Title: A Sorta Fairytale

Pairing: ItaSaku

Status: Incomplete

Rating: T

This is my first time writing a fic on Naruto so I'm really sorry if the characters are a little OOC. I'll try my best to keep their character as close to the original as possible. But anyway hope you enjoy the fic and leave a review please if you do happen to like it :)

Chapter 1

He was an arrogant and pompous bastard with a noble air around him that pissed her off.

She was a loud and pretty girl who had no problems voicing out her opinion that amused him.

How the two ended up together,is a mystery.

It all started that dreadful day in the Market.

She was accompanying her mother while they wandered around the market searching for cheap foodstuffs and other essentials they would need for the following month or so. While on a sharp lookout for a good source of food, she also had to be on look out for the many thieves this market was infamous for.

They were poor. Having the food money stolen was not an option. They only had so much they could spend on food and it was her job to protect it from those pesky thieves. Her mother was constantly ill and that made it difficult for her to maintain a full time job as she also had to look after her mother but that didn't stop her and her mother from being happy. They still had each other, what more could she ask for?

Not only was the food they were going to buy had to be cheap, it also had to selected carefully. Fresh meat and fish had to be eaten quickly so there would be less quantities of them whereas there would be more fruits and vegetables as they had a longer shelf life. Not to mention the bread and other grain produces that could last even longer.

And all of it had to be within a price range.

It's no wonder the poor girl was starting to feel stressed.

She never liked these shopping trips anyway. They were tedious and long and energy absorbing. Her strength was already dwindling from lack of sleep the previous night. Her long recurring nightmare had begun to plague her again. Not only that but it was so noisy in the market. It took all of her resistance to stop herself from yelling at them to shut up.

But never mind that. All it took was for her darling mother to smile before she could feel the strength seep back into her to continue this long and horrible trip.

Her mother loved the shopping trips. It was the only time she was allowed out the house. Well the only time she was able go out the house. Normally the girl would have been away at her part time job at the Yamanaka's Flower Shop so nobody would be there to visit the market with her. Although the woman was not old, the illness had taken it's toll on her body and she was unable to walk for very long without feeling faint and collapsing. It was only thanks to her young daughter's heavy sacrifice she was able to visit the market once a month.

However the guilt that ate at her was something else. She knew her daughter only worked at the flower shop because of her. She could have gone to one of the noble houses and worked as a maid. Earning better pay and probably a better life. She might even meet a kind lord who takes interest in her and chooses to bring her into his household. But then she would have had to stay within the noble house and would be unable to see and attend to her mother.

Anyway being a maid was not easy. Especially not in one of the great noble houses. The work was tough and back-breaking. They were expected to wake up well before dawn in order to start preparations and unable to rest until their Masters had did so which could often be well into midnight. Not only that, but from the stories she had heard. Some Master's did not treat their servants very well. A slip of the mouth and you could be in for a beating that would render you unable to walk for several days, possibly weeks. Politeness was a vital requirement if you wanted to survive serving one of the noble houses.

The only great thing about working for a noble house was that they had accommodations for the servants. Although they were not as grand as their Master's rooms, they were well above average and compared to what many civilians had to live with, it was a luxury. The pay was also well above what the average civilian could earn. Anybody would jump at the chance to work there.

But there was a catch. In a way, by working there you would be giving up your freedom. Very little servants were allowed out the house. Also many servants had been bought by their Masters from slave-traders and other merchants. Bound to their Master's family for eternity, forever serving them. With no hope for release. Very little servants actually came from civilian families. Most Masters choose not to hire servants as they would have to be paid every month and human rights demanded that they could leave their post if they met certain circumstances. However they were cheaper short term-wise and look to be an appealing choice at first.

Haruno Mizuki sighed. Even though she had confidence that her daughter would make a good maid. There was no way the stubborn girl would ever consider the idea of leaving her mother all alone. Protecting her "precious people" was something her daughter had been adamant about since she was young.

She was too kind. And one day, Mizuki was sure it would destroy her daughter.

It was a rare sight to see the Uchiha heir wandering around the streets of the marketplace.

Even rarer was that a blue, shark like man seemed to be accompanying him.

Needless to say, they were attracting quite a bit of attention in the crowded marketplace.

Never mind that there was a strange blue man walking about freely, but what the hell was one of the nobles doing here? High classed individuals like the Uchihas do not walk about in low classed areas like the marketplace. It was simply unheard of.

Itachi could feel the stares they were directing at him but he paid no heed to them. The loud chatter slowly dissipating into hushed whispers as he walked briskly by, Kisame following shortly behind him clearly amused at the villager's reactions.

"They look afraid of you Itachi." Kisame said, stating the obvious.

Itachi stayed silent. After all there was no point in him confirming what Kisame had just said. It was common knowledge to anyone who lived in the precinct that Uchiha Itachi was not someone to be trifled with. He was dangerous and deadly. Those who crossed his path, be it on purpose or accidental often ended up dead.

He sighed inwardly. He was tired of his life. He was a genius, a prodigy within his clan, the very best only appearing every few generations but that's what made his life so painful. He had been nothing more than a tool for his clan. A killing machine. He wasn't supposed to have any emotions and his only purpose in life was to serve his clan.

And he hated it.

Still, he couldn't just abandon his family name. As much as he despised the clan elders for shaping him into what he is now, he was glad his brother Sasuke had been left untouched. His innocence untainted by the corrupted minds of the elders. So as long as his brother was happy, he was happy.

He closed his eyes, trying to ward off the cold stares he was receiving. Most of them coming from other shinobi who held obvious dislike for him. Itachi found it amusing how he was hated because he was powerful. People were jealous of his powerful kekkei genkai and how those onyx eyes of him seem to penetrate anything. Obviously they did not know the price for owning such bloody abilities. He was used to such hostility shown towards him and he didn't care what other people thought anyway.

It was those terrible fangirls squeals and shrieks that left him most uncomfortable. He did not like them much but he did not want to harm them either since they were clearly infatuated with him. Despite the fact he killed for a living, they were clearly in love with his handsome good looks and cool stoic personality. But the way they were stalking him, were very obvious and he getting irritated by their actions. Itachi did not like being followed.

Before he could come up with another plan to escape those fangirls, his eyes snapped open – scaring a couple of those who were glaring at him intently - there was a loud yelp from somewhere within the marketplace. He looked at the source of interruption and saw a pink haired teenage girl restraining a young man from running away. A thief by the looks of it. The man tried to prise his self away from her grasp before receiving a sharp bonk on his head by the pink haired female who was now yelling at him loudly.

Interesting...thought Itachi.

Sakura saw him before he could even attempt his sneaky trick. The hell..?

She watched as the young blonde haired thief itched closer and closer to her mother, his eyes never leaving the money pouch her mother was holding. His hand reached for the bag...

Oh no you don't! Screamed Inner Sakura. Like heck she was going to let someone steal her hard earned cash!

She ran forward and grabbed the young man, twisting his arms painfully behind him, earning a loud yelp from the thief.

"What the hell do you think you are doing?" hissed Sakura.

"N-Nothing! L-Let me go!" yelped the young man as he tried to free himself from her hold. Number one rule of being a thief was if caught, pretend to be innocent then run as fast as you can.

Sakura knew this all too well and whacked the man on his head to get her point across that she had no intention of releasing him at all.

The blonde paled. He did not want to go to jail! He was young and had his full life in front of him, if it wasn't that his mother had taken ill and he was in drastic need of some money to hire a doctor to see to her he would never steal from people! He started to panic.

"Please...! Listen to me first!" the guy said, clearly distressed.

Her eyes narrowed.

The man gulped before continuing to explain himself.

"My mother..is very ill. We are poor and I have no money to hire a doctor to see to her." he mumbled quietly. "If it wasn't for the current circumstances, I would never steal another's hard earned money." he said quietly. His head down in shame that he had failed his mother. She wasn't going to live if she didn't see a doctor soon, and now her useless son had to go get himself landed in jail for theft.

At the mention of his ill mother, Sakura's eyes immediately softened. He could almost feel this young man's pain. Her mother was also ill and sometimes Sakura felt so useless when she could not help ease her mother's pain.

Still he had tried to steal from here and she wasn't about to let that go so easily. However they were starting to gather attention from those around them, interested in what all the commotion was about with this teenage girl and the young male. She glanced around warily, wondering how to solve the situation and spotted a raven haired man standing watching her intently. His attire told her, he was probably one of those detestable nobles. She grimaced.

Sakura didn't really want to drag the man into the nearest police station and dump him in there to feel the wrath of the officers. But she couldn't really just release the guy when she just yelled out he was a thief. What would the people think of her if she just let a thief run loose? And the fact that one of the nobles was standing there watching her made it more difficult for her to let the young man go. It was sure to cause some hassle and she was exhausted already without having to deal with all this.

Suddenly an ingenious, and almost stupid idea struck her. Oh well, it was that or nothing. However she needed the young man's co-operation.

She let go of him, and slapped her arms around his shoulders acting as if they were best buddies. "Aw man dude, you need to stop this silly prank of yours. It doesn't work on me you know!" yelled Sakura cheerfully before she whispered quietly into the guy's ear.

"I am going to let you go but it will be difficult with all these people watching us so I need your help." she whispered quietly.

He nodded, full of gratitude the girl had decided to believe him. He swore to himself he was never going to steal again. After all the next time he might not be so lucky to meet a kind person like her.

"What do you need me to do?" he said quietly. Then he laughed along with Sakura keeping up the façade of them being good friends. "Ah, my plans were foiled again." he said with a forced grin.

The other villagers,bored now that it had all just been a silly game had gone back to their own activities. Shopping, chatting and whatever else they had been doing in the market before being interrupted.

Mizuki looked at her daughter's strange behaviour but chose not to enquire about her daughter's actions. Sakura probably had a good reason to act like this. Mizuki did not miss how the look of fury disappear into something more like...compassion.

"Hmph." Unlike the simple villagers, Itachi knew that the girl was plotting something along with the young man. The way they were behaving as great friends was too fake and he wasn't about to be fooled by them. But whatever. It was getting late and he had to return back to the manor soon. He didn't have time to be watching some silly civilians play games with each other. Now bored again, he turned to Kisame and told him they were leaving. Kisame nodded.

Sakura waited until the noble had turned around before telling the blonde her plan. She knew he needed money but she wasn't about to give up her own cash for him. She needed money as much as he did. However there was someone who didn't need money as desperately as them.

"See that dark haired dude over there?With the rich clothes? The one with a ponytail?" Sakura pointed, when the blonde looked confused as there was a lot of dark haired dudes in the vicinity and he wasn't sure which one she was referring to. He saw her target and looked at her quizzically wondering what the dark haired man had to do with this plan.

"He's a noble." she said. His eyebrow arched up slightly. Now he was even more puzzled.


"Whether or not you can help your mother depends on your ability" she stated simply. "Stealing is wrong, there's no denying that fact. But if it's for a good cause then...you know." She shrugged "Besides, he doesn't look as if he needs the money as desperately as us ordinary civilians anyway." she said. Hoping he got the hint behind her words.

And he did.

But it was impossible.

"He's a noble. It's too difficult and dangerous to be messing around with those of the upper class. All the nobles are shinobi and he would definitely notice me reaching for his pouch and before I could grab it and run, he'd kill me." the blonde said dejectedly.

"Not if he's momentarily distracted." said Sakura slyly.

He looked at her with surprise. "And how are you going to manage something like that?" he asked, now curious as to what the pink haired girl had up her sleeve.

Little did the blonde know that many years of being a civilian had taught Sakura many of the dark ways of the world. And that the fact she was once a noble too made it all too easy for her to set up a trap, that even if it didn't distract the raven haired man much, would probably shock him enough for the blonde to grab his pouch and make haste with it.

Her identity would be revealed then but she was confident she could escape with her mother in time. After all, behind that huge forehead of hers, stored packs and packs of knowledge from books she had read. Sakura was very intelligent and often, she was glad since it saved her from a lot of trouble.

She told the young man of her plans. Seeing surprise in his eyes before they lit up with the ingenious trap she just conjured. They had to hurry though, if they wanted the noble to walk into their trap since he was leaving already, walking back the way he had come from.

"Go." she said in a hushed whisper.

The blonde nodded. "Thank you." he murmured. He smiled at her and she smiled back. Then he set off in Itachi's direction. Walking quickly but not so rapid that would make him look suspicious. He was glad Itachi had been walking slowly or else he wouldn't have been able to catch up with him being being spotted.

It seemed like the raven haired noble had no desire to hurry back to his suffocating life. Even when he was in his own manor, he felt like he was being monitored by his father. That kind of constricting life made him want to spend as little time as possible in the manor.

Sakura tensed. The blonde was close to reaching Itachi. Almost time now she mused. She took her mother's hand in one of her own and the other reaching for a hidden kunai.

"Hyaaa!" she cried out as she threw the kunai with extreme accuracy at the retreating figure of Uchiha Itachi.

He sensed the kunai before it even reached him. Catching it between his 2 fingers expertly he spun around to see which brave individual decided to throw it at him. Clearly interested now.

But not for long.

He glimpsed a blur of pink before large chunks of rock chipped from the arch above him and started to fall. Slightly surprised when he realised that it was the shadow kunai technique that had been used, the one aiming for him was clearly a decoy to stop him from noticing the one crashing into the brick arch. It was cleverly done, with just enough chakra power to enable a mini rockfall but not enough to shatter the complete arch.

Sakura never intended to hurt anybody. The arch was old and falling apart already but the light rockfall was enough to distract Itachi momentarily and that was all she needed. The blonde had taken advantage of the few precious seconds he was distracted to swipe his pouch and was running away already.

Now for her to escape without him catching her. The moment she kunai had hit the arch, it was her cue to escape. Already running down the street. She knew the noble was a shinobi and probably faster than her but like hell she was going to let him catch her! She knew the terrain and layout of the marketplace a lot better than him and she was going to use that to her advantage.

Itachi knew it was her who threw the kunai. He also knew his pouch was stolen and had sent Kisame after the suspicious blonde to retrieve it although honestly he didn't really care if he got it back or not. What surprised him more was that he never knew that such a skilled individual could be hiding in the depths of the civilian area of the village. The shadow kunai was what startled him the most. And the fact it didn't smash the arch into total smithereens told him that the attacker was most likely very efficient in chakra control.

And he wasn't far from the truth.

He ran down the market, shocking civilians with his astounding speed and grace in dodging them. There was no way she could outrun him especially having to watch for her mother too. He smirked to himself.

Boy was he wrong. Sakura excelled in chakra control and used it to boost her speed considerably. And coupled with her insane strength, carrying her mother while running was an easy job. But still...he was faster than her and if they kept running, he would eventually catch up to her. But she knew the terrain and the many subtle details of her surroundings very well. She smiled to herself. Time for plan no.2!

Itachi saw her trademark pink hair disappear round the corner and followed suit. Almost smacking himself in the face as he strained to stop himself from running into the wall.

"?" The Uchiha was confused. He was sure she just turned into the corner. But all he saw in front of him was a solid wall. It wasn't fake. So where did she go?

His eyes travelled around the area for a few seconds or so before he noticed a small alcove in the wall to his right. Hidden so well due to the lack of light in that area. If he wasn't so perceptive he would have never seen it at all and would have thought the pink haired girl had simply vanished into thin air. Damn! So that's where she went! He squeezed in and back out on the other side quickly, making a mental note to remember the place for next time. He ran faster, knowing he lost precious seconds with the wall.

Sakura chuckled to herself since she felt his presence growing further away from her and she knew he was now at "The Hidden Door". She had lost him. Breathing a sigh of relief she started to stop running...

Before the hairs on her back pricked up again. His presence was becoming stronger again. He was gaining in on her! "Crap" she thought. He was better than what she took him for. But she still had many aces up her sleeve, "The Hidden Door" was just one of the many she knew. She didn't want to play all her cards already so that meant she had to wrap this up quickly.

In a few minutes was rush hour. 5 pm sharp. She was going to use that to make her final escape plan. Now all she had to do was stall him enough for her to initiate the jutsu required.

So for the next minute or so Itachi found him dodging random net traps that sprung out of nowhere on the ground, most likely freshly laid to stall him. And that was not all there was. He had no idea that the girl was clever enough to set net traps above him too. All done in such a short time while she was fleeing. He had a feeling she was an expert in this, she was more of the "flight" type than the "fight" type.

Carefully helping her mother hide in the straw carrying horse carriage, she made the hand seals necessary for the "Bunshin No Justu" The Art of the Doppelganger. Then the "Henge No Justu" The Art of the Transformation. Now there were two Sakuras and two Mizukis. She knew it could only provide a temporary distraction since it wasn't a solid copy of herself. But she only needed a few precious seconds to get away anyway. She got into the carriage and hid inside the straw with her mother, now feeling guilty for making her poor ill mother to do through all this escaping because of her. She shook her head. Now was not the time to be feeling guilty. She would save that for later.

The chime of the bells indicated it was now exactly 5 pm. Marking the end of a day. And as she correctly assumed, the horse carriages now began to move. The whole street would be blocked off for at least 15 minutes while the 100 carriages made their way along the street and out of the city. This was a process that happened every week and she was lucky today was one of the days.

Sakura directed her doppelganger to run across the bridge that separated the two segments of land when she sensed the noble coming in her direction. Then she masked her chakra thoroughly. Her mother would not need any masking since she did not possess any chakra at all in the first place. That was also a gift for Sakura, the shinobi chasing her would not be able to detect her mother so she was safe.

She could now see the shinobi coming round the corner. And just as she predicted, his caliber was high enough to know that the running Sakura was just a bunshin. Sakura could see he was very handsome. Dark raven hair, tied into an elegant and simple ponytail behind him. His facial expressions made him look so much older than his real age and his attire...well it was the typical grand clothes the nobles wore. A long black coat covered his simple but pristine white shirt and black pants. She could see the gold buckle of his belt and...a sword that hung there. It was the sword that surprised her. Although she could not see it very well, she could tell it was expensive. And sharp. He started to make his way slowly towards her but immediately stopped in his tracks and caught the kunai thrown at him. Spinning round rapidly, he saw the doppelganger Sakura throw another few more at him. Applying the shadow kunai technique too.

Momentarily confused Itachi paused. Then after a moment he decided to follow the bunshin. The moment he crossed the bridge, the bunshin disappeared and he spun around, knowing he was tricked.

By now the 100 or so horse carriages were in motion blocking the road back. Itachi sighed. He had underestimated this female, she was clearly a lot cleverer than he thought she was. Focusing a concentrated amount of chakra in the bunshin, she managed to get it to perform simple actions like throwing kunai and using the shadow kunai technique. Itachi was sure she was hiding in the carriage although Sakura had masked her chakra, he could detect slithers of it escaping her so he was startled when the bunshin used the shadow technique and for a second had assumed that was the real Sakura.

He had not expected her to be this skilled. He knew he should not have underestimated her but he had been too confident in himself to be wary of any small petite pink haired females to outrun him.

As soon as he was across the bridge, a safe distance away from her. She leapt from the carriage and fled with her mother. It would take at least another 5 minutes for the carriages to fully shift away and that was plenty of time for her to lose him. Smiling she headed home with her mother.

Strangely enough. Itachi found himself more amused than ever. He could feel the female on the run again and made no action to chase her. She was interesting and it was a long time since he felt anything like that. Nothing really evoked any emotion from the Uchiha heir. But she made him feel different.

He wasn't going to let her go so easily. He smirked.

"Just you wait. Little Kunoichi."

Author's Notes

The world they are living in just now is very similar to the Victorian Times when Queen Victoria was ruling Great Britain. Except in this case it's Tsunade as the Queen of Fire Country. There is no Fire Daimyo in this fic. The Leaf Village is the most powerful and prosperous village in the Fire Country. Think of it as the capital city of a country. Queen Tsunade also resides within the Leaf Village. Characters are still the same and in this fic Itachi did not murder his clan. In fact his clan is stronger than ever, being close to the Queen and whatnot.

There are shinobi in this fic. Genin, Chuunin, Jounin and the ANBU all exist. More info. About them will be revealed in due time! :)

After a few re-reads, I realised that Itachi smirks alot and acts slightly OOC in this o_o Apologies.

Sakura's family, the Haruno's were also nobles. The reason as to why she's a commoner now is...well you just have to wait ^^

Also Sakura had always been close to Tsunade ever since she was young. The Harunos had been one of Tsunade's most trusted clans. She'd also taken a liking towards the young pink haired girl and taught her how to use her chakra to create inhumane strength. This all happened before Sakura and her mother became commoners.

If you are still slightly confused and/or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me! :) I'll try my best to answer them without spoiling the story for you.

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