Title: A Sorta Fairytale

Pairing: ItaSaku

Status: Incomplete

Rating: T

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Chapter 6


Now that was surprising, his father, mother and brother had been shocked into silence by his recent statement but the one he expected least to say anything was now yelling at him, her rage obviously directed at him and he couldn't help but wince slightly at the tone of her voice. Itachi turned to the female standing next to him who was once deathly pale had now become fiery red from anger.

"As I have said before, I do not like repeating myself." came Itachi's calm reply.

"And like I've said before, I don't belong to you!" she bit back.

"You do."

"Last time I checked I wasn't!"


"Don't "Hn" me!"

Silence. Sakura wanted to pull her hair out in frustration, why was this guy so damn irritating? He always got on her nerves and it annoyed her endlessly that he could get under her skin like that. What the hell is he thinking? she wondered. Before she could say something spiteful to him, somebody else interrupted in their conversation.

"What is the meaning of this Itachi?" asked Fugaku, his eyes never leaving his sons. For a second Sakura swore she saw irritance flash across Itachi's eyes before it had rapidly disappeared. Maybe it was just her imagination since nothing seemed to ever irritate the great Uchiha Itachi.

"I believe I have already told you."

"I was under the impression she was bought by you for the house and not for yourself." said Fugaku, his eyes were narrowing dangerously as he confronted his eldest son about the issue. Itachi however was unfazed by the deadly stare his father was giving him, his own eyes showed no emotion as he and his father continued their "conversation".

Which was as far from normal as conversations could get, Sakura could easily detect the anger, disrespect, irritance and hate that was being directed between the two Uchihas. She shivered.

Mikoto frowned. Itachi should know better than to disrespect his father like that, especially in front of outsiders. While she considered Sakura as a friend, this was no doubt a family matter that should be kept to family members only, although she couldn't say much for Sasuke since it had always been their intention to keep the youngest Uchiha out of their twisted and evil arguments that often occurred when there had been an important clan meeting, although subtle, the intentions that the words held were evident. It was not the first time Itachi and her husband had fought and she had a feeling it won't be the last but she did not like the idea that Sasuke and Sakura were here to see the ugly side of the Uchiha family.

Sasuke could only stare shocked as his beloved brother and the father he had admired clashed with each other with words that were so sharp he was afraid he would be cut if he was any closer. He almost winced when Itachi's voice cut in from the silence that was threatening to take over them.

"The contract clearly states that she belongs to me."

"No it doesn't.." whispered Sakura. They all turned to look at her waiting for her to go on with her explanation. Sakura couldn't read Itachi's eyes and that scared her, it was almost as if he was waiting for her to drop the bomb, she bit her lip, "I..I read the contract that was given to my mother before I..burned it." She closed her eyes, now came the hard part of admitting what she had been telling herself was a nightmare. "It said I was...was...sold over to Uchiha." she finished. The surname rolled off her tongue with such fire, she almost felt it scorching her tongue, the hate and resent clear in her tone made the others flinch.

They had no idea that she hated them that much.

Itachi was disappointed to see the hate, he had expected anger but for her to hate him so early on..? That was not something he liked, he won't tolerate such a thing. But he was also hurt. Her words felt like they were piercing at him and it was painful to hear her voice say those words. Still, he was not going to let what she said get to him and before he knew it he hardened himself back to his cold demeanour.

"The copy your mother had was merely a shortened version of the full contract." he said lazily, almost as if he was expecting her to know such a thing. He saw her eyes widen and the hurt that flashed through them before they were quickly consumed by hate.

Hate. That word always seemed to be following him around everywhere, it was as if it was clinging to his mere existence to torture him. People hated him for a variety of reasons: be it that he was the one who killed their families and friends or simply because he was an Uchiha and people were jealous. Those people's hate didn't matter to him though, they were trivial and meaningless to someone who killed for a living, it was only natural. Sometimes though, he thought he hated himself too. Why was he accepting all of this hate? Why wasn't he strong enough to push them back? This made him hate himself even more. All these questions circled his mind but what hurt him the most was that she hated him.

And the worrying thing was he cared.

Since when did Uchiha Itachi care?

But he did and when he hurt her, he felt as if he was the one who was hurt more.

Sakura clenched her fists and struggled to keep her arms to her sides, resisting the thought to just go wild and punch the damn bastard. How could he do this to her? Didn't he care for her at all? A gasp which seemed more like a sob almost escaped from her before she composed herself again. Of course he didn't care, she was nothing to him, just another toy. Another plaything under his control. She gritted her teeth, she had to wait for them to say something first, if she interrupted now then she will be punished and Sakura didn't want to find out how the Uchiha house punished disobedient servants, she had a feeling it won't be very nice.

Or civil. Came her inner voice. Her inner voice was always the truthful one, the one side Sakura never wanted to show people because she was afraid. It was the voice who's thoughts always hit home.

Which was why she never wanted to hear it again.

Mikoto knew she had to do something quickly, her gut feeling told her Sakura was slowly being reduced to a small pile of blubbering mess at this current moment, Sasuke was too shocked to do or say anything and it seemed like Itachi and Fugaku were nowhere near finished with their "conversation." So being the only one capable of handing out orders that seemed acceptable she took up the offer of being the peacemaker this time.

"Guys..." she said. They all turned to look at her and Mikoto almost jumped back. One of them was her husband and two were her sons...they were her family...yet she was still afraid of them when those dark and cold onyx eyes of theirs penetrated into her softer ones.

"Fugaku, we still have a lot to discuss, Sasuke is wet and will catch a cold if he stays in those clothes any longer and Itachi must be tired from his mission." she stated calmly. It was hard for her to stay calm, she felt scared but no doubt Sakura was worse off and she wanted to help her friend. Yes, her friend she thought. She wasn't just some servant...she was Mikoto's friend for crying out loud! And that made her want to protect her too...almost as if Sakura was her own daughter.

When she heard three grunts she knew that the conversation was over for just now, she sighed softly.

"Well if you excuse me now Uchiha-sama..." Sakura said, slowly trailing off. She bowed to each of them, including Sasuke but when it got to Itachi she looked at him nervously before stiffly bowing and then she turned on her heel and practically ran back to the servants chambers.

Somehow he had a feeling that did not bode well for their relationship.

Morning came quickly for Sakura, she didn't get much sleep from the night before since she had been up busy thinking about a lot of things especially last night's incident. Now she had horrible bags under her eyes and she was in a bad mood.

And when Sakura's in a bad mood, bad things tend to happen.

Why me? she thought to herself, then she sighed and headed towards the bathroom to make herself presentable for the day.

The first official day of being Uchiha Itachi's personal servant.

That didn't fit very well with Sakura and she punched the wall in frustration, letting the anger and tears flow free. She wasn't even sure what the tears were for to be honest, was it because her hand had hurt from punching the wall? Or was it because she was forced to leave home and become a maid? Or was it because of him?

She didn't know how long she had just stood in the bathroom crying before Karin yelled at her to get out since she needed the bathroom too, to which Sakura complied to quietly. The dark pink haired girl raised her brow when a slightly red-eyed Sakura left the bathroom with no protesting. It was unusual for the pink haired girl to not argue and bargain with her for more time in the bathroom. She thought that Sakura probably needed some space and decided not to prod the girl for information concerning her appearance right now.

Sakura wasn't the only one who didn't get any sleep.

Itachi stared at the ceiling of his bedroom from his bed for a long time. He had no idea how long that had been but he guessed it must have been quite a while since it was complete darkness when he had started and now the first rays of sunlight were leaking through his window.

He couldn't sleep. Nor could he get Sakura out his mind, damn what has that girl been doing to him? He stayed up all night long thinking about her, her hurt expression kept re-playing itself over in his head and he found it troubling that she was affecting him in this way. He frowned to himself.

She was never meant to be anything more than a chess piece in his game. An important piece that was required if he was to win against his father but now everything felt different. He felt different. He was confused. He didn't do what to do any more.

And all because of a certain pink haired girl.

It was unlikely he was in love with her. That was too far out for the moment but she was something more than just a chess piece in his game. There was something there, something he couldn't quite phantom what it was but it was definitely something.

That irked him. Uchiha Itachi was not the type who did not know what he was doing. Or feeling for that matter. Everything he did was supposed to be planned and go along according to his decision without failure.

But she had changed all of that.

She made everything so different he wasn't entirely sure what he was even doing just now. She had him wrapped around her finger and she didn't even know it! He groaned to himself and got out of bed.

Today was going to be another very long day.

Sakura trudged along miserably behind Karin.

The older girl had actually felt a bit worried about Sakura, something that surprised herself but there was something about this girl that intrigued her and now when she was supposed to be having fun with a new friend, she was stuck with a sad and unhappy Sakura instead. Karin sighed, she had a feeling it was probably something to do with Itachi that caused this sudden depression in Sakura. It was so strange though, Sakura had only just announced her hatred for the Uchiha yesterday but now she was so depressed and out of character, Karin pondered about the possibilities of what might have happened.

Just what on earth did Itachi do to her?

Sasuke wasn't sure how to react when he saw her coming up from the servant's chambers.

In normal times, he would have played around with her, finding ways to make her tick and generally just being a pest to get on her nerves. He didn't like her and he knew she didn't like him either, that fact had been strengthened by the incident yesterday.

But seeing her all sad and down, he couldn't find it in himself to bring any more sorrow to the girl. It just wasn't right and despite the fact he was well known for his nature of being a prick, he couldn't summon up the courage to add more depression to Sakura. He knew his brother's words had hurt her and he wondered why it left such a big impact on the girl. He almost blurted out his question before Karin interrupted him.

"Sasuke-sama." she said politely and bowed. Sakura did the same but her voice was barely audible, and it didn't feel right to him to hear her say his name so politely, her voice was usually laced with sarcasm, something that was like a second nature to Sakura when it came to Sasuke but today it was so...monotonous and lifeless, like she no longer had any fire in her. That felt very strange for Sasuke.

He nodded and the two girls proceeded quietly past him and towards the kitchens. He turned around to see the back of Sakura's head, almost wishing she would turn around and blow a raspberry at him and he would do the same and the two would act like children all over again just like the first time he had saw her.

But the raspberry never came.

Sakura ate her breakfast in silence while Karin glanced nervously in her direction every so often before she began chatting to the other maids that were also at the table. They had already been introduced yesterday and the maids had taken a liking to Sakura, she was kind and had a unique personality, something they all admired, especially the fire inside her.

The blazing fire that had diminished to nothing more than flicker today.

Just then one of the older maids came into the kitchen and barked out orders for the day, Karin had received cleaning duty for the ornaments dotted around the manor and the scrubbing of the bathrooms of all the rooms to which she shrugged and muttered "whatever" while Sakura received nothing. She stayed silent when the other's turned to look at her, they had all heard about her new "position" and had been glad for her that she was now promoted from doing trivial chores to serving one of the masters of the house but one look at the sad girl had changed their thoughts immediately. Karin patted Sakura's shoulders lightly before leaving with the rest of the maids to get started on the massive pile of work for the day. When the others had left, the older maid turned to Sakura, her hard face now replaced with one that could only be defined by sympathy.

"Hey...you alright dear?" she asked Sakura worriedly. The girl had not spoken all morning and the far-off look in her eyes told her that something bad had happened.

"Yeah...I'm fine Mirako-san." she replied. There was no hint of emotion at all in that pretty voice of hers and it made Mirako nervous. She liked Sakura, heck everyone did, she was like the blossom in a field of weeds that brought life to every one and to see their bright flower wilt had hurt them all.

"It's not as bad as you think." she reassured Sakura kindly.

When she was greeted by Sakura's silence she knew that whatever it was the young master had did to her, had hurt her more than what they all expected. She did something that the other maids would have been shocked to see. She went forward and pulled Sakura into an embrace.

"I'm here if you ever want to talk." she said quietly.

Mirako was so warm it reminded Sakura of her mother, the thought about her mother brought tears to her eyes but she blinked them back. She allowed herself to lean against the older woman and just for once, Sakura relied on someone other than herself, she needed comfort and she was glad someone could give it to her.

A single tear fell from her eye.

"Hey Sakura-Chan!" greeted Mikoto happily, Sakura nodded politely. "Hello Mikoto-san."

"Now, I believe I remember telling you about the -sans! Just call me Mikoto!" said the older woman grumpily as she placed her hands on her waist and pretended to be annoyed.

"Okay Mikoto, only if you call me Sakura too." she replied and Sakura tried smiling a little. Mikoto was the closest she could think of to Ino, the woman reminded her so much of her best friend and she knew it would hurt the woman if she continued to stay depressed just like it would have to Ino. But then this was Ino she was talking about, the word "depression" and "hurt" did not exist in the blonde's dictionary and she would try her best to kick the word out of Sakura's dictionary too.

It seems like the words didn't exist in Mikoto's dictionary either if the way she was grinning was of any indication at all. Sakura had been told by Mirako that Itachi was currently out on a mission so she had no jobs prepared for her, which was fine by Sakura since she didn't really want to see him anyway. She was startled however when Mirako told her that Mikoto had requested for her and she was to report to Lady Uchiha as soon as possible.

Sakura started to wonder what on earth made the woman so happy when her thoughts were halted by a loud cheer.


And Sakura was back where it all started.

At the blooming market which she hated with a passion. Curse herself and her bad luck!

When Mikoto had announced that she and Sakura were going shopping, she was expecting to be visiting fancy high classed shops where rich dresses and other dainty objects were sold and not somewhere like the marketplace. Mikoto had frowned when Sakura looked surprised at her choice of location for the shopping trip.

"I know what you're thinking Sakura. You're wondering what on earth I am doing here of all places aren't you? After all nobles like myself don't usually drop by in to areas like these for shopping." she said tiredly.

Sakura shook her head. "I was just surprised..." she said. It was true in a way, Sakura had definitely been shocked at first. Mikoto was just so much like Ino and it had both been heart-warming and heart-breaking at the same time because of the resemblance. She had made feel Sakura feel like her best friend was right here beside her trying to cheer her up but failing drastically but at the same time she was reminded that no matter what Mikoto did, she wasn't Ino and Sakura felt sad that she could probably no longer see her best friend any more.

"Yeah right, you're lying. You thought I was one of those stuck-ups didn't you? Just so you know I actually do like the market! It's got a lot of stuff that I find er..." Mikoto frantically searched her brain for a suitable word before yelling "interesting!" When Sakura stared at her with a look that was equivalent to saying "I don't believe you" she huffed and folded her arms over her chest and stalked off to one of the stalls.

Somehow Sakura didn't find it in her heart to be depressed after all the trouble Mikoto had taken to try and cheer her up, she could tell that the woman was trying her best and she kind of managed to force a smile on her face. She's just like Ino...thought Sakura. The blonde's failed attempts at trying to cheer up her best friend usually resulted in her being grumpy all day, annoyed that all her hard work had gone to waste and Sakura was often the poor one who had to do the cheering up instead.

Sakura walked over to where Mikoto was and smiled at her. The woman's grumpiness immediately vanished leaving only joy as she dragged Sakura around the marketplace, stopping to look at random artifacts and chattering excitedly like a young school girl. Sakura wasn't sure if her decision was right since a headache had began to form because of the noise in the market.


The voice was so familiar yet Sakura could not remember who it was. She looked around trying to locate the source and was almost bowled over when a mass of blonde pounced on her. At first she thought it was Ino but on closer inspection it was-

"You forgotten about me already Sakura-chan? It's me! Naruto!" yelled the blonde, his face fell and he looked disappointedly at Sakura who looked as if she was struggling to remember.

He was wrong, but right in a way. Sakura was struggling yes, but that wasn't because she couldn't remember him but because she was struggling to push Naruto away since he was crushing her windpipe.

"Naruto..get..off..me!" she gave a violent push which sent Naruto flying off her and gasped for air. "You almost killed me!" yelled Sakura at the confused blonde.

"I'm so sorry Sakura-chan! I swear I didn't mean it! I was just worried you forgot all about me." he wailed frantically, afraid he had hurt her by accident as his eyes scanned her like he was examining her for any holes and whatnot whilst constantly yelling sorry over and over again like a broken record.

She glared at him, silently telling him to shut up before she beat him to a pulp.

It always ended up like this, every time. Naruto had a nasty habit of surprising people who were unaware and probably happy without his presence. His main target, the victim was often Sakura although it'd end up being the other way around when Sakura pounded the blonde viciously for scaring her for no reason.

But she was happy then, happy that she had somebody that cared for her and wanted to make her happy. Naruto, Ino, Mikoto, Mirako and Karin. They were her precious people now.

Plus Naruto always had this way of making people like him, his very aura was comforting and it made Sakura feel at ease which was something that happened rarely, especially now. And she loved him, he was like a brother to her. Although he was a bit slow and stupid sometimes, the need to protect Sakura like his sister made Sakura warm up to him instantly. Something that she treasured greatly and she was glad she went to the market today otherwise she would have never seen him, just seeing him made her depression lift and she was happy for a moment. She smiled and then hugged him, the look of surprise on his face was so cute! She thought to herself happily.

"Thank you Naruto."

Sakura was humming to herself happily while she mopped the floor.

It was the same floor as yesterday but instead of an unenthusiastic and grumpy maid doing the job it was now a happy and cheery Sakura. She didn't mind helping out since she had only gone shopping earlier on in the day with Mikoto who told her that was it for the day but Sakura wasn't the type who liked to sit quietly and do nothing so she offered to help one of the maids with her job. The maid was very grateful to her since she still had many chores to attend to and was worried that she wouldn't be able to get everything done on time. Sakura brushed her off and said no problems. Karin had been delighted that Sakura was back to normal and said she would arrange some "fun stuff" for her tonight and when Sakura had asked what it was, she pressed a finger to her lips and smiled evilly saying "secret"

Which Sakura was glad for. Somehow she wasn't sure she wanted to know what kind of "fun stuff" Karin had planned and made notes to herself to avoid the girl for as long as possible tonight.

Plus there was no rain today and no Sasuke to irk her by creating more footprints. Come to think of it, she was surprised when the guy had came up to her and asked if she was "okay" to which she had sarcastically responded back with a "none of your business" which Sasuke had twitched a brow at before turning red, embarrassed that he actually asked her about her welfare. Then he stomped off back to his own room but not without turning back and blowing a raspberry at her, she returned the favour gladly and she could have sworn she saw his mouth tilt upwards into something that resembled a smile before he vanished.

It made Sakura smile a bit that Sasuke had actually been worried about her. Maybe when he wasn't being a prick he could be pretty nice.

She wiped the sweat off her forehead as she finished cleaning the last parts of the grand floor, Sakura stood back and marvelled at her amazing handiwork. Her happy smile faltered and faded when she saw who was coming in through the front door.

He looked at her and she looked back at him. They stood in silence for a few minutes before Sakura bowed and walked past him, she walked briskly afraid he might see the hurt in her which she tried so hard to cover up and hide away. Any longer and she might not be able to control her emotions.

He stared at her retreating back.

No smile. No anger. No emotion. Nothing.

He felt weird.

Not disappointment. Not hate. Not confusion.

But hurt.

Author's Notes

Short chappie I know but the original I had planned was way too long and would probably run into at least 10k words and I didn't think I would have all that written by today so I, being a lazy bum decided to shove it into the next chapter. At this rate my previous plan for the fic ending at 20 chapters would turn into 30 ha ha..

This chapter mainly discusses Sakura and Itachi's confusion at their feelings for each other. They aren't in love with each other. They aren't best friends with each other. Heck they're nowhere even near being friends with each other just now. They're still at the acquaintances level give or take a few. Itachi being an emotionless guy is confused at his feelings, he didn't even know he had feelings in the first place so yeah.

The angst at the beginning made me feel depressed when writing so I stuck in some humour near the end to brighten up the story a bit, after all it IS a happy romance story and not some depressing crap. Plus don't ya'll love Naruto? He's one of my favourite characters of all times because the way he acts and talks just makes me warm up to him, his surprises are also the best plus he's so nice!

I know I probably made Mikoto OOC but I had my reasons. Personally I believe that every girl, no matter how emo, cold and anti-social they pretend to be, has got a happy-girlish side to them that would spring out whenever she was in the comfort of her real best friends.

Sadly I know because I happen to be one of those anti-social ones, I'm really shy so most the time around other people who I'm not comfortable I come off as a bit cold and scary but when I'm with my friends I can relax and go wild. You should hear my crazy laugh, my friends find it highly amusing although it's not something I would show to a stranger.

So poor Mikoto, surrounded by three stoic males had no choice but to act cold and stoic too but Sakura changed all that when she appeared in the picture since girls interact easier with other girls and Mikoto was not afraid to show her nice side to Sakura.

Ugh, I have my Advanced Biology prelim exam this Wednesday and Advanced Maths for next Tuesday so I'll be banning myself from the internet for a few days to study. Here begins the torture so wish me luck!

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