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This takes place right after my completed story Newsies Again (Well, right after the strike). I don't think you'll be lost if you haven't read it, so go ahead and read on if you haven't, but it does help.

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A Newsies Bride

A Fanfiction by

X-Scree Scree-X

Chapter One

The Storyteller

Every once in a while, the newsie leaders, Jack Kelly of Manhattan, Spot Conlon of Brooklyn, Grin Boyle of Staten Island, Rost Finn of the Bronx, Pike Miller of Harlem, and Cross Wilt of Queens, got together for a meeting to decide who got the holiday that month. Of course, it wasn't decided by whoever had done the best the past month; no it wasn't determined with a fight, like most thought, but all the boroughs took breaks in groups of two; Queens and Harlem, The Bronx and Staten Island, Brooklyn and Manhattan. Of course by now, you probably have no idea what I'm talking about. Two boroughs a month got one day off when they didn't have to sell papers. I guess you could call it a Newsie Holiday. You could go all around the city, and not even break a sweat if you wanted to.

This month, currently August of 1899, a month after the strike, belonged to Brooklyn and Manhattan.

All of the Manhattan and Brooklyn boys, including four girls, were gathered in Tibby's, which was nearly impossible. The restaurant vibrated with the many voices of the boys as they crowded into booths and shared seats with one another; it reminded me of one giant, family reunion.

Danielle, Reanna, Mary, Skittery, Mush, Racetrack, Spot and I sat at one table which only fitted six people; Skittery had pulled up another chair, stealing it from Bumlets once he got up at another table, but me, being the lazy person I was, just sat in Spot's lap. He didn't seem to mind.

"So why do you do this?" Mary called over the noise, her dark ringlets falling over her face as she turned to Skittery, her eyes widened at all the boys as her white gloved hands fingered her blue dress.

Mary wasn't a newsie like us; she actually had a home and an education.

My eyes... My conscience whispered to me over my shoulder. After beating Pulitzer, Skittery had met Mary. Of course, I had thought that once Skittery found someone else, he'd forget all about me (I guess you could say he had a small... huge crush on me). But the girl he had found had the exact, exact same eye color as me; a faded, medium river blue. I knew something was ticking in Skittery's little mind, but I hadn't brought it up just yet.

"Well do't cha t'ink we wokin' newsies desoiv a break?" Race asked Mary as he chewed on the end of his cigar, his other arm around my best friend.

Danielle and I had been the best of friends back in 2009 (Oops, did I forget to tell you that Danielle, Reanna and I are from the future?), and we still were. Danielle was a very pale, strawberry blond, with wavy/curly hair and gray blue eyes.

Reanna, on the other hand, had wavy light brown hair, that was now fading back to her original blond (she had dyed it before we got stuck here) and serious blue eyes with a yellow ring around the center. She, of course, got Mush.

All of us laughed lightly at Racetrack, but it was only half heartedly; barely any of the boys around here knew what to do in their spare time. They usually didn't have any, to begin with. This whole one break a month for two boroughs was a fairly new tradition.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Jack get up onto a table, David and Sarah looking up at him.

Quieting down the boys, they all stared up at him with curious eyes.

"Well, guys; taday's owr break... got any ideas on wut we'se should do?" He asked, looking around at the thirty odd boys in Tibby's.

"Pokah!" Race crowed.

Everyone's eyes went to Race, all dark and brooding. Race had been winning a good deal of money lately, mostly off of Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Loosing his smile, Race took his cigar out of his mouth.

"Nevah said nuttin'." He concluded, earning a laugh from myself as I turned my head to look back to Jack. Spot started playing with my golden brown hair that had dark brown streaks (natural, of course).

"Any oddahs?" Jack asked, looking around.

"How about a story?" Mary asked timidly, looking around at the boys.

Jack smiled, nodding his head as some other boys around him, Boots and Snipeshooter perhaps, agreed.

"Great idea... kay... so le's vote. Name some ah da best stowry tellah's around."

A few names were called out, like Specs and a guy from Brooklyn named History.

"Misfit!" I heard someone call my name, and all eyes turned to me. I felt my cheeks reddened only lightly as I turned my head to glare at Danielle. Why the little...

"Git up heah, Misfit!" Jack called, motioning me forward.

"Yeah, go." Spot whispered in my ear as he lightly pushed me off his lap. Sighing, I made my way through the ocean of boys to stand by Specs and History.

"Kay." Jack said from above me, on the table I leaned against, "Who votes foah Hist'ry?"

A couple of hands went up.

Oh no... Danielle... I swear to the high heavens...

History went and sat down with a group of Brooklyn boys as Jack called out Specs name. A few more hands, more than History, went up.

Oh no.


Tons of hands went up as all the faces around me grinned with excitement.

I guess those stories I told at night when the boys were tired of cards payed off.

"Misfit, Misfit, Misfit!" The cheering went up and I raised my hands to make them all quiet down.

"Alright, alright... fine..." I racked my brain for any good stories I knew.

Twilight? No... Blue Bloods? No... It? Definitely no... The Princess Bride? Hmm...

"I think I have one." I said after a few moments, and everyone became dead silent, all pairs of eyes on me.

I hadn't memorized the book by heart... but I knew most of it, as well as the movie.

"First." I said, smirking, "I need a cast of characters. If I say a name you might be interested in, raise for hand. Now they're gonna be weird, so deal with me."

Everyone looked around, nodding as they did so. Of course I wasn't going to name all the characters; I already had some parts filled with the only people I could think of.

"Alright... The Albino?" Not a very important part, but interesting enough.

Boots hand shot up, and I almost fell over in laughter, but kept a straight face.

"Ok... Yellin?"

Much to Skittery's discomfort, Mary raised his hand for him and I smiled. Too bad he was a sort of bad guy.


David held his hand up, interested in the story I was telling.


Sarah raised her hand and I smiled wider.

"Then Jack has to be Mirical Max." I chuckled.

Jack shot me a confused look, but didn't object.


Mush held his hand up slowly, a small smile of his face.

Ha! Perfect!

"And Inigo?"

Race's hand shot up and waved in the air for a while.

Another perfect match.

Before I could go on, Danielle spoke up.

"You're forgetting some people, De-De." She told me, using the nick name she gave me.

"No, I'm not; I just got some characters... planned out already." I gave her a wink and looked around, "You guys ready?"

Other Infoness about Danielle, Delia (Misfit), and Reanna:

From 2009, Ended up in 1899/the Newsies movie and helped sing/dance and strike, Skittery was Delia's closest friend, and secretly admired her, but then she/I went for Spot...

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