open my eyes I expect to her, looking in to green eyes, I realise they belong to my daughter, her eyes are so much like her mother's,

"What is it El" I ask

"Everyone's asking where you are, Dad", she replies.

"El, I can't do it, I can't go down there, and listen to everyone telling me, it will get better, now just leave me alone please" I plead with her.

"Dad, you can't lock yourself away up here. Mom wouldn't want you to do that, to yourself" she tell me

"El, don't tell me what your mother would or wouldn't want me to do, I don't want to see anyone"


"Just leave me alone" I can see that she isn't going to leave,

"NOW" I shout "Get out"

El leaves, I feel awful for shouting at her, but at this moment I don't care, I just want to left alone with my thoughts and memories of Mer.