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He was so bored. The charm and novelty of having bloodbags knowingly and willingly offer themselves for his feeding and fucking pleasure had quickly worn thin for the Viking Sheriff. They all tasted the same; of despair and desperation held together with a 'healthy' dose of suicidal tendencies.

He hadn't tasted sunshine and life since before the damn revelation. After two years, he was sorely missing it. The simpering pathetic cattle he surrounded himself with in the name of business would do anything he wanted them to. They would gladly humiliate themselves and happily perform any degrading 'tasks' he asked of them, then come back the next night begging for more.

It was all.





Just as he was trying to calculate how many decades of living like this he could bear before he was willing to stake himself just to relieve the tedium, She walked through the door. The very thing he was missing and craving, and the last thing he had ever thought to see willingly enter Fangtasia under her own steam.

And she walked in on the arm of Bill fucking Compton.

She was wearing white sundress with red flowers sprinkled across it that looked like blood splatter. The tight dress hugged her curves perfectly and cupped her breasts the way Eric knew he would be doing himself before long.

His fangs itched and his cock twitched.

Her hair was the exact shade of his own, but where his absorbed the darkness in which he abided, her locks seemed to reflect the light of the sun, dispelling any shadows that dared creep to closely. Her skin was tinted and kissed to a warm golden color by the very sun that must worship this lovely girl.

He was certain he would be able to taste the sunlight that rejected him so thoroughly on her soft skin. And he would taste her, of that he had no doubt.

He had always known Compton was a fool with delusion as to his own charms and intelligence, but for the man to parade such a delectable creature in front of Eric and think he could possibly retain possession of her...

Clearly the young vampires idiocy knew no bounds.

Unless, of course, he had brought the beauty here as a tribute for his new Sheriff. In which case, Eric might be persuaded to forgive Compton for being such a dull and plodding waste of space. Maybe.

Probably not.

Judging by the possessive hand he rested on the girls back and the weak attempts he made to glare threateningly at the other vampires who noticed her- and they all noticed her, Eric could hear the fangs snicking down as she crossed the room, she must smell as good as she looked-, she was most likely intended as a tribute.


Eric loved a challenge.