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Chapter 13

Choosing to ignore the obvious goading of the bastard vampire with the magical fingers, Sookie pushed herself off of the wall, taking a deep breath and pulling her rapidly disappearing control around herself, trying desperately to put a stop to the twitching of the muscles on her back, trying to ignore the creepy but somehow empowering movement from between her shoulder blades. She couldn't wait to see the look on his face when she finally gave over to the feeling swarming under her skin.

"I am ready for my answers now. How did my room get covered in your blood with no injury to you, and how did you break a bond that should have been unbreakable?" he said.

"I'll show you the reason for the blood soon enough. As for the bond, you reneged on our deal and that is what broke it. I told you before that our agreement would be enforced magically. It's not my fault if you didn't believe me, or just thought you were too special to be held to it. You tried repeatedly to force your blood into me, you beat me, restrained me, poisoned and burnt me, choked me and threatened me. I would guess that you finally reached the maximum of what the Binding would allow. And so quickly too. It's almost impressive." She said in her best deadpan.

"That would not be enough to break the bond. Nothing should be able to break it aside from death." he said.

"Well I'm glad you can be so certain about the capabilities of a type of magic you know nothing about, but that's really the only explanation I have for the fading bond. It should be completely gone any minute now thankfully. "

He growled his frustration at her, tempted to shake her up, make her tell her what she had done while he was unconscious. She had to have done something. He could not believe that it would just break on its own like that without her knowledge or actions. So what if he had been a little rough with her. Plenty of vampires had been rougher than that on their bonded humans, and it did nothing to affect the bond. Why did she have to be so infuriatingly different?

"And the blood on my walls…? You should have been near death after losing that much blood, not calmly sipping on my tequila with no visible injuries."

"Well Viking, the way I figure it, you had finally gone too far with me. You pissed me off so much that you forced me to evolve in a way that shouldn't have happened this soon. Hell, it shouldn't have happened this century. I would theorize that the majority of the blood on your walls is what was tainted with your blood when you forced your blood down my throat and then fang raped me. The dimming that's been happening since then is the last of the magic dying off. As far as how the blood got on your walls…well you might want to step back. I don't know if it'll be messy again or not."

He decided to take her advice this time and backed up until he was against the doorway. She took a two steps away from the wall, looked over her shoulder judging the distance and took another two step just to be sure and then finally let go of the calm she had been gripping so tightly and felt the emotions burst from her in a flare of what felt like fire, but looked like two large wings above two smaller wings bursting from her back.

Speechless. Eric was speechless. For perhaps the first time in his existence his mind went completely blank. Well, the first time that did not involve being unconscious. This was definitely a night full of firsts for him. He just stared open-mouthed at the gossamer thin wings fluttering lightly behind this girl, this creature, he had somehow managed to capture. They resembled the wings of a firefly with the tints of green and blue, and gold and white shifting with the movements.

"What the fuck are you?" he whispered.

"I'm Sookie. I'm part fairy, part human, and part other. That's what I've been told all my life. I don't know what that other is. I knew the wings would probably come eventually, but it shouldn't have been for at least a hundred years. From what Grandfather has told me, the other in me would likely activate some fairy genes that have long gone dormant in other fairies. Giving me the wings and maybe a few other little surprises." He opened his mouth and she hurried on before he could interrupt. "I don't know what they might be, Grandfather only warned me about the possible wings because he knew if he didn't and this just happened spontaneously it would come back and hurt him. I would make sure it did. He apparently feels that the other possible traits won't be so…emotional for me."

"Who is this grandfather, you speak of?" he demanded.

"Prince Brigant." She stated, crossing her arms across her chest and cocking one hip to the side, watching his face closely hoping to see… yep… he did just become a shade or two paler than she would have thought possible. "You should probably count yourself really lucky that I like this realm and have always planned on spending the majority of my life here. Otherwise I would have let him declare a new war on vampires after the first time we met instead of trying to negotiate with you." She didn't mention that she still could if he broke their newest agreement as well. Grandfather had been saying that his people were becoming too complacent, and a good war with a common enemy would fix that. He would have declared war already based on what Sookie had told him of her first meeting with the Viking if he had not known how much his beloved granddaughter loved this realm. The destruction that would be caused by a fairy/vampire war would decimate her home, her human family and a large percentage of the world's population even before you counted the likely reaction of the humans who now had control of weapons of mass destruction. Maybe someday she would point out to Eric that he should be glad she was so beloved to her Grandfather that he refrained from declaring war. Had she meant less to him, he would have gone to war immediately for the offenses committed against one of his own by this big smug bastard, regardless of the bastards lack of knowledge concerning her heritage. Luckily for both Sookie and Eric, and the millions of other beings in this realm, Niall had always been a sucker for Sookie's pleading, puppy dog eyes, and Sookie was smart enough to save it for only the really important things so that he would not build up a resistance to it.

"You are not only Fae, but you are Fae royalty and you only now decided to share this with me." he said softly, menacingly.

"You already knew I was Fae and didn't care. As far as the whole royalty thing goes, I've always made a point of not relying on that to get me through life. I hate when people do that and I'm not a hypocrite." She tried to resist, she really did, but she just couldn't help herself. "You can stop trying to piss yourself you know. Grandfather has already promised me that he won't declare war on you and your kind until I tell him he may…or if I die or disappear or something." Poke.

"Vampires do not…piss themselves." He said snottily.

"Hence the reason I said trying to."

In the interest of not hurting the fairy fucking princess again, Eric decided it was time for a change of subject. "Why did the…wings" he could barely wrap his head around the fact that she had fucking wings, appear so much earlier than expected?" he asked.

"I'm not entirely sure. It might have been the intense emotions of fear and anger, like some kind of survival instinct thing, or it might have been your blood. I'm leaning towards it being a combination of the two. Your blood had already improved my control in most of my other powers so it isn't too far of a leap to assume that it might also have awakened some powers that were brought to the fore because of…situational stimulus?" she ended it as almost a question, not quite sure that was the phrase she was reaching for.

"And why do fairies no longer have wings?" If he could keep her talking she would be trapped down here with him for the day when the entire basement went on lockdown with the sunrise. Of course, he would make sure he was under even more lockdown in a separate room from her before he died for the day, but he found himself even more worried about what she might be able to get into during the day. Like it wasn't bad enough that he had to worry about her meeting up with the fucking shifter, now he also had to worry about an interspecies war with the Fae, and possibly whatever the other she'd mentioned was. Thank god she didn't seem to have any connections to the Were community…right?

"Interspecies breeding is the most likely reason. The original, pure Fae that immigrated to these realms found that the magic in this dimension was too different from the magic inherent in them. They were unable to breed with each other and produce viable offspring in this dimension. So they bred with other magical species that were still alive then, rather than go back to the Origin. After a few generations of this, they found that their offspring were finally able to breed viable offspring with other Fae mix breeds and so that's what they've been doing for many millennia now. Thanks to my other I'm basically an evolutionary throwback of the Original Immigrants." She didn't bother telling him about the problems Fae were beginning to have with breeding again. That was the whole basis behind the 'uprising' of the Water Fae. They lived in denial of the mixing of species that had allowed their ancestors to continue their family lines and felt that the Fae should only breed with other Fae, whereas the Sky Fae had always passed on the truth of the Original Immigration. As the rightful rulers, this was information that they needed to be honest with themselves about, just in case the magic changed enough in the future and they had to mix with other races again to prevent their own extinction in this dimension.

Her explanation raised so many more questions in Eric's mind that he didn't even know where to start. He knew that the Fae were able to travel to other realms, much like the Britlingens, but dimensions? The way she phrased her explanation seemed to hint that realms and dimensions were two separate things. Surely this subject would have enough material to keep her here until his underground rooms went into lockdown with the rising of the sun. Just a couple more minutes is all he needed.

"What is the difference between realms and dimensions?" he asked.

"The answer to that question is extremely difficult to grasp, and even more so to explain. That conversation will have to wait until another day. There's not enough time before sunrise to even touch on that one." she answered.

He had to stall her, just one more minute. "Fine. What about the blood on my walls? You did not bleed when you- sprouted- wings a moment ago, so you still have not explained the gore on my walls." Clearly he had to change tactics.

"We'll cover that another time as well. The sun is almost up, so it's time for me to leave. I would say that it's been fun, but the Fae are unable to lie. Enjoy your death today, Eric." She said right before she popped out of the basement. He had started toward her as soon as she mentioned the sun, intending to grab her and keep her there, but he was only able to grasp the air around her shoulders for a split second before she disappeared and his hands slammed into each other at the same moment the shutters in the bar and the security underneath were activated.

When he faintly heard her hearty laughter in the parking lot, he knew that she had been playing him the whole time he'd thought he was stalling her. She allowed him to think his tactics were working just long enough for her to get away as the sun was cresting the horizon and he could no longer chase after her.

"Knulla!" he screamed into the empty rooms.