Cut to the interior of a warm pub on a backwater Daemonworld, where the average technology level is comparable to 12th century Europe, where soap is non existant and everyone still thinks the horse and cart is an awesome invention. Here we zoom in upon a table in corner, where several huge individuals dwarf the room and furniture as they chug back entire ale kegs and laugh with voices that shake the room.

Angron: "... and then I said to the Inquisitor 'Smite THIS!' and I cut his head off!" bangs on table, causing small earthquake in a nearby country that kills thousands

Fulgrim: "Just like the fifty thousand beforehand. Your capacity for imaginative decapitations must hold no bounds".

Angron: "... er ... why thank you".

Mortarion: "He's being sarcastic you simple-minded fool. You've wasted the last five decades with your endless talks on conquest".

Fulgrim: "Inelegant conquest, full of mindless slaughter - has no style at all".

Angron: "Well at least I'm doing something. What have you guys done for the last ten thousand years while Ezzie makes us all look bad with his Black Crusades?"

Perturabo: "Speaking of which, the last one sucked".

Magnus: "What did thou expect? It was the twelth sequel".

Lorgor: "They do tend to go downhill from Part 3 onwards ..."

Angron: "Like your books, what volume are we up to now?"

Lorgor: "Book 675,893,920,910".

Mortarion: "And the plot's still awful ..."

Lorgor: "They're religious teachings you pestilent philistine! As if you could compare those endless depressing poetry you write on your Planet of Smelly Emo's".

Mortarion: "No one understands me ..."

Magnus: "Looks like Konrad's postion as Fangirl Angst Fodder has been filled ..."

Fulgrim: "Has anyone may or may not have heard from Alpharious lately?"

Magnus: "He may or may not have sent me a warp-mail of update, I really can't say".

Angron: "He's as annoying as our loyalist brothers. Where the hell are most of them?"

Fulgrim: "I find it hard to believe the Imperium could misplace a Primarch ..."

Lorgar: "Well at least they're not doing anything to make us look bad".

Angron: "No, a first company captain's doing that fine by himself ..."

reflective silence

Mortarion: "We suck ..."

Fulgrim: "Thankyou Mr. Razor Blades to the Wrist. Magnus, want to say something to liven things up? Your patron God is the warp-spawned entity of Hope".

Magnus: "Well, with Apocalypse being released maybe we might get some attention, despite the latest Chaos Codex being devoted almost entirely to upstart newbies who wouldn't know their Daemonhost from their Chaos Spawn".

reflective silence

Angron: "Fat chance ... anyway, Lorgar it's your round".