Chapter 5 Sookie

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Amelia patiently waited for me finish with the dishes. When I turned toward her she grabbed my hand and brought me to the living room and practically pushed me onto the couch. I had to give it to her, she was actually blocking me. Usually when someone touches me, especially Amelia, it's like I am tuned into a radio. Only the radio is their thoughts. Blocking me made me pretty nervous; it couldn't be something as small as "hey your car is going to get a flat tire".

Finally Amelia started talking, "Ok, so you have to swear you won't go berserk or pass out or something, k?" I nodded; I mean really what else did she expect me to do? "He felt you die Sookie. Like for real, not turn into a vampire, but dead dead."

"Ok?" I took a very deep breath, then another and counted to ten. "Did he say how? I mean this is me we are talking about. I seem to get into trouble no matter how hard I try to keep to myself."

"See that's the thing, he just had this horrible icy feeling and then he said he sort of heard your name. I mean I guess there is more to it than that, but I didn't ask too many questions. He said the icy feeling means death. He knew when to come because the next place he looked was a calendar with yesterdays date and when he looked at it…. it sort of darkened. You know like when you look at those optical illusion things online." She shrugged, "at least that was how he explained it to me. I bet you could get a lot more from his thoughts though".

"Let me get this straight, not that I doubt you; Louis gets cold, hears my name in his head then just happens to look at a calendar and his vision gets a little blurry." I stated skeptically. "You realize how old he is right?"

"Sookie! If we wouldn't have shown up last night when we did what do you think would have happened? Seriously Sook, it would have been real bad." She raised her eyebrows up and leaned toward me. "Maybe last night was the beginning of a chain of events that would have led to your death and by us coming and stopping the fight we saved you?" Amelia asked while tapping her chin with her right index finger.

"Maybe" I replied. She could have a point. If Eric would have killed Quinn, Lord knows what I would have done. While that would have been horrifying and nearly unbearable, I didn't think that stopped my future death. I had a feeling things were going to get interesting and having Quinn back wasn't going to help any. That got me thinking about something else.

"Can you really break my bond with Eric?" I asked Amelia.

"It's not easy, but yes we can." She said confidently. Amelia is very proud of being a witch and doubting her always ruffled her feathers. I should call Octavia and see how things are going. It might be a little difficult to get help, you know with Eric being the hottie you're bonded to. Not many people in our world would want to cross him."

"He is more afraid of you that you are of him, trust me. After that whole memory loss thing he is on a whole new level of paranoia." Just then my phone rang. "I'll go get that. No Amelia, stay there". I said as Amelia got up to get the phone. I heard her think that Sam told her to take care of me so dang it all she was going to do it.

"Hello. No. Who is this?" Amelia said in the kitchen. I picked up on her thoughts and immediately recognized Bobby, Eric's day man. Oh geez what on earth does he want? I wondered. "mmmhmm, I'm sure. No she doesn't and you better not come over she is in no mood to deal with a slacky like you." I briefly considered going and taking the phone from her, but Bobby did not like me and I'm sure he would do something ridiculous like deliver one hundred roses. I didn't even want Eric to fix the frame on the door he so carelessly broke last night. "Well you tell him that then, see if I care!" I heard Amelia hang up the phone and mumble "Idiot".

"What did Bobby want?" I asked her when she sat down next to me. She sat a little closer than she usually would, but I didn't mind.

"Master Eric would like send his love and sincerest apologies to his bonded. Though why she should get an apology is beyond me. He had the right to kill the trespasser. I am sure Sookie understands now that she has had time to think things over." Amelia said in a deep almost whiney voice. How she managed deep and whiney? It is an Amelia skill. "Can you believe that? Do you think Eric really thinks you understand?" She questioned me.

"No. He knows me well enough. That was just Bobby being Bobby. Thank you for taking care of him for me." She gave me a bright smile and then hugged me a little too tight.

"I am so happy you are getting better Sookie." She said into my shoulder. I hugged her back, then gently pried her off of me.

"Thanks girl, you don't look so bad yourself." I winked at her. That both made us laugh; maybe a little more enthusiastically than the situation warranted, but it felt great.

"I better go and get myself semi-presentable, I have a feeling we will be having visitors today." I got up and went back to my room. When I got up I just put on the first thing I saw. I went into the bathroom and brushed my teeth. When I bent over to get a hand towel my side spasmed and hurt like crazy. I couldn't get back into a standing position. I yelled for Amelia and she came crashing in like a razorback after a squirrel.

"Oh my gosh are you ok?" she asked frantic. "I am so sucking at taking care of you; I didn't even ask if you needed help."

I quietly said "you are doing a great job, just help me stand up. I think I need to rest a little and take one of those muscle relaxers." I was doing so goo the past few days, but after my night I should have known better. It's easy to "ignore" the usual pains and go on with what you have to do, but those big ones they are there to warn you that ignoring is bad.

She helped me over to my bed and went to get me some fresh water. I took the pill and leaned back, only slightly wincing. I did more today that Sam usually allows, so that's something. "I can try some magical massage to help with some of the pain" Amelia offered.

"That sounds great. See you can do something Sam can't" I told her. I picked up from her thoughts earlier that she wanted to "one up" Sam. She rolled her eyes at me and told me to lie on the opposite side of the pain I just had. I glanced at the alarm clock as I did so and noticed it was still only eleven.

Amelia put her hands on me and started to hum and chant very quietly and fast. It sounded real witchlike. Then her hands started to get warm, almost hot. It felt so good. She slowly started to massage my muscles while still chanting. Usually if someone touched that particular area it felt like lightning was striking me there. That does not feel good. I have a few more scars that are the same way. My hobbit doctor told me it would go away, someday, since I had so much vampire blood. Without realizing it I started to moan. I heard Amelia laugh a little, but then she got right back to her chanting. The remnants of the spasm completely vanished and the area actually started feeling a little looser. I could feel the muscle relaxer kicking in and I was finding it hard to stay awake even though I slept plenty during the night.

"Amelia you're the best." Did I mention the medications, when mixed, make me a little loopy?

"I know, I know. Why don't you lay on your back so I can get the bad spot on your stomach?" Amelia replied.

I rolled to my back and kept my eyes closed. She did the same thing to my front, and then moved to my legs. I had taken my shorts off when I went into the bathroom earlier. That is when I fell asleep. I dreamed of sitting in a warm hot tub with jets of water spraying me all over. After a while I noticed something glowing under the surface. Curious, I tried to get closer. I couldn't tell what it was so I started to feel around in the water to see if I could find the object. Finally I touched something. I started to pull it out, but it wouldn't come out of the water. Sookie Stackhouse is not a quitter, so I tried a different angle. After what seemed like forever I pulled it free.

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