Part 3/3...thanks for reading.

As I closed my eyes, I felt her arms wrapping around me, holding me. I didn't want to leave the confine of our bedroom, still clutching onto her pillow, still smelling the lavender of her condition. I cried, I wanted to be holding my wife in my arms, I couldn't face going back downstairs to face everyone, not this time, I just wanted to be left with my memories of my wife.

It was August, three years to the exact day after we first met, two years after the post it wedding when we finally choose to marry legally, in our hearts we had already been married for two years but after Meredith accident six month before, and i had no say over her care, thanks to Thatcher, my Meredith almost died, and we knew the moment she woke up that we needed to be legally married. This was the day i looked forward to since the day i laid eyes on her.

I had Mark by my side has my best man has Meredith walked down the make shift aisle on our land, she took my breath away, not like she had, before, she was radiant, as Alex passed her arm onto mine i couldn't stop looking at her.

"You look beautiful, i love you" I mouthed to her, with my mcdreamy smile.

"I love you too" she mouthed back to me, before i turned to the minister.

"We are gathered here today to join Meredith Ellis Grey and Derek Christopher Shepherd to holy matrimony, if anyone has any reason while these two should not be join in matrimony, than speak now or forever hold your peace" the minister said before giving a pause, and when no one spoke up he continued. To celebrate holy matrimony we had exchanging of the rings.

"I, Derek Christopher Shepherd, take you Meredith Ellis Grey has my lawful wedded wife, to love, honour, comfort, and cherish you from this day forward, forsaking all others, as long as I live? Derek said placing the ring on Meredith's finger.

"I, Meredith Ellis Grey, take you Derek Christopher Shepherd, has my lawful wedded husband, to love, honour, comfort, and cherish you from this day forward, forsaking all others, as long as I live?" Meredith say placing the ring on Derek's finger. They smiled at each other before turning back to the minister.

"Both Meredith and Derek have also written their own vows, and Derek has requested to go first" the minister nodded at Derek, Derek turned to Meredith and looked into her eyes.

"Meredith, i loved you from the first moment i laid eyes on you, you are the love of my life, my soul mate, my future. I don't know myself without you, in our hearts we were married two years ago but not on paper, now i announce in front of our family and friends, that you are my wife, and i love you so much" Derek said not even attempting to hold back the tears.

"Derek, when i first met you i thought you would be a one night stand, i never believed in love until i met you, we have been through so much, but you are still and always will be the love of my life, i cannot imagine my life with you. You have been a rock since my accident, no matter what people told you, you never gave up on me, and us" Meredith placed his hand on her stomach. "...and...we loved you Derek Shepherd, you are my life, my friend, my lover and my soul mate, and i promise to love you forever" Meredith says unable to stop the tears from forming.

"The power invested in me by the state of Washington, I now pronounce you husband and wife, you can now kiss the bride, Derek quickly took Meredith in his arms and kissed her hard and deeply, before pulling away but resting his forehead against her's and saying quietly "I love you"

"I love you too" Meredith said before turning to walk back down the aisle holding on to the arm of her husband.

"Meredith, please don't leave me" I choked out, the tear still running down my face, I could hear someone walking into our bedroom, it wasn't the footsteps of hi my daughter but of my son.

"Dad, please everyone is asking after you, please come downstairs?" Tyler asked his father.

"Tyler, I can't, I need you mom" I sobbed out.

"Dad, mom wouldn't want you to do this to yourself" Tyler said, touching his father's arm.

"Tyler, I love you and your sister very much...but I can't live without your mom. Please just let me be?"


"Ty, please" Derek almost begged his son.

"I love you dad" my son said me.

"I love you too son" I said listening to my son leave our room, and all I want is to join my wife, I fall asleep with her arms holding me tightly and murmuring.

"I love you Mer" as I close my eyes and find myself face to face with my beautiful wife, just how she was the night I met her all those years ago in Joe's; just before we met again at the hospital the next day.

Over the next forty years, we had our ups and downs but our love never wavered and it never will, our love is for all eternity and we are soul mates in every sense of the word. I have never spent a night without since our wedding day away from her, the last 5 days have been hard, I have lived with her. Lived without her, and live with her again and I am not willing to live without her again, my eyes close for a second and I see my wife , my Meredith holding her arms out to me, as if to welcome me, and has her arms wrap around me, her warmth and her lips pressing against mine and I am home.