It's been so long since I updated this fic. I thought it's time to wrap it up and give the girls the finale they so rightly deserve. Thank you to everyone who read and reviewed. Enjoy :)

Joey was unsure what to do. Pain filled every part of her body. She wanted to be strong for Charlie but images of Robbo and what happened on the boat were engulfing her mind.

Watson gently put a hand on Joey's shoulder, bringing her back to reality. "Joey, Charlie's resting on the sofa. She's ok. These memories she's getting, write down what she says ok? I'll get a formal statement later, for now I want both of you to rest up. Angelo's locked up and Robbo was arrested moments ago. He was trying to leave Summer Bay so we caught him just in time. Look after Charlie ok?"

Joey nodded, unable to put 2 words together. Her thoughts were consumed by Robbo and Angelo and what they had done to Charlie. As she let Watson and McGrath out, she went to see Charlie. Slowly she sat down on the edge of the sofa, she gently kissed Charlie's forehead and picked up her hand, gently stroking it. There was no need for words.

Charlie opened her eyes, acknowledging Joey's presence, tears still rolling down her cheeks. Joey gently wiped the tears away, the strain of recent events etched on her face.

"Charlie, I'm so sorry….." she stammered.

Shaking her head, Charlie put her hand under Joey's chin allowing their eyes to meet. "Joey, I love you. For everything that has happened, you are my shining light. You're the reason I wake up in the morning. You are the reason for my smiles, for my strength and I promise you nothing will ever change that".

Joey was amazed at Charlie's strength, for everything that had happened, the memories were coming back more and more. Now Charlie knew the missing pieces and so she went on to surprise Joey one more time.

Pulling out the ring that Joey had previously taken off and left in her hand at the hospital she pulled it out declaring "Joey, I love you, I hope you can take this ring as a symbol of my love for you. The memories of past and present that we have shared. I want you to know that I remember everything from how you came to the Bay and I broke your heart to your return. You helped me rebuild my life with Ruby, for that I will love you always. I want to be with you, and share our lives together. Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?"

Joey was taken aback by surprise. She couldn't recall a time where Charlie was so open and so confident. Their relationship had evolved to a point where now she knew Charlie's memory had come back in every aspect.

The arrests of Robbo and Angelo would allow them to move on and build a new life. Joey's concern was always that of what would happen if Charlie was injured while on duty. Recent events proved that life was short and so she replied with a smile, "Charlie…. You have surprised me time and time again. Your confidence and reassurance has done nothing but amazed me over and over. Yes baby!"

They sealed it with a kiss. Long gone were the feelings of inadequacy and insecurity. Both girls knew life was a rollercoaster, but they could do it together with Ruby by their side. They had a second chance and what a great one it turned out to be!

The end.

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