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Summery: A side fic to a much larger one. This gives us a look into the conversation and events surrounding two Turks while on the phone and the events that unfold after.

Rated M. Yaoi in graphic detail. Don't like, Don't read.

The red head shifted a little, his own clothing now starting to feel just a touch uncomfortable. Giving one last long stroke he removed his hand and slid off the bed. Both to give him-self room to strip his clothing off, but also for the gel to return warmer then ever. He was really going to have to send a thank you card to woman who introduced it to him. Starting with his shirt he pulled it up and over his head, tossing it off towards the floor. His slip on loafers came next, then socks.. and finally he reached for his pants making a slow show of not only unbuttoning each button of the fly, but continued the show as they fall off his hips and pooled down his ankles on the floor.

Answering a betting pool question, that had been floating around for years about the red heads preference. The red head went without anything under his pants, and that was just the way Reno was. Made things easier... it also proved that yep... that bright shock of fuck me red hair was his real color. Turning and giving a side profile towards his boss... it also clued in two other little secrets. First one was that the red head took his nick name of Fox to heart and had a bright red fox tattooed on his shoulder... baring a slight remarkable resemblance to the red head... and the second... Reno was in fact pierced below the belt.

Well, Tseng couldn't answer the question very well, due to the gag binding him from speaking... however; his sex's opinion seems to be quite favorable of the warming cooling gel. Having driven to mad frantic squirms and writhes as he's stroked and stimulated OH so much... and unable to release due to that devilish ring about the base of his length.
However, just as maddening, is that Reno let go. Attempting to regather his breath, feverishly gleaming brown eyes watch Reno intently as the svelt redhead sheds his clothes... hungrily observing everything being revealed to him.

Reno's tattoo... a VERY fitting portrayal of a fox intrigues Tseng... especially with how much it resembled Reno. Hungry eyes rake over the rakish form... and then... and then...

Holy Gaia, that piercing.

His length was now cherry red as he stares at the Turk's adornments, unconsciously rocking his hips, his length catching nothing but air as he seem so desperate to feel SOMETHING... the heat pooling there once more. But it was SOOO awkward with his thighs parted invitingly and bound. He groans something low, tossing his head slightly as he stares hungrily to the fox's own play toy.
His dusky hole twitches with a tempting pucker as those brown eyes remain locked upon Reno's length.

"Eye catching isn't it." The red head wagged his eyebrows. He could have ment the fox tattoo or the piercing. Cocking his head the Reno in part runs his fingers across his own abs looking eyes with his boss.

Climbing forward onto the bed and right between his bosses legs. Keeping a sensual crawl Reno worked his way up the darker Turks body until he could look straight down into those chocolate brown eyes. Smirking the red head perched himself to straddling Tseng's hips wiggling his body against the other mans erection. Even going so far as to lean back and rest his back against Tseng's knees

The tormented growled moaned sound that escaped the bound man as his length is teased by soft flesh over muscle; he arches and trembles, sounding positively tortured by pleasure. Reno was a tease.

Always was.

But now... THIS was something entirely new.

And so he cannot help but try to buck his hips as best as he can, bound as he is. And each little bit of friction against Reno brings such delightful breathless desperate sounds. He was so close... he could feel it building... however... there was that tightness preventing him.

Half purring himself the red head reached behind him he stroked Tseng's shaft with his hands behind his own back, more to play with that bit of hard flesh then encourage anything else.

Once he was sure he had gained the right amount of attention, Reno rocked back onto his knees, and reaching towards the bottle of lube he used earlier, squeezed a fair amount of the stuff into his palm, then half turned circling his fingers around the shaft smearing the gel over the ridged flesh, then before anything else could be done he switched hands keeping Tseng lined up.

Sitting back the red head impaled him self on the very tip , he gave one rocking shove followed by a slow low moaning hiss while allowing Tseng's cock to fill and stretch him. Oh... he had little doubt he'd feel it in the morning but right now all the redhead could feel was that overly warm buzz from being well and truly filled. "Oh... Gaia..."

As more of that eerie oil is slathered onto his length, the normally calm and controlled Turk is writhing and moaning deliciously in a wanton tormented manner no one alive has ever seen.
He holds absolutely still as the twitching heat of Reno's entrance teases over the blunt head of his engorged length. As the tight heat suddenly presses down to engulf him, he breathes a low sound of sensual torment, bucking his hips up to try to fill the feisty man above him.

It felt good, so very good, and he makes low passionate sounds as he rolls and rocks his hips slowly under Reno, his twitching length desperately craving for the friction. And he manages it, somewhat, even as trussed as he is.

And then the oil's properties kick in. The mind boggling sensation going from heat of human warmth to this eerie cold had him bucking and making incoherent sound, tossing the dark head. It was far from painful.

He'd have come by now if he could... and THAT is exactly what's tormenting the older Turk.

A muffled 'Reno' can be heard through the gag as he tosses that dark haired head with desperate moans as he bucks into that tight heat chilled by the oil.

The red head had been taken by surprised just a little the first time he felt his lover under him buck and drive the other in further. Half closing his eyes the Reno let the first wave of mixed pleasure/pain roll over him and worked on breathing around each bucking push there in after. After a few minutes he gave a soft grunt as the red head finally felt him-self loosen and relax completely.

Clearing his head with a small shake of it, Reno opened his eyes and decided it was his turn. Sitting back a little more he brought more of his weight down to rest on Tseng, trying to still the mans wild bucking. "I said I'd ride. Not get bucked off yo!"

Flexing the muscles in his rear he wanted to drive home that point by griping and clamping down on that hard bit of flesh invading his body. Once he was sure Tseng would behave... and to give the gel a little time to re-warm him smirked relaxing his muscles and started in on a bit different ride.

Rocking forward, the red head half tucked his feet against Tseng's thighs, and lifting himself up almost toward the tip drove himself back down in a single hard motion, and precede to repeat it before switching up for a faster and shallow pace.

Rocking forward, the red head half tucked his feet against Tseng's thighs, and lifting himself up almost toward the tip drove himself back down in a single hard motion, and precede to repeat it before switching up for a faster and shallow pace.

Arching into that tight body was bittersweet bliss... and when Reno held him down, he growled and tugged on the restraints until his muscles bulged under his tanned sweat pricked skin. However, as Reno began to tease him by rising off then dropping back on, he moans in low sound, hungry brown eyes nearly black as he stares to the sight of this beautiful creature of alabaster and scarlet. When Reno begins to ride him at his own paces, the older Turk arches his hips to go in time with that pace... however, in one of them, he angles his hips ever so slightly... the turgid tip of his length raking over the bundle of nerves in the younger Turk.

The second he felt that spot get pushed into Reno felt a sharp tingle shot straight up through his spine. Dropping his head forward the low moan that leaves his lips leave little doubt he'd enjoyed it. " Gaia...do it again"

Opening an eye to look at his Boss he couldn't help but think just what sort of real ride he'd get if he Unleashed his captive. He didn't think the other man would really hurt him, but dam if he wasn't insane enough to take that gamble. Bracing his upper body with one hand aside Tseng's side, he reached up with the other, unlocking the bit gag and removed it.

As that tight body spasmed on his sex, Tseng grunts, holding in a tight press right there before easing. However... as Reno orders for it again... he decides to tease the redhead... making slow maddening thrusts that come SOOO close... and then he decides to reward the younger Turk with a sudden swift buck, angling for right there!

And so he thrusts seeking to drive the man out of his wits by jabbing, rubbing, lightly, pressing hard and holding into that little surprising spot. As the gag is released and Tseng is free to close his jaws, he groans low as the delightful ache in his jaw muscles before he speaks... his voice hoarse... low... like the rumbled growl of a beast, laced with sex. "Reno..."

If Reno had any idea of keeping control over the encounter... it went right out the window the moment Tseng had started in his attack. He didn't care anymore, the assault on his body and the pleasure now starting to ride up on him was making the redhead fairly drunk.

Rolling his eyes back at one particular deep thrust hit him just right and with the prefect amount of force; half falling forward Reno managed to catch himself from falling completely by bracing his arms out at Tseng's sides. Lust getting the better of good judgment... Reno wasn't even aware when he reached back to the binds tied around the other Turks thigh to loosen and remove them.

Half drunk he caressed over the front of Tseng's chest tweaking the two budded nipples he found, even bending forward to lavish them with his tongue and teeth. Pale fingers continued to climb upward, absently reaching for the bit of rope that would free the mans hands from the bed. Oh the ropes would still be held in place around his wrists but the knot holding them to the bedposts would be free.

As Reno pulled the ties holding his thighs restrained loose, Tseng realized that he was getting the Redhead WELL on the way to where he wanted him... he continues to aim his throbbing length against that spot over and over.

And when the luscious morsel pulls the ties holding his wrists, Tseng knew an opportunity when he saw it.

With a snarling roar, Tseng suddenly jerks his hands forward... looking like some mako mad scientist experiment breaking loose from Hojo's lab... the restraints still attached to his wrists streaming as he grabs the Redhead and with surprising force jerks to turn them over... pulling himself out as he twists the lanky body about. When all's settled, he's straddling Reno's hips with the man belly down, one hand gripping the back of the pale neck. Power and menace seems to thrum from the older Turk as he leans close to whisper against Reno's ear with a sultry voice as deadly and erotic as a gun on velvet.

"Hnn... I have you right... where I want you... Reno..." He purrs low with a sinister chuckle as he draws the rubber hair tie holding the crimson mane in check, trailing his lips over the pale flesh of the Assassin's ear before he bites Reno where his neck meets his shoulder with a growl...grinding his erection against the other man's cleft.

Reno blinked his mind finally catching up with him. Half confused as to how he sudden ended up on his belly and his Boss pinning him down. Still too fog brained to be even remotely scared of how it could play out, his mind suddenly snaps into crystal clarity at the tone of Tseng's voice reached him.

His breath hitching for a second in maybe something like panic, the bite to his neck only manages to shock the redhead into remaining stock still. But ohhhh what that bite dose, as the first hint of pain flushes over him and after wave of pleasure hits him. Reno can't helped but try and lift and wiggle his ass in a rather seeking way. Panting he half turns his head to look up, and there was no mistaking the fire lit behind those blue teal eyes... or the challenge. "Let's see what... you...got boss...fuck...me."

Leaning back, Tseng surveys the beautiful pale flesh below him... parts of the fox design peeking on the alabaster skin... hair and blood, spilling like crimson rivulets over the Turk's back. Leaning down, he laps his tongue over the blood as his free hand reaches down to pull Reno's hips up, planting that teasing backside in the air.

"With... pleasure. But first..." He reaches down to caress his hand over the heavy sacs dangling between the pale parted thighs... holding them and hefting them as if considering their weight... then suddenly there's a snug constriction as he fits the hair band snugly where the fleshy sacs meet Reno's body.

Tight enough to keep him from having the release he's going to want... but not quite enough to restrict the blood flow. Giving them a rough squeezing kneading, he growls as he laps at the blood still trickling from the bite, massaging the wound with his tongue with heat and warmth... counter pointed by the cool silk of his dark hair falling over Reno's skin. "... I'm going to make sure you BEG for your pleasure. Ache for it."

Giving a tug, he simply opens his hand and allows the molested bruising manhandled sacs to bounce back up to the younger man's body.

Reaching down, he rids himself with some grunts and hissed breaths of that cursed ring before he reaches down to grasp Reno's hips and ram himself in intending to jab into that little fleshy knot within with bruising force. "I'm going to make you scream, Reno."

Teal eyes blink as he's half lifted, a half formed question dieing on his lips as those oh so deadly fingers play over his sac gaining a low moan from the redhead. However... the second he feels that hair ban snap around him that moan turns into a soft yelp.

Reno felt him-self whine softly and wiggles just a little like fox caught in the talons of a dragon. Which, if Reno thought about it, that's exactly what this was. He gave a small pained but still pleasured heavy sigh as he's in part released and felt the strain in his body relax just a little. That was short lived then when he felt those hard hands on his hips, and the small cry he gave when Tseng reclaimed his body in a single hard shove.

"Holy fucking Gaia..." Reno half propped himself up on his elbows so he could at lest brace himself up that way. Stubborn to a fault however Reno drove himself back against Tseng exciting a deeper grounding sound from the redhead.

His hand gripping Reno's neck still, pressing to the bed, Tseng rutted into the lanky limber body with a brutal relish, his movements graceful yet powerful... merciless, but OH how he aimed to please the redhead.

Suddenly gripping the pale hips so tight it'll leave a VERY noticeable bruise, he rams in hard, pressing head on into that tormenting spot... and continues to bore onto it...giving slow rocks of his hips as his sex continued to press... but the pressure varies... then he does slow circles... massaging over it.

Growling low in pleasure, he reaches down from Reno's hips to the swollen rosy red sacs... feeling their tightness with a considering massage.

"Hn... I don't think you want me badly enough, Reno. Not nearly enough." Releasing Reno's goods, he pours a little bit of the hot and cold oil into his palm before he begins to coat Reno's length and trapped sacs as he begins to rock his hips slowly. Trailing his finger slowly along Reno's belly, he rubs the oil into the pert nipples, tormenting one with tugs, twists and pinches before going to the other... abandoning both to the ensuing oiled heat before he drops his hand down to the man's length to begin stroking it, tight demanding jerks intending to bring the man off...

If Reno's poor balls weren't tied.

Reno felt the fingers that drove into his hips, knew he'd be bruised yet couldn't bring himself to care much at this second. Black and white spot dance across the field of his vision, all the fox could do was focused on breathing and riding out the torrent of the storm that he was now in.

The massage to his bound and tied sac sent a shiver up the man spine, and in reflex causes Reno to try and clamp down on the pounding hard flesh making his body tingle. And almost as they're released caused a sobbed sigh of relief, however before Reno can say anything else the pinch and tweak of nipple as well as the feeling of that warming and cooling gel turns said sigh into a long choked sound.

But gods... was Reno loving it. The stoking fingers that find their way to his own weeping erection drive the redhead into a near mindless bliss. Licking his lips just a little, he dose the only thing he can... Beg. "Gaia. Tseng... harder... faster... I don't care... just. Please. take the band off..."

Tseng pauses at those delicious words... considering. His hand trails down to touch where the band cinched the terse flesh. Was he going to be merciful?

"I think not. It does not sound like a convincing enough a plea." He murmurs in amusement, giving a tight squeeze of those sacs as he begins to pound harder with slick slaps of their bodies, faster into the pale body... mercilessly rutting and aiming for that maddeningly pleasurable spot before he grunts and buries himself, releasing with a growl as he sinks his teeth into Reno's neck.

As his fiery passion empties into the younger Turk, he makes low sounds as he suckles on the bleeding flesh as he slowly rocks his hips, pressing to give shuddering extra spurts, milking his passion into the body beneath him.

By then, he'd suckled Reno's neck, it was liable to have a massive dark bruised mark that will last for a good long while... and everyone in the office will be able to easily see.

Finally removing himself from the warmth, he murmurs in a breathless husky low voice by the pale ear. "Tell me... Reno... how badly... do you want me to let you release?" He teases as he releases Reno's neck and his hips, holding his hands over the pale man's thighs lazily.

Reno hurd himself cry and whimper as he was denied the thing he wanted, those teasing hands leaving that wicked little band in place. A second half cry is driven out of the redheads lips as he feels those bruising fingers dig back into the source of his current pain. Sweet mercy but the man knew how to play a body.

At the renewed force to which Reno could feel himself being driven into, a small thought trickled across his mind that he was going to be well nice and sore after this. The only warming the redhead got, before he felt liquid heat and white laced pain and pleasure was the hard shove into his body, and the blinding pain of being bitten into.

Jerking his body, he almost cried out as he was held back from his own release, the pain mixing in with pleasure. And absolutely refused to be ashamed of the crystalline tears that had been squeezed out of his closed eyes. He would not show them to Tseng and thus kept his head bowed and worked mostly to keep the strain from his voice.

"Please. Please... by sweet Gaia...master. please. release me.."

Those desperate words were like sweet music for the dark haired Turk and he reaches down... giving a teasing snap of the band, murmuring with silken deadly words that caress the redhead's ear. "How sweetly you plead..."

And so he laces his fingers through the crimson hair in an almost tender caress before he grips suddenly, violently, before jerking the other man's head back so that he's staring into those jewel toned eyes of the younger man with violently passionate dark hues. "Your tail is mine, Fox!"

He suddenly swats his hand in a loud slap on the redhead's tormented sacs before he jerks the bands of with a brutal move.

Reno tensed just a little and yelped when the band was snapped. He'd have jumped if not for having his hair pulled and head jerked up to look at his tormentor.

The look in those eyes clearly said Reno understood perfectly well and good what was said to him, and as such fear mixed with something else behind those eyes. And so enthralled is the redhead that he misses the movement that spells doom for him.

The smack came and with it a pained high yelp, followed by a more then mixed cry as his hair tie was yanked off from the part of his body it had held captive. The further whimper would have been pitiful if not easing of tension out of the redhead's body, or the more then thankful sigh that left his lips as well.

Tseng knew it wouldn't take much more, and he tugs the redhead over to lie on his back, the pierced length that rises like a proud spire. "Don't get a drop on my bedding, or there will be hell to pay." He smirks wickedly, reaching down to grasp the redhead's length and stroke it firmly, demandingly... trying to make certain his bed remains unsoiled.

Reno looked up at Tseng, blinking back his expression of surprise. Hell he'd known the other was nit picky... but. Well being on his back was an improvement to being held on his knees. Still he gave into a small wince as the already tender and abused flesh was stoked.

As for the order... Reno really had very little control over that part how far or not it went depended on how hard he was squeezed. "Ye...yes...sir..." The redhead shivered hoping to all hell Tseng didn't get the clear Idea to fondle the bar rod that pierced him. Gaia could only guess how much stimulation he could handle.

The older man continues to coax Reno to try to bring him to his completion. However, as he sees the surprising reaction as his fingers brush over the curious piercing, he smirks, looking down to Reno. "Hn... is this sensitive?" He breathes in amusement, releasing the turgid length so the heat can wash over it as he proceeds to toy with the small metal adornment.

Reno all just about shot straight up as the bar that pierced him was fondled. "Fu...uuuck."

Blinking the redhead falls back hands over his eyes and a moan so rich and sultry one could have tasted it like chocolate. Each time the small bar is moved, touched or twitched it sends a corresponding jolt through the red head, until really his body couldn't take it much any longer. His shaft jerked once before red and abused sac nested below the base tightened and send a scalding hot jet of milky white across the redhead's chest. "Shhhhhhhhh...it"

Smirking with devilish delight as Reno finally releases, he reaches down to thoughtfully massage the plumped testicles to coax every last ounce of liquid lust out of the redhead. Finally, as the man rides his post erotic bliss, Tseng pets the crimson haired head like a pet dog before with a soft "Good Boy" as he rises, moving with an almost serpentine deadly grace to go to the bathroom where running water can be heard.

Returning, he drops a warm damp rag on Reno with a plop before he crawls under his covers with a grunt to settle down for sleep. "I don't care what you do... but if you leave, be quiet about it."

Reno blinks an eye open before grabbing the washcloth and seeing about his own cleaning needs. Rolling up from the bed he stalks into the bathroom to finish before cleaning up and heading back out to gather his clothing.

Uhhg. like hell he was going to stay here. He had a nice large tube calling his name from his own apartment.. and if his body was telling him something now.. It was going to be screaming at him later. Dressing with as a little movement as possible and a few low hisses the red head managed to pour him-self back in his clothing and at lest look decent enough to walk the few floors back to his own place.

Shaking his head, he'd also made sure to gather up and take his goodies back with him. Pausing at the front door he gave a last look back before exiting his bosses dwelling. Shivering just a little.. the redhead privately thought to himself.. He'd been used before.. But this was the first time he actually felt like he'd been used. And not so much in the good sort of used either... but in the crawly skin cheap whore sort of way.