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Spoiler for all current Sookie books (through book 9)

Chapter 2

I very slowly got out of bed wincing at the pain from moving after being in bed most of the day and made my way to the bathroom. It had been three weeks since my attack and even though I was healing exceptionally well getting up and using my muscles hurt like the dickens, walking hurt too, but it was something I was getting used to. I immediately felt a wave of calm envelope me. Eric was almost to my house. I still had a few minutes until he would arrive. Since our bond was stronger than ever I felt him further away and more intensely, I appreciated the calm he sent. I could also feel his pleasure, there was also a little bit of anxiety. I wondered what the anxiety was about.

"Hello my lover." Eric greeted me as I walked out of the bathroom. "Pam is bring you dinner from that Chinese place next to Fangtasia in about an hour. Do you wish to sit on the porch tonight?" Eric hugged me then looked at me expectantly.

"Maybe" I hesitated. Going outside was difficult. Being on the porch and even in the driveway had reduced me to near hysterics a few times. Eric could calm me through the bond so he liked to help me with it. The first two times I went out, Tray's funeral and to check on Bill, I had so many people, well Supes, with me that I did ok. Then the following Sunday I wasn't as sore and figured I'd go outside to sit my chez lounge, that I got on sale at Wal-Mart, while I drank my coffee. I had my coffee in my hand and was halfway through the door on the porch when I started to feel anxious. I told myself to breath while trying to ignore my fear. By the time I got to the bottom step I was freaking out, with my coffee spilled down my front and my favorite mug broken on the ground. Then I started screaming. I could hear the laughter of my attackers, smell the dampness of the old house and feel all of the pain they inflicted. I collapsed just as Sam was pulling up the drive; he was so calm about it. Afterwards he told me he would be here every day when I woke up so that wouldn't happen again. True to his word he was here sitting in my chair in the corner of my bedroom when I opened my eyes every morning. I didn't know how he was running the bar with being at my house all the time. When I would bring it up he would simply shrug it off.

If I was going to have company I needed a shower. I prefer Eric helping me in that department as opposed to Sam. "Eric since Pam is coming by and I need it anyway, I need to shower."

"Do you want me in there with you lover?" Eric wiggled his eyebrows for effect. He knew I wouldn't be up to sex for a long time. He's always as horny as a rabbit in March, he couldn't help himself. I often wonder if Eric was this horny as a human. I knew he wasn't totally serious, I'm sure he did want to have sex, that's not what I'm saying.

Per usual I replied "Not today Eric."

"There's always tomorrow!" Eric said happily. It reminded me so much of how he reacted to the unfortunate events at his Dracula party. He never gives up.

I started looking for something to wear while he got my shower ready. We had a routine we developed. The past few showers I didn't need his help so much. I only really needed him to help me get in and out. I was glad to say I could wash my own hair again, much to Eric's dismay. He would use any reason to see me naked, though I suspected he would use any excuse to see any woman naked. He didn't mind my new scars and had actually told me they were beautiful because they are a part of me and showed that I was a strong warrior. I briefly wondered what Quinn would think about them.

"Lover why are you anxious?" Eric could sense my feelings when I though about Quinn looking at my ruined body. "Do you want me to help, are too sore today?" I could here him thinking "Is she ok, does she hurt? I wish I could giver her more blood." then his thoughts drifted away. That's how my telepathy worked with him and Pam now. I suspected I could hear Pam too because he is her maker. That also got me wondering about vamps and hearing each other. Like could vamps in the same "family" hear one another if they wanted to be heard? I couldn't ask, so I'd have to be surreptitious (word of the day) about it.

"It's nothing, don't worry. I need to try to do it on my own if I'm ever going to get better." Eric let me be while I got undressed and came back to help me get in. His fangs were showing, of course. "Eric?"


"Um how have you been feeding since you haven't been able to feed from me? I mean I know you were feeding from Pam and Thalia, but now that you are better..." We came the understanding that we were a couple and the thought of him drinking from some fangbanger repulsed me. Especially since I know how vampires reacted to an actual feeding. Sexual arousal went hand in hand with it. I couldn't give him either.

"My lover, you are my bonded, my pledged, I will not feed off of another human." Eric said pulling back my curtain so I could see his sincerity. "I have been surviving on True Blood and occasionally Royalty Blended. I had Pam order some shortly after your rescue." I heard myself let out a sigh of relief. Eric smiled showing me fang again.

Reacting to the moment I said "Eric could you wash my hair?" In an instant he was in front of me in all his naked glory. "Oh Lord." I thought noticing his gracious plenty; that I was definitely not ready for. He felt my lust and crashed his lips against mine. Obviously I reacted to his perfect kissing, who wouldn't? I felt myself wrap my arms around him and let out a little whimper. It had been a while, since before the attack, that I have been truly kissed. It felt amazing.

I could hear him as clear as day when he held me "Mine, mine, my lover." Not wanting him to think he was going to get more than this from me tonight I reluctantly pulled away and handed him the shampoo bottle. I could see the shock in his eyes. He washed my hair for me then reached for my body wash and loofa. He started at my feet and worked his way up avoiding my moist core. I knew I didn't want to have sex, which I couldn't yet, but that didn't mean he shouldn't touch me at all. Eric looked up at me from his crouched position and said "I want to hear you scream my name while I pleasure you my lover." Nothing like getting straight to the point. What the heck, why not?

"um sure." I replied shakily. I'm not going to lie, I was terrified. I was afraid of being intimate, afraid he would realize I was damaged worse than he could handle. Baby steps were what I needed and Eric knew. He turned off the shower and wrapped me in a green fluffy towel, then in his inhuman speed carried me to the bed. Slowly, almost painfully so, he kissed me. Having taken the towel off while he kissed me Eric made his way down my body, kissing my neck and shoulders, letting me feel the slight grazing of his fangs. When he got to my breasts he let out a little growl.

"Lover you have the most amazing breasts I have ever seen. I have missed kissing them." He always says my breasts are the best, but really? He has been with thousands of women I don't see why mine are so great. I let out a moan the moment his tongue touched my hardened nipple. He paid plenty of attention to them before I gently told him he needed to be quick because Pam was coming. "I just want to savor this moment lover, Pam won't care."

"Yes, but I will. Plus I need you to go lower." I said sternly. He did as I said and I let out an involuntary yelp.

Eric worked his magic with his tongue and fingers. I was so close and I knew what would put me over the edge, but I was scared. For the umpteenth time I thought "Oh what the heck." I was barely able to speak, but somehow I managed, "bite me Eric, please!" Suddenly I was seeing stars, "Eric!"

Panting and limp I looked at him, he had his signature smirk and was licking my wounds closed. I missed that smirk; it had been too long since he wore it. He quickly came up to my face and kissed me deeply. "Eric, what about you?"

"Oh that was fantastic, seeing you come for me and tasting your sweet blood. Trust me Sookie, I am well." Meaning he had come. I should have known; that orgasm was so intense it had to have been fueled by feeling his pleasure as well. I gently pushed on his chest to get him off of me so I could get dressed before Pam arrived. He bent down and kissed me once more before leaping from the bed and to the bathroom. He was back before I was upright.

After we were dressed and I had my hair in a ponytail we made our way to the living room. I curled up with my favorite old afghan, happy and relaxed. I was wondering if Eric or Pam would be able to rent a movie for me. I realized I had no idea what movies had recently came out.

Eric was instantly in my face "Sookie, I think your brother is driving up the drive, do you want him here?"

"What? Are you sure it's him?" I asked trying to get off the couch. I ended up tangling myself in the afghan and Eric had to catch me before I fell. So much for being relaxed.

I felt Eric go still. I looked up about to ask him what was wrong when I felt his rage. Then I heard him think "tiger" at the same moment he growled and pulled me into a bone crushing embrace.

"Shit" I thought. I couldn't let him know I heard his thoughts. "What's wrong Eric?" I asked my panic rising. What was Quinn doing? That idiot! I just called to apologize. I didn't tell him to come over. He knew better than to do that, Eric has every right to punish him for coming. I could feel Eric's anger even more; he was also feeling very possessive and jealous.

As if she timed it Pam walked through the door with a smile on her face. She loves a reason to watch Eric be all territorial, she's something. "Hello my favorite partial human. I brought you some disgusting food that looks like someone threw-up." She said cheerily.

"Hi Pam." I smiled my crazy smile. I could hear her thinking "This ought to be fun." Oh how I love to hear vampires. Remembering my manners I asked "Would you like a True Blood?" as I pried myself from Eric's body.

"Yes friend I would." Pam said pulling me into the kitchen. "Did you know Quinn was going to come and visit Sookie?" She asked with a raised eyebrow.

"No. I don't keep track of him. I would never want him to come over with Eric here." I said nervously. "I don't why he would be here. This isn't good."

"No probably not, but it will be entertaining." She said looking at me curiously, like she was trying to decide something. Then she mumbled "Interesting." If I hadn't had all that vamp blood my hearing wouldn't have been able to pick it up.

"What's interesting?" I asked her handing her her bottle of True Blood.

"oh nothing." she waved her hand to show me how nothing it was. "I wonder why he isn't getting out of the car."

I wondered the same thing. Knowing Eric needed to calm down by the continued waves of his emotions I was getting I went back to the living room. He was very surprisingly in the exact same spot I left him a moment ago. "Eric, sweetie calm down please, I can't take all of your emotions." I begged

It was like my voice brought him out of a trance. "Sookie, why did you call Quinn earlier?" If he had sprouted another head I wouldn't have been more surprised. How did he know? Then it dawned on me. He heard me like I heard him. He could hear my thoughts, but not all of them. I know how to block, so I instantly made sure my guards were in place. He looked as angry as a vampire.

"I didn't want to tell you. I didn't want you to act like this." I said pointedly. He was glaring at me and I truly felt afraid of him. I didn't think he would hurt me, though he could hurt Quinn.

"Like what? Like my wife's ex-boyfriend who is forbidden to see her gets a call from said wife and then shows up at her house? Expecting some sort of happy reunion I'm sure." His accent was thick. I really didn't like it when he referred to me as his wife. He was just doing it to provoke me. I heard a door slam. Eric growled and ran to the door nearly ripping it from its hinges.

Of course Quinn wasn't fazed by this. "Shit Viking calm down. I just came to see how she's doing." Quinn said deeply and then added "as a friend."