Kingdom Hearts 2: Silenced Hearts

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Day II

Soon to be Coming to Your Old Senses

"Doubting yourself for no good reason, you're listening to someone else..."

-"I'm Here" by Aly & A.J.

"Follow your heart, but be quiet for a while first. Ask questions, then feel the answer. Learn to trust your heart."


As fast as a wink, the red-head charged at the boy like a bull, his steel weapons held out before him to skewer the blonde with their pointed ends right into his chest. Blue eyes widening in shock, his body reacted before his mind registered the movement. Legs bending, then springing agilely to the right, his muscles commanded him like clockwork. For some strange reason, his body acted almost on impulse to the man's attacks with extraordinary evasion tactics; his arms swayed out of the blades reach just carefully enough, his torso shifted to get the heart and vitals furthest from the blade, and his legs' speed came quickly and felt natural.

The red-head came in for another swipe diagonally, putting a little more speed into the attack. Roxas reacted in turn by twisting his body to the right, avoiding the deadly blade by mere inches. His attacker moved swiftly and gracefully, and to the non-existance observer, it almost seemed as though the two were involved in some sort of deranged, wild dance rather than an attempt to keep from being ripped to shreds.

The precision the teen felt was basic to him, the movement of his muscles corresponding to the fight was like instinct, his urge to counter attack was more as a mandatory reaction than a foreign idea…as though I'm used to people attacking me, and I… attack them back.

Roxas shivered visibly as the silver and red steel spikes sliced through the place he had been standing but moments earlier as the man swung at his arm. But…that can't be right! His mind struggled to think amidst the rush of adrenaline, his heaving chest, and the intense, overbearing heat of the attack…Wait, heat? I know that moving makes you sweat and all, but this feels almost like, real…

Roxas recovered from his evade quickly; skidding with his heels on the polished floor before coming to a rest several feet away. His breath came in short bursts, but he surprised himself with his moves just moments earlier.

How in the world did I just?...I'm sure that I've never dodged something, well, like that before! Where are all these moves coming from? His thoughts rushed through his head, screaming random answers into his overworked and pounding brain. A gleam of sweat began forming on his skin, and his hair stuck to his face where it touched, making his usually messy hair look mottled and disarranged.

His attacker brought the weapons back towards himself, and stood up again, holding the chakrams loosely at his sides. The man in black smiled; the corners of his mouth played upwards slightly, and a secretive gleam shone from his pale-green eyes.

"Well Roxas, I guess you still know how to dodge, at least." He laughed, a short, humorless chuckle, but the feeling did not reach those green eyes. Those eyes which still bore into the boy as thought they were they were scouring his soul itself.

Confused, angry, and a little bit frightened, he clenched his fist tightly, focusing all of his tension into that ball of concentrated flesh and bone. He consitered socking the man right between the eyes if he came at him again, but figured that with his short reach, the man could just as easily slice straight through his arm as he could a piece of paper.

Thoughts rattled his mind, each one more confusing and heated as the next. Why am I here? Who is this? What is he- Then he saw something flicker out of his perifial vision. It took every ounce of his willpower to focus his eyes on the shifting shapes, but they were there all right. Blinking his eyes a few times to guarantee that they were not deceiving him, he watched in stunned silence as thin, fiery tendrils delicately wrapped themselves around the steel-bladed circles the man held. Gently, he let them curl around his outstretched fingers as though playing with them.

Those flames…how are they not burning him? Roxas thought to himself wildly, as he watched the figure caress the fire as though he were its master. That…that's not possible. This…how is he doing that? He didn't even notice when his own mouth moved; he spoke as though his inner questions had finally burst from his small form, and they needed to escape from his mute body.

"Who…who are you?" This was the question the boy said almost in a whisper, but it reached the man in black anyway. The red-head's eyebrow's went up a fraction in feign surprise, and the flames died down to his feet, circling his body like a ring of fire. He kept the rings of steel blades at his sides, though he did not raise them threateningly as before. When he spoke, it startled the blonde, for he had not yet realized that he had spoken his question aloud.

"Roxas." The boy flinched noticeable at his name, but did not respond to the man's voice. His eyes roamed the cloaked figure for an answer. The man did not give a knowing smile again; he was tired of this game, tired of looking, and tired of hiding from him. He hated being tired, it made him feel old.

"Roxas, we both know that answer." He stared hard at the boy, as if daring him to reproach his words. The blonde just stood, seemingly too confused to respond. Come on Roxas…listen to me… "I thought I told you once already that I'm not gonna repeat myself." He turned his head slightly down, and as his eyes became shaded from the shadow of his hair, the edges of his mouth turned into a tired, almost sad, smile. "Now, you're not going to try and make a liar out of me…are you?"

The brief smile was gone as soon as it appeared, his eyes coming back into focus again: bright green bore into blue, trying to send the message into his very soul. Desperation clung to his words like rain, pulling him down as he spoke the dampened words. "Listen to me, Roxas. I know it's there…somewhere deep inside of your memories." His gaze never strayed from the boy, the intent to deliver his message blazed like Greek fire. His left hand slashed through the air as he spoke his next words, like in a fury at some unseen opponent. "You've gotta find it…you have to remember!" The urgency in his voice surprised the boy, his tone had changed from secretive and knowing to having an almost desperate edge so suddenly, that for a moment Roxas felt…something.

The boy shook his head, and his immediate thought was of denial; he did not want the red-headed man to be right, he couldn't stand the thought for some reason. Nonsensically, his mind forced itself to ignore possibilities, to ignore logic, to ignore his own feelings.

"I…I don't know you! I don't remember you…and I don't know! I just…don't know…" Roxas's voice rang out with newfound volume, though they lacked any true force. He yelled the words almost to just to try and prove that he was right, just to try and hold onto what he knew, just to make the other wrong. His voice began to crack, as to his surprise, he found that he was shaking.

His blue eyes closed a brief moment in thought, and he fought back against a throbing headache. Oh man…why can't I remember? Remember… remember what? I don't know this guy…do I? What's the truth? His pupils dilated as they sprang open, and his hand went instinctively to his face as the world blurred around him. His head coursed with unprecedented pain, pounding like drums inside of his mind. He did not even notice as he fell to his knees, the pounding was excruciating.

What…what's happening? I can't…I can't remember… The pain was unforgiving, yet while the pounding inside his skull increased, his fears did as well. I…I can't remember…anything! As hundreds, no, thousands of images raced through his mind, he felt a strange sensation of pulling.

Faces of tall people, people in black cloaks, three teens running past a sidewalk, a town covered in the warm glow of the setting sun, stunning scenery that couldn't belong to this world, names and words and actions he thought he should know, all whizzing past his mind like those similar ones did earlier. Only this time, they felt more familiar, almost as though these things were normal. He could not feel any great urge to remember, it was more like a vacuum taking away those thoughts and sights, smells and sounds. It almost felt as though something was pulling a block of something out of his mind, although it was large and difficult to move.

These pictures he saw, none of which he could even identify anymore, blurred and faded as the pulling lessened, then stopped altogether as his world went black.

He was suspended in darkness, and nothing surrounded him.

What's happening? He thought blankly to himself.

What is this place?

A scene of blue, white, and green settled in front of him, enveloping his body in its warm glow. An image of a teenage boy, sparring on a sandy beach with an older teen, each fighter with a look of determination on their faces appeared from the light. The older boy had silver hair was wearing a yellow vest and baggy blue pants, the younger was a brunette with red and white pants and shirt, and large yellow shoes. A girl in white and purple sat off to the side, watching the spar with a smile on her face. Her short, red-brown hair blew gently in the wind, and she laughed as the silver-haired boy whacked the other with his wooden sword, and he fell into the sand with a 'whoom'. The teen in yellow stood panting for a moment as the brunette rubbed his side and tried to stand up again, and failed.

The older boy extended his hand out to help the other, and the kid in red took it gratefully, leaping up off the sand. The girl sighed, knowing that they could do this all day, and smiled. They all looked so happy, being together. They were having fun, and seemed really close. Unlike the other time he saw these guys though, Roxas could hear their voices, even though they were muted slightly.

Hey…these are the kids I saw before, I think. I wonder who they are…they seem so familiar…His mind wandered back to the scene as the teens began speaking again.

He heard the girl's soft laugh, and the exaggerated sigh from the silver-haired teen as he waited for the other to attack again. The spiky-haired teen grinned and said with a determined smile, "I'm gonna win this time for sure, Riku! Then, you have to buy me and Kairi some ice cream!" The older boy, Riku, smirked in amusement, and pointed his wooden sword at his younger opponent in a mocking gesture.

"Come on Sora, I do that every day because you never have any munny! Besides," he said, then went into a defensive position "you never win against me." With the teen's words, Roxas felt a different force pull him close to the scene. Suddenly, Roxas was not watching the scene from a distance, but he was seeing it from the brunette's eyes.

He could feel his pulse, the adrenaline coursing through his system. He felt the light weight of the wooden sword, and felt his muscles tensing as his body moved on its own accord to attack. He had no control over his actions, it was almost as though he was just occupying the brunette's body and watching from the boy's eyes. Spiked hair waving in the breeze, he ran at Riku, and went for his chest. The older boy motioned to block, but the other wasn't finished. He swung the play sword away just at the last minute, and instead took a swing for Riku's side. The older took the hit in surprise, and fell to one knee as Sora retreated a few feet with a springing jump.

He grinned good-naturedly, a familiar feeling on his bright face, and said, "Well, I think that today that's gonna change."

Huh, what the-? Roxas thought as his mind was suddenly pulled away from the teen's body, and seemed to float above the scene once more. His eyes just those of the observer once more.

That was so strange. Roxas thought to himself. It felt so real, like I actually did that. He concentrated for a moment in confusion.

Wait…did I do that? What is this anyway? It's so nostalgic…His sight once more focused on the picture, as it seemed the duo's practice fight was drawing to a close.

The girl, Kairi, stood up and cheered the boys on, her enthusiasm flushing her face. Riku shoved his sword into the sands, and pushed himself up without too much effort. He grinned acknowledgement, then held his hands up in the air halfway.

"Ok, ok, you got me! Let's stop early today, Sora. I think we've got enough practicing in." The other boy let his shoulders droop in an exaggerated manner, then began whining about how he was about to beat the other boy, and that he was only scared of losing his win streak. Ignoring the energetic boy's complaints, the Riku started walking away, and Kairi ran over from her place on the sidelines to join them as they strode away from the scene, over a small hill to the ice cream shack.

What…was this? Roxas thought as the image disappeared. I wonder where this came from. Did I…remember it? As his body floated in space pondering what he had just observed, a small light appeared to his right, growing larger with each second. Hm, what's that? He moved his gaze to look at the growing form, and saw that a figure was sort of appearing from the glow.

Around the same height as he was, a girl about his age in a white dress seemed to appear from the light, hands tightly clasp in front of her. Her medium-length blonde hair fell around her shoulders, and she had on a saddened expression as her aqua-blue orbs met Roxas's similar ones.

The two stood there for a minute, each observing the other, and it was a while before either spoke. The girl's voice sounded first; her gentle tone deepened by a strange emotion which Roxas could not identify, whether it was the dark space around him or something else.

"Hello, Roxas." The girl watched him with her blue eyes, silently studying him with polite curiosity.

Roxas looked at her with confusion, but more of a calm demeanor than when he was confronted by the man from before. This girl seemed to be more trustworthy, and more calming than the mysterious figure earlier, so Roxas asked his question without fear, but hopeful to get answers from this strange new girl.

"Who are you? How do you know who I am?" His voice bounced off unseen walls, but no echo sounded.

She shook her head sadly, but replied, "Roxas, I've known about you… for a long time now." He watched her with interest, but still with caution; he did not fear this person like the black-cloaked man, she seemed to give out almost a peaceful aura of sorts. She continued in her serious, yet calm demeanor.

"My name is Namine, and I am going to help restore your true memory." As she said this, her gaze fell to her feet, and silence filled the air. For some reason, she seemed as though she was ashamed of something. Roxas spoke again, only a few of his many questions escaping in a rush.

"What do you mean, restore?" His voice showed his concern, and slight fear taking root. "Is…is something wrong with my memory? Do you mean like that guy said, that I have to remember something? What do I have to remember?" His innocent look of confusion made Namine feel worse, though, she thought to herself, she was a Nobody and therefore could not literally 'feel'. She looked up and into his blue eyes again.

"What you remembered of your past life…isn't right." She started, then paused for him to understand. He did not respond, so she continued. "I…I'm going to fix it. It will take a little time, but you need to know your real memories, Roxas." She glanced away at this, and the boy was confused at her action. She acted as though guilty of something, even though Roxas did not know what. Still, there was a feeling of trust around her, and he felt as though he believed her word.

Biting her lip a little, she decided to tell him, even though she was under orders which forbade her from doing so. I don't care what he says, Roxas deserves to know at least a little bit of the truth. She didn't meet his eyes, but instead stared off into the darkness as she spoke again.

"You will be able to recall almost everything that has happened in your past, for real, except for a few parts." He looked at her quizzically, not sure of what she meant.

"Huh? I can't remember everything?" He threw his arms out in front of him in frustration. "Why not?" He demanded. He looked to her for answers, but she would not meet his longing gaze. She couldn't bear to. His questioning eyes roamed her face for a sign, a hint of what it meant, but her features revealed nothing to him. When she spoke again, it was barely more than a whisper, and it was as though she spoke carefully, to hide something.

"I…am not supposed to say, but…" she looked up into his eyes, and he was surprised to see that her eyes were filled with a deep sadness, which seeped into his soul and made him confused even more than he already was. Finding the right words, she finished.

"…I'll be restoring all of your memories…from your time as a human. A Somebody."

A chill ran through the boy's spine, a strange coldness seemed to creep up through his fingers as her words echoed around his ears.

"A…Somebody? What…what does that mean?" He raised his hand to his chest, and said insistently, "But, I am human! What are you talking about?" His inquisitive look was almost too much for her mind to bear, but she continued, knowing now that she could not stop her explanation there.

"Roxas…" She began, trying to put her words as delicately as she could. "You know about Heartless, right?" Her sudden question surprised the boy, but he nodded, unsure of what she meant.

"Yeah, everybody knows about those! They're dangerous dark creatures, and they steal people's hearts." This was basic knowledge to him, he could remember that someone had told him this at one time, but he couldn't quite recall who. Weird…I wonder why I can't remember who told me that. It is kinda important, so thats odd...

Namine's face showed no change, although inside she felt miserable, but knew that she had to press on.

"Well, when a Heartless steals a normal person's heart… their heart becomes lost in the darkness. That person then becomes a Heartless, or one without a heart, and runs instinctively to steal more hearts." She paused for a moment, then taking a breath continued.

"When a person with a very strong heart has their heart taken by Heartless, their body becomes a Heartless too, and their heart shrouded in darkness. But… these people with strong hearts…from their strong wills are born a new creature. It is like a... replica, of who they used to be, with a few minor changes to their appearence, and they retain all of their memories and abilities from when they were human. Except…for their hearts." She paused once more, and could feel the boy's deepening look beating into her. With a sad sigh, she continued.

"Since they do not have a heart, they cannot feel emotion, and so are called… Nobodies." She raised her head to meet the boy's startled, fearful eyes. "Roxas, you are…a Nobody. You once had a heart, but it was lost to darkness. Roxas…you shouldn't exist." There was silence for a long time after her words, and she could not hold his distraught gaze any longer.

She turned her head to her feet, now debating on whether this had been better for the boy or not. I didn't have to tell him…perhaps it was better that he not know…no. He would have found out eventually, and plus…I just couldn't bear lying to him…

Roxas did not speak for a long time; his body just could not form words. It was coming in too fast, all of this information. That his life had been one huge lie, that he technically was dead, that he shouldn't exist, that he…had no heart. The shock came slowly to the boy, he just couldn't register this fact.

"No…no! I…I am somebody, I…I have to be!" He shook his head violently, and he couldn't control the shaking in his arms as he raised them in front of him and stared blankly at them. "I…" His eyes lost their fight as he thought about her words. "I…don't…have a heart?" A terrible look of realization and sadness clouded his features.

"So…what? What does that mean?" He stretched out his thin arms, and looked at them as though seeing them for the first time. "Am I...what am I supposed to do then?"

Namine spoke, her voice barely more than a whisper. She did not meet his staring eyes. "This…this is why I need to restore you to the way you once were, Roxas." At the use of his name again, he lowered his arms back to his sides, and listened mutely to her words with his head lowered in a dull, blank fashion.

"If…if I can return to you your rightful memories…you should be able to be whole again. You can get your heart back, and rejoin with your friends." His head snapped up at these words, slight hope flickering in his bright eyes. It was not much, but it was enough to give him some strength.

"So…how are you giving me back my memories? How did I lose them in the first place?" He motioned with his arms in confusion, which turned into frustration as more and more unanswered questions spilled out of him. "Who are those guys on the beach? Was that a memory too?" Namine raised her head again at this, and replied to his question, to the relief of the blonde boy.

"Yes, I have begun to bring your lost memories back to you." She looked deep into the boy's eyes, and continued. "Those guys…those kids were from your past. You used to know them, once upon a time." She adverted her gaze once more. "The process may take a few days, but once it's done…you can return to your heart. You can be whole again, and go back to your friends." She looked away sadly.

"I cannot tell you who they are; you have to remember that on your own." Roxas nodded his head once in understanding, it would be unfair for her to just reveal everything to him, or else he would not know if he were really remembering, or just imagining from what he wanted to believe.

"But…" his voice faltered. The nagging feeling in his mind still tugged on his conscience."…I still have so many questions! Who is that guy with the red hair, what does he want with me? Did I know him? Who should I believe?" She shook her head quickly, stopping his barrage of questions. The space around him seemed heavier suddenly, and he looked around himself to see light filling up the dark edges of his mind. In worry, he desperately looked again to Namine, and saw that she was fading.

"Wait! Don't go! I still have so much to ask!" He insisted, but she raised her blue eyes to look into his and his protests died at his lips.

"I cannot say. You need to decide who to trust, Roxas. After all..." Her body grew more and more see-through with each second, until the teen's eyes could only barely see her outline in the growing light. "...they are your memories Roxas. Trust yourself, and your own memories. Remember who you are." As light obscured the dark space around him, and he could feel himself waking up from sleep he did not know he had been in, he could hear the girl's final words to him as though she were speaking right beside his ear.

"Oh, and don't forget how to use the Keyblade. It would be really bad…if the Keyblade master couldn't summon his own weapon!" A brief giggle, and what Roxas thought was a hint of a smile, were the last things he saw before reality returned to him.

It had been a good five minutes now that the blonde had stayed in his kneeling position on the floor, his eyes glassy and vacant. The red-head was getting worried now; had he freaked him out that much?

I really didn't think that it was going so badly…oh man, Saix is gonna kill me for sure this time… He dismissed his chakrams in a flash of light and made a motion to move towards the boy, but stopped himself when he thought of something. Wait, what if his mind is connected to Namine right now?

He began to get nervous, which made him frustrated, because he was unsure of what could happen if Namine were to enter Roxas's mind now. Would he attack? Would she reveal to him about the Organization's plans? Would she halt the memory restoration process? Many questions burned in the pyro's mind, but his troubled thoughts were disrupted as the small form's shoulder twitched slightly. The bladed circlets appeared instinctively in his hands, for he did not know what would happen once the boy awoke.

Will he…maybe…remember? A slight tug occurred in the man's chest, although he could not feel it, he guessed that if he had a heart, perhaps what he was wanting right now was…hope?

He shrugged off the non-existant feeling, for he was a Nobody, and therefore could not 'feel'. Their Superior had drilled this knowledge into them so often, it was like a basic rule of life that each member just repeated to themselves each day. Each time someone recalled having an emotion of sorts, His words would come back to remind them that they no longer 'felt' anything.

Number VIII carefully watched the blonde figure as he stirred, and began to emerge from his trance-like state.

Well…whatever happens…the only way to get the old Roxas back now…is to force it out of him, it looks like.Roxas's mind returned to the world outside, and as it did, he noticed what was wrong. His encounter with the mysterious girl burned fresh and alive in his mind, as did his dreams about the teens from before on the beach. As he sought out what he had been doing before that, before he began to fight the cloaked man, he couldn't recall anything. Everything before waking up in this room was a blank, a hole in his memory, as though it had never existed before. As his blue eyes returned to focus, he slowly looked up to the man in confusion, and a new fear began to grow on his pale face.

"I…" Roxas's voice waivered, as if he could barely form the words. "Why…can't I remember?" The man's grip on the weapons lessened, his arms went slack as he realized that the boy's face looked to him in complete helplessness, and those deep-blue eyes sought in him answers which he could not give. If he had a heart, it would have ached to see the boy like this.

"I…I don't know how I got here." His eyes continued to stare at the man, no longer angry, but more of a desperate question. The red-head's grip on his weapons tightened; narrowing his eyes he matched the boy's stare, unable to tell him that answer. He was worried that he was running out of time, and that he should finish his assigned task quickly. He looked again to the other's face, and something inside of him quivered. He swore that if he had a heart, that it was breaking right now just looking at how pathetically Roxas was looking at him. His eyes burned the question which his lips repeated.

He doesn't remember anymore? Does this mean… the red-head dismissed his chakrams, and they disintegrated in fragments of light and flame. The boy did not react to this action, he only observed in silent confusion. He could no longer remember why the man had tried to attack him in the first place, only that he had tried to slice him in two for no good reason.

"Where were you before you came to his room, Roxas?" The man spoke suddenly, his blunt question startling the confused boy abruptly. He needed to know what was really going on inside the boy's head, if they were ever going to figure out what to do with him.

"I…" The blonde scrunched his eyebrows together in serious concentration. "I…can't remember." He looked up in confusion to the other's face, his eyes searching and lost.

"Why did you attack me? What do you want?" He rose to his feet slowly, eyes never leaving the other man's gaze, even as his feet wobbled and threatened to collapse under him. The other man stared back calmly, but inside he was also confused.

So Namine must have erased all of his fake memories from the simulation…but why? What is DiZ planning now… The red-head thought to himself, suspicion mounting on his increasing list of things buzzing through his mind.

"Fair enough Roxas. I'll tell, but you have to tell something also." The boy did not respond, but registered the man's words carefully. "I still need to find out how much you remember, kid, so it's time you get to answer my question." He held out his hand in an explanatory gesture, and took a moment to speak. "What…are you fighting for, Roxas?"

The blonde was startled, taken back by the sudden sincere question. He set his eyes to the side, and thought for a moment. After a minute, he returned his gaze to match the man's, and replied.

"I guess...I just want to know...who I was. I...want my heart back." The red-head's eyebrows moved up slowly in honest surprise, this was not what he expected to hear, but it was interesting news.

So…he probably knows that he's a Nobody, at least. He's also got a few of Sora's memories inside him too…darn it, DiZ! What in the world are you doing to him? Why can't he remember the Organization, if he remembers that he has no heart? His anger flared for a moment, but his only change in demeanor occurred with a grimace with his thoughts, and was cast aside with the boy's new movement. He had completely ignored the taller Nobody's reaction to his answer, and was instead staring intently at his outstretched palm.

Did he really remember that much so fast? The red-head's mind flooded with questions on the boy's behalf. He reached up to his head, and pulled on a few spikes of his hair out of habit as he thought about the situation. Well, I guess I'll just have to wait and see…what exactly they're doing to him…darn it.

Roxas stared down at his hand suddenly, and thought back to what that girl had said. I wonder, what did she mean? If I concentrate like this… The boy reached his hand out in front of his body, and in an instant a strange glow lit up his out stretched arm, and a huge key appeared in a warm glow of light. While surprised, he inspected his newfound weapon. It was sliver and had a golden handle, with a keychain dangling from the hilt with the shape of a familiar looking insignia in the shape of three circlets of silver. It felt light and natural in his hands, yet at the same time, foreign and new. He held it out in confusion, his questioning look fastened on it as he spoke again.

"This…is the Keyblade…isn't it?" He swung it down vertically, and it responded to his actions with ease. "Did I…used to fight with it?" He asked unsurely to the other man, the insecurity open on his face.

He held it tightly at his side once more, his gaze no longer on the cloaked man, but rather was fixed on the strange blade he held in his grasp. "It feels…right, to be holding it. I mean..." he swung it experimentally some more " least I feel like I've used it before." He looked up at the man again, almost as if he was stating a fact, and was just waiting for the red-head to contradict him. He did not trust this man, for his strange unprovoked actions earlier, but Roxas knew that if anyone knew who he used to be, that it would probably be this strange, dangerous man before him.

The man just watched him, carefully observing the boy's actions. When the red-head continued to remain silent, the teen just kept speaking, hoping to draw some information out of him, or at least a word.

"I heard someone talk about it in a dream, or at least, I think it was a dream." Looking up for a response, Roxas was startled to find that the man had turned away from him, towards a large swirl of darkness. "Hey, where are you going? You still haven't answered my question!" The boy demanded, his calm demeanor melting away as the man pointedly ignored his talk. As he closed in on the final few feet, he yelled out again at the figure, trying desperately to get an answer from the mysterious man. "At least…at least tell me your name! That's all I need!" His voice got very quiet all of a sudden, causing the figure to slow in his strides.

"Listen to me!" The boy spoke up suddenly. The red-head stopped his walk towards the swirling black mass, but did not turn to face him. No emotion flickered across his tempered face; he did not let any pass, even if Roxas could not see his expression. The boy stared defiantly at the back of his spiky-haired head, and almost willed him to turn and face him. He did not respond, and Roxas sighed, then sort of shied away from a direct confrontation. He continued speaking, but now less demanding, and more of an almost apologetic or off-beat way.

"I knew you, I just remembered. I…don't really know how though." His right arm moved to rub against his left, not knowing what else to say. He just felt as though this needed to be said. "I…I'm sure I knew you, somehow." His gaze moved to the back of the spiked, red hair, and a forlorn expression reached out from his eyes and tried to reach the man before him.

The boy, although he did not know it, looked just as he did throughout most of the past year of his existence: bleak, and empty of feeling. Simply because he was told that he was forever denied the reality of having his heart, and having no emotions, he would not even let himself feel anything. Even if he did 'feel' something now, he reminded himself, it would not matter. He was a Nobody, and any 'emotions' he thought he felt…weren't real. They were just memories left over from his past. His past which he was just now beginning to recover, apparently.

"I just wish…" the younger finished with a longing, but earnest look as he stared after the man in black. "…I wish…that I still did." Each figure stood there for a moment more, neither responding. It seemed like an eternity before either would move, but the empty loneliness radiating from the smaller Nobody certainly created a void-like feeling to the atmosphere. Without turning around or registering the boy any further, the man resumed walking, and passed into the black vortex. He stood there a moment, then let himself become swallowed by the dark energy.

As the last wisps of black darkness encased the cloaked figure he spoke aloud, too softly for the boy to catch; his face turned from the boy. "Yeah, Roxas…I wish so too." Roxas could not see, but as he left the confused, sorrowed teen in that room, his mouth was fixed in a saddened line and his sea-green eyes were downcast in uncharacteristic regret.

A/N: Hm...too much random emotion? I think that I will try and work on that...everytime I read over this chapter, it just seems waaay too...overly dramatic. I need to chill out on the emotion levels, or at least take a break and be able to scan my work more thoroughly. Maybe I'm just not concentrating...

Anyway, I hope that you peoplez liked it, even if I didn't...