'This is only a dream' Leonard thought to himself. But as he shook his head, the reality of it sunk in. Everything that he had ever feared was confirmed in the second he had opened his bedroom door. There she was, his beautiful wife. And there he was, his best friend. They hadn't realized that Leonard was there. He stood, transfixed, unable to tear his horrified gaze away. Then Diana saw him as she placed her ring on the bedside table. Their eyes met, and in a moment, Leonard felt all of his love for her fall away.

Then he blinked, and walked out of the room. As he made his way back down the hall, he heard her calling his name, only she was calling him by his last nameā€¦ Strange.

"McCoy! McCOY! WAKE UP!" Bones jumped up. 'Shit.' Quickly taking in his surroundings, everything came back. The divorce, the Academy, Enterprise, it was all there, and the dream was nothing more than a memory. He cracked his neck, grabbed his hypo off his desk, and went back to work.

This was inspired by the song "Dreaming With a Broken Heart" by John Mayer. I figured, the 2 women already in & out of his life, and then one more will change it all.