My Lucy, dead by my own hand. Dead. Gone. I'm all alone now. Well when I came back as Sweeney Todd I still didn't have anyone. Ms. Lovett didn't care, she just wanted me. Why would anyone want a person as terrible as me? I'm so ugly, how could she even stand to be around me?

Well I don't have to worry about her now. She's dead. No not just 'gone' she is dead forever. The boy tried to sneak up on me, but I'm not ready to die yet. I'm still young. Well, kind of. It was easy to finish him off; he was a lot smaller than I. burning him was also not difficult. He weighed all of 90 pounds, skinny boy.

I waited a while to burn my Lucy. First, kissing her ugly forehead lightly, and then lifting her up bridal style in my arms. Then throwing her into the fire with all of the other ashes. She always told me she wanted to be cremated.

I sat down cross-legged in front of the blazing fire. Took my friend from my holster, I sat in awe at the little beauty, and then turned my attention to my pale forearm. A couple scars decorated the inside of my wrist. You become pretty desperate in prison. In vain attempts at happiness, I had found sticks and some broken glass in my lonely cell, dragged them across my skin and felt the sweet, momentary relief of my eternal pain. Oh sweet bliss, I loved it!

You can go ahead and think me mad but I tell you I am not! It is everyone else that is crazy, not I! Back to the current situation I brought the sharp blade to my forearm, below my elbow. I wrote, 'FOR LUCY' with the sharp metal against my skin. Oh so sweet, it was lovely.

I turned off the fire hours later, finishing my mourning for now. I curled up on my side in front of the dying warmth, falling into a light, troubled sleep.

A/N: Hey guys, I'm back with a new story for you guys!

Before you flame, understand that I have a reason for everything I write. I found it realistic for Sweeney to turn to his friend for help with the pain of losing a loved one.

This will be a Sweeney/OC story!

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Oh, and the title of this story is this girl's name.


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