A Newsies Bride

Chapter Two

So It Begins

"The Pri-...Newsies Bride, by William Goldman, read to you by the one and only Misfit." I started. Believe me; I've seen The Princess Bride too many times to count. I knew how it went.

"Misfit-" That's right; who needs Buttercup when you got me? "-was raised in the large city of Brooklyn, New York..."

A scene took place now; tall buildings, an ocean in the background, bridges and many people walked the streets. There were the rich ones, dressed in large, bright outfits, and then the poor children who wore whatever they could find.

"Her favorite pass times were reading and tormenting the newsboy that sold in front her family's house."

Nestled between two other medium sized buildings was a two story, white house with brick walls on the front, and flowers all along the sides and front.

"His name was Spot-" Well duh, I wasn't going to go make up a newsie story and have Race as my hero... no way, that was Danielle's fairytale, "-but she never called him that."

A young girl a fourteen in a light blue dress made her way down the crowded streets, trying to make it home with the basket of groceries her mother had sent her out to get without getting trampled by a carriage.

"Nothing gave Misfit as much pleasure as ordering Spot around."

The girl finally made it to her street, where she saw that familiar newsboy, selling in front of her house like he always did. The golden blond haired girl with medium river blue eyes started up the steps, but once at the top, she turned around, looking down to the newsboy. He wasn't very tall, and had short brownish blond hair with stormy blue eyes.

"Newsboy." Misfit stated, standing with her chin raised, "I want the paper here all the more earlier tomorrow morning; my father will need to read it before he leaves for work."

Spot looked up from where he sold, his intense gaze meeting Misfits.

"As youse wish."

"'As youse wish' was all he ever said to her."

It was the next day, and Spot was up early, just like Misfit had requested, and stood in the street in front of the house. Out came Misfit, in a pale green dress, her hair tied behind her.

"Newsboy, my fathers already left; you have to come earlier." Misfit told him, leaving the steps of the house to stand in front of Spot.

Spot stared at her for a second, and Misfit looked taken aback.


A small smirk played on Spot's lips.

"As youse wish."

"That day, she was amazed to discover that when he was saying 'As youse wish', what he meant was 'I love you'. And what was even more amazing was the day she realized she truly loved him back."

Misfit sat outside on the steps, fingering the light dress she wore as she looked at the city around her, including the newsboy that stood a few feet away, selling papers. He only had one left, and was ready to call out a headline.

"Newsboy." Misift said almost urgently.

Spot turned around and looked at her intently, uncertain as to what she wanted.

Misfit looked around quickly, trying to think of some demand, until she saw the last paper in his hand.

"Can I have your last paper?" Misfit asked nervously.

Spot stood there for a few seconds, before he walked up to the steps, getting down to her eye level as he handed her the paper.

"As youse wish." He whispered, making Misfit smile.

"Misfit and Spot loved each other, and had finally realized that-"

"Hold it, hold it." I heard someones voice interrupt me from my concentration, "Wut is dis? Awr youse kiddin'? Wheah's awl da action?-" There was a pause "-Is dis a kissin' story?"

I looked up to find Racetrack arguing with me, Danielle whacking her head at his side.

"Wait... just wait." I said patiently. Woah. Creepy. Almost the exact same thing the kid says in the movie...

"When does it git good!?" Racetrack asked, pointing his cigar at me.

"Keep your shirt on; let me speak!" I sighed, rolling my eyes. What a strange little man.

"Spot had no money for marriage, so he packed his few belongings and left New York to seek his fortune across the states. It was a very emotional time for Misfit."

I almost left that out; after all, I wasn't an emotional person... but whatever.

"I do't believe dis..." Racetrack muttered, shaking his head at the table he sat at before Danielle elbowed him in the side.

Misift and Spot stood on the stairs were they had spent countless hours talking for the past few weeks. Spot had Misfit in a tight embrace, his fingers going through her hair.

"I'm afraid I'll never seen you again..." Misfit said softly from over Spot's shoulder as she remained in his arms.

"A'coise ya will..." Spot whispered into Misfit's ear.

"But what if something happens to you?" Misfit said sadly as she and Spot pulled away from each other to look into each others' eyes.

"Heah dis now; I'se'll always come foah ya." Spot told Misfit, his gaze staying with hers.

"But how can you be so sure?" Misfit asked, biting this inside of her lip.

"Dis is true love; t'ink dis happens ev'ry day?" Spot asked, giving her a small smile.

Spot and Misfit kissed one last time before he set off into the wild world.

"Spot didn't reach his destination; he was mugged by the Dread Robber Kid Blink, who never left his captives alive. When Misfit got the news that Spot was murdered-"

"Murdered by muggahs is good." Racetrack interrupted.

"-She went to her room and shut the door, for days she neither slept nor ate."

"Shortly after hearing of Spot's death, Misfit and her parents were invited to a ball, hosted by the one and only Pulitzer. Now Misfit's father worked for Pulitzer, but Pulitzer had never met Misfit. Once he saw her, he needed her for himself, even though he was decades older than she. Of course, once he demanded she marry him, and she denied, he threatened to take her fathers job away. Of course, this meant nothing to Misfit, but once Pulitzer decided he could lie and just have her family thrown in jail, Misfit saw she had no other way out of it and agreed."

I wasn't just going to have me be some mindless girl who doesn't care anymore; besides... Pulitzer has to act a little more evil.

"Wait, wait, wait." Tumbler interrupted, "Ya mean yoah gonna marry Pulitzer!?"

Everyone around him turned and shh-ed him before turning back to me, their eyes wide.

We now left Brooklyn to Manhattan city where all people alike were gathered below Pulitzer's huge building, in anticipation of hearing who his new bride to be would be.

Pulitzer exited the opened window at the top of his building, looking down on the people below him, his aged eyes searching the crowd like a vulture. Seitz right at his side.

"One month from now, my paper, the World, will have its' tenth anniversary, and on that sun down, I will marry a young girl, who was an ordinary girl just like the rest of you. Would you like to meet her?"

The crowd below him cheered in anticipation.

Lifting his hand to point down to the Distribution Center, he called, "Miss Misfit." (OOC:/ Lol, I didn't have anything better)

Out walked Misift, dressed in elegant robes and a dress, although she didn't look happy. Her face was sullen and her eyes looked dead. The once bright spark in her eyes had disappeared since Spots' murder.

All the people around her smiled, knowing that a young girl like her might soften Pulitzer's heart, if only a little.

Misfit looked around the crowd, her eyes widened and her breath stopping in her throat; she didn't want this.

"Misfit's emptiness consumed her. Even though he had threatened her family, she did not love him."

Misfit often walked around the city when she had nothing to do around Pulitzer, and would usually walk by the river. Pulitzer usually sent a coach for her, but today, she had denied it.

Misfit stared down into the water as she walked slowly down the Manhattan bank. She couldn't bring herself to look across the river into Brooklyn's territory. Not when Spot's death was so fresh in her mind.

Today though, she came across three men, standing by an abandoned work house, looking at her with interest. There was a boy dressed in blue, who had short, curly brown hair and large blue eyes. At his side was a short Italian, with a cigar in his mouth and a beautiful sword at his side. Last was a very tall, brown skinned boy with big brown eyes, and curly dark hair-

"Hey Delia." Danielle interrupted, crossing her arms and quirking her eyebrow, "Where do Reanna and I fit in?"

Naw crap. I forgot about them.

"Fine, fine... hold your horses..." I sighed, shaking my head.

Last, but certainly not least, were two girls; one was a pale girl, who was a mix of Italian, Spanish, Irish, and who knows what else, who had steely blue eyes and curly strawberry blond hair. At her side was a girl with wavy blondish brown hair, dark sky blue eyes with a yellow ring around the center.

"A word, miss." The boy dressed in blue asked, looking at her curiously, "We're lost travelers; do you know if there are some police around?"

"No, not near by. Probably not for miles." Misfit answered, looking over the five of them.

"Then there will be no one to hear you scream." He said, a smile coming to his lips.

The darker skinned boy walked slowly toward Misift, and just as she was about to call out, he grabbed her neck and she went out like a light.

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