Lee turned to Amanda and smiled. "So, Mrs. Stetson, are we going in the right direction?"

"Yes, sir! All clear sir!" Amanda playfully replied. "We are now officially headed south, straight for Green Valley, sir!"

Lee smiled and said, "Hey, Amanda, we both fell asleep before you could finish Grandpa Jackson's final entry. Did they make it to Connecticut?"

"Let's see now, here's the rest of the last entry..."We arrived in Washington, DC today in order to obtain Samuel's free papers. Fannie has met a kind officer while helping Samuel complete the documentation. His name is Desmond and I believe she plans to stay on. Samuel was able to find work as a foreman for Obadiah Melrose ...they seem to get along quite well, in fact Obadiah treats Samuel like a son."

Lee sat in silence as Amanda completed the entry. Desmond? Melrose? He thought "Nah, it couldn't be..."

After a bit of silence, Lee asked "Was that all? We never had a chance to hear about Ingrid and her boys..."

Amanda picked up the journal again and turned to the last page. "No, my great-great, you know, great grandfather didn't mention...hey what's this?"

A creased paper dropped from the folds of the journal. Amanda bent down to pick it up. "Oh, look! It's a letter and picture!"

Amanda looked at the picture and smiled. "They're quite some couple! So serious! I always thought it was funny that no one smiled in those old pictures!"

Lee took the picture and laughed. West had definitely been a tall man. He recognized the family resemblance immediately. Amanda had West's stature and beautiful big brown eyes. In the photograph, West stood next to his wife but there was another woman in the picture. That woman seemed familiar too. She had a fair complexion and stunning eyes. "What does the letter say Amanda?"

"Hmm, hmm," Amanda cleared her throat, "Dear Ingrid, My wife and I are so pleased that you have accepted our son as your ward that he may go to a proper school in the East. Bruce and David will be fine companions. My wife and I pray to your God that our descendants will bless your descendants with purity and kindness as you have blessed us. Yours Cordially, Jackson West"

"Then look here Lee," Amanda continued, "Here in the margin, it looks like someone wrote "and may my descendants bless your descendants with bravery and compassion as you have blessed me. In His Service, Ingrid"

"I wonder if their prayers had ever been answered..." Amanda wondered out loud.

"Uh, I know for a fact they were." Lee replied.

"How can you be sure they were?" Amanda teased until she turned and saw Lee's ashen face.

"Lee, what is it?"

"Look at the back of the photograph..."

Amanda reached for the photograph and read, "Well it says 'Mr. and Mrs. Jackson West and Ingrid..." Amanda's throat tightened.

"Yeah" Lee said, "Read it..."

"It says Ingrid ...Stetson!"

Lee and Amanda were quiet the rest of the way to Green Valley as they marvelled at the God who answers prayer in His time.

End episode two