Title: Gambling Is A Sport, Right?
Kingdom Hearts
Luxord is not addicted to gambling.
If you don't know Luxord's weapons, you probably don't want to read this anyhow.
Word Count:
Luxord's thoughts on his "gambling" problem.
Damn Regret – Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (Poker Face by Lady Gaga would've been more appropriate, but I write what I was listening to!)
Well, all I can say is that this was surprisingly easy to write. Might write one for every (still alive at this point) Org Member...
If KH was mine Luxord would has his own casino. Case and point; neither KH nor Luxord are mine.
Just tell me if you put it anywhere plez.

Luxord was not addicted to gambling.

It was as simple as that.

Luxord simply enjoyed it so much that he couldn't control himself whenever there was a deck of playing cards or some dice nearby.

This is what he told all of his comrades, and this is what he would continue to tell them until they believed him.

After all, how could someone who used those things in as weapons be addicted to them.

It simply didn't make sense.

Of course, even he had to admit that he had a problem sometimes.

No one else in the Organisation had the ability to hear the word "blackjack" uttered on the other side of the castle with ease.

No one else watched the international poker tournaments, and certainly no one else taped them for ridicule later on.

Yet he still clung to his belief that he was NOT ADDICTED.

But the complaints of his fellows was beginning to wear on him, so he decided that he would go and seek out help if that's what they wanted.

After a quick game of cards with Demyx, that is...