Crossing Lines

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Summery: A side fic to a much larger one. This gives us a look into the conversation and events surrounding two Turks while on the phone and the events that unfold after.

Rated M. Yaoi in later parts.

Sitting in the bar, finally free of his office, the senior Turk nurses a glass of whiskey. He felt great, and not so great... and damn if he didn't know why. He woke up at his desk with an ache he knew well enough, however, and set about arranging the new task for his new rookie and Silver. After that... it was happy hour.

Except he didn't feel particularly happy. Hearing a familiar chime, he reads it. The Turk sits up straight in his seat as he coughs hard, drawing ragged breaths as he chokes on his firewater before reading the message again. "Oh god..." And he dialed his organization's bastard Red Head, grinning slightly.
Ok, happy hour is happy hour once more.

Reno rolled his head to the side, shooting a look at his beeping phone. Why was it, the damm thing always seemed to ring right about the time he was about to do something fun. Sighing the red head fumbled for the phone catching it before it could hit it's last ring and flipped it over. However before he could answer he over balanced and ended up on the floor.
With a low groan he put the phone to his ear. " Uh.. Reno..."

At the reluctant tone of the Redhead, Tseng smirk, a hint of joviality greets his voice that's rarely there. "I have good news, Reno... as of tonight; you are officially off the number one spot on the Drag Board of Shame." Reno just blinked for a moment or two making sure he'd hurd that right. Had his boss just told him he was off Drag duty.

"You mean you finally found someone to take my place Yo. That's good because I don't know how much longer I could have pulled it off."

The dark haired Turk laughs softly, however, he glances askance to the man who'd been staring at him for some time at the bar. Drunkenly Grinning. He shakes his head to the fellow with an obviously 'not interested' look. "You gave us such a good show, how could we forget? Hold on just a moment..." He swiftly sends a text to Silver... 'take pictures'.. then chuckles.

He pauses and glances to his nearing admirer with a glare. Idly, he pulls out his gun as he chats on the phone with Reno. " are getting a bit on the gangly side. No, what I was talking about is Ed. Apparently... he took the title 'body wax' seriously on the jar and did everything from the neck down." He pauses, smirking as he pops the clip out as if to count the bullets. He KNEW... though...there were always twelve...the man got the point as he edged away swiftly. "EVERYTHING." He pauses staring at his gun, drawing a sharp breath as confusion settles in. "Eleven?"

Reno blinked and fell into a fit of laughter. Holding the phone away while he half bawled, just picturing the little blond trying to wax off everything. Still he winces a little in sympathy.. Some of that ' everything' included some tender bits. Still his laughter trails off as he catches a slight confused ' Eleven ' coming over the phone.
" Yo boss.. What's eleven?"

Tseng is terribly quiet for a long moment. "The number of bullets in my clip. I always refill it. ALWAYS." Sniffing the muzzle he frowns at it. After missions and use he cleaned the hell out of it, it should smell strongly of metal and gun oil and only faintly of gunpowder.

It was the opposite.

"It's been fired."

Reno blinked a little puzzled. Tseng was saying his gun had been fired and the dark haired Turk hadn't known it. " Yo boss. You telling me you fired off a round and just noticing?"

"That... is exactly what puzzles me, Reno... I tend to remember things like this." Was he getting PTSD? Dementia? His blood went cold at the thought of forgetting things... and them going into disarray. "I was in my office all day... dealing with paper work. Assigning jobs...getting Elric fully into our system...arranging his new job...speaking with Silver..." And he stops...dead still. "And I somehow took a 'nap'."

Reno climbed back up from the floor sitting himself down heavily in his chair. So far nothing Tseng had said was too out of the norm for the man. Unless you counted the nap part. "You took a..'nap'. "Reaching a hand up the red head itched his forehead." Maybe you should cut the work load back Yo. "

And now that Reno pointed it out... he NEVER took naps. No... if anyone, Reno slept on the job. Why hadn't that occurred to him before? "Oh? So you are offering to take some of my paperwork off my hands, Reno? How generous of you."

However... he taps his finger on the bar as he sips his whisky. "But, that's observant of you... I normally never nap. Let's see... before I woke up... the last call I made was to Scarlet for Elric's ensemble..." He pokes around on the phone, checking the timing... because, if he wound up going to medical, they'll want to know how LONG he was out... and then pauses. "Reno... I think I'm losing my mind... when I called you... what did I say?"

Reno cocked his head. He'd been fairly off in own world of drunk when he'd been called. "Uh let's see... something about a miss call and master and then just hung up." The red head still hadn't been clear as to why he'd been called. "You did sound a little bit out of it. Like maybe not all awake when you called. Hell boss... you could have fallen asleep but called me before passing out. "

"Master?" Tseng frowns slightly. Everything else Reno might have mentioned made some sort of sense for exhaustion and overwork... but that's one hell of a trigger word. And yet... some tiny part of him felt familiar with it. "Master..." He mulls it over as if tasting the word. Finally, he sighs.

"Reno... I'm going to have to ask you to pull an all nighter tonight. I want you to set up the most discrete surveillance system possible. Video, audio... hell... put a thermal camera in there too. Don't tell anyone else... especially any of the other Turks." He hesitates then relents. "You may bring Rude in on this, but that's all. I need to know if I'm having psychosis, or if we have a security breach in our office."

Reno cocked his head at the phone giving the black and red thing a very long hard look, almost expecting the man on the other end to see it. "Yah sure boss. What ever you say Yo. You really think someone broke into Turk HQ.. and what? What else you remember Boss." Reno blinked remembering something. "You sounded really husky over the phone Yo."

Tseng sat straight in his chair. "I'm not certain someone broke in... I'm just listing possibilities..." He pauses... then jerks sharply in his chair. Speaking husky? Let's see... Fired gun... woke up... huskiness... Master... and... well... he DID have that familiar ache that usually comes from...

The sound of choked on whiskey came over the phone.

Reno's voice back over the phone sounding a little worried at the choking sound. "Eh... boss, you alright yo. You're supposed to drink it, not breathe it "

Managing to re-gather himself, Tseng finally gasps in relief before speaking on the phone. Although... he wasn't sure he WANTED Reno to know what he surmised. "Reno, correct me if I'm wrong... but why WOULD someone break into my office... while I'm there? If that is the case."

Reno itched the back of his head thinking on that one. "You're second in command of the Turks, although you already do Verdot's job. Uh... it was easy to follow your, like route yo. You do the same thing nearly at the same time every time"

The Senior Turk grunts a sound of irritation as he pays for his whiskey and leaves the bar to head to his car. "It's... not... that. WHY, Reno... WHY would someone come into my office for something... obviously I shot at them, but there's no blood that I had seen... and YES... I would have seen it. If it was something I put up a struggle for, and if they had a means of subduing me, you would think they would have killed me." And why would he have that pleasant little ache THERE? Unless... And he's grudging about it. "I... had a good soreness." He mumbles reluctantly.

Reno took in the strange note of... perhaps hysterics coming out of his bosses voice before he tried and make a somewhat claming noise over the phone. "Boss, calm down yo. So... maybe you just were working harder then you think and.. Uh this 'good' sort of soreness.. I can guess at.. but Uh. Maybe you just had a really ripp'n dream and gave yourself a case of bad blue balls. You remember dreaming anything?"

The man straightens in his car as he navigates the road. "Are you saying..."Tseng hesitates... then continues... "That I shot a bullet into SOMETHING, got rid of it, and then had a wet dream where I called you and called someone Master?"

Reno rubbed the back of his head, when Tseng put it that way his suggestion did seem a little silly. "I don't know what to tell yah boss. Try talking to the last person you remember seeing before your little nap Yo."

Tseng finally pulled into his driveway, closing his eyes as he lays his head back. "Reno... remember... I want this just between you and myself... and possibly Rude. That's why I want you to install the surveillance...and do not tell me WHERE the cameras or mics are, and don't give me any master copies or passwords and don't delete anything. I want to know what I don't know."

Reno cocked his head letting a slight breathe out through the phone. "Alright fine boss. I ain't on duty tonight. I can stop off at the supply office and get what yah what you're asking for. Just dun think more about eh. And if it was just a dream or such... Heh you should just lay back and enjoyed it.. or Uh.. maybe act on it. "Reno spied his partner, then went back to the phone." Isn't that what they say? You dream of someone in bed, your bed, and means you want em or something Yo."

Tseng paused, remaining absolutely still, then quirks a dark brow just before he enters the door to his apartment, as pristine and orderly as he is. "That's an interesting theory, Reno... and does that explain why I called you?" He let that thought linger, wondering himself.

Well, sometimes he DID have the urge to shoot the redhead.

Then again... where did the MASTER part come from? Uh oh... maybe he shouldn't have given the redhead ideas. Dropping his keys into the bowl after he locking the door, he moved to drop onto the couch, tugging his tie loose. "Hn... so you think I have repression issues, do you?" He snorts a breath. "You sound like Silver."

Reno huffed over the phone. Tseng made a good point, but maybe it was like a form of drunken dialing. Hell he'd done a few times in the past, get drunk and make random calls while leaving the oddest messages. However he didn't see the uptight Second doing that.
"Repressed. Na boss I don't think you're repressed, I think you need a good Lay. "