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I woke with a start, breathing heavily, clasping a shaking hand to my heaving chest. White light was creeping in through the small window, making me squint my eyes to properly see. As I brought one of my hands to my pale eyes I felt dried tears residing there. I tried to remember the nightmare, but I only received vague images of calloused hands, rough lips, and severely bad breath.

Deciding not to think about it, I got out of my newly acquired bed on shaky feet. The wall clock read 10:30, Time to get goin' I thought as I walked to the closet which I had yet to open.

Pulling open the wooden door, I was met with a small cloud of dust. Coughing and waving the dust away, I rattled through my 'new' clothes, smiling. Whoever Ms. Lovett was, she had pretty good taste, or she was bipolar because out of all the dresses, they had two distinct looks. Most common were either black and red or pale yellow/light blue with white lace detail, I preferred the black ones. But under closer examination, the dresses were all either about 5 inches too long, or the bosom wasn't big enough, or the waste was too big all together.

After a few pointless minutes of searching, I selected a dark purple one with black lace around the low neckline. Shedding 'my' nightgown and kicking it to the corner that still held my old dress; I looked back over to the dresser which I guessed held undergarments. I am not going to borrow those, I thought thinking about the dressings in which some random woman romped around in, but the dress actually smelled really good once I pulled it on, not bothering to use my old dirty corset, for this dress was a little big.

Tying the black ribbon laces as tight as I could I walked to the mirror. I dragged my fingers through my curls in a useless attempt to make my hair presentable.

Giving up I walked across the room to the corner which still held my old dress and used nightgown. Squatting to the floor I ruffled through the masses of fabric and found my hair clips, the most expensive thing I owned. Two black pearls on each alligator clip with my family crest engraved on the inside. The crest was one of a windmill in the center of an oval with an eye in one 'corner', a small rose in another, and at the top the outline of a barbering razor, Scrawled below the windmill read James. I also tied my necklace, which also held my crest, around my neck so it would hang right above my cleavage.

Getting up one again I moved to the floor length mirror and shoved the pins in the front of my long hair to at least keep my bangs back. Pulling on my striped stockings and black boots on the way out only to walk back once again after I saw it was snowing to wrap around myself a black shawl I had previously laid aside.

Walking out of the semi-large room into the front shop, I was met with a small purse that held many coins resting on the counter. Nestling the cold bag of money in my bosom, I grimaced as I unlocked the door with a key I also found on the dirty, dusty counter.

Trying to shield myself from the cold of London, I climbed the stairs outside up to where I guessed Mr. Todd was. Peeking through the window, I saw him setting open-legged, looking down in a beautifully engraved barber's chair, with a lovely red velvet seat.

Opening the door (which made a way-too-cheerful sound by the way) and closing it behind me in one swift motion, Mr. Todd's cold, pitiful black eyes snapped up to mine in a look that practically screamed 'GET OUT!'

"Good morning Mr. Todd," I said, ignoring his gaze but trying to be nice for I was rude last night. When he just kept staring, I continued, "Would you like to request something for lunch or dinner that I could prepare you?"

He just kept staring at me in a mean way. Then his eyes began to change once again, it looked as though he was trying to remember something, like a very old memory. I felt my face change in to something close to compassion because he looked so lost and alone. He stood up and walked so he was directly in front of me, looking down to meet my eyes.

"M-Mr. T-Todd" I stammered, trying to back away from his sad but now hopeful gaze.

Then I suddenly felt something click, us both remembering something vital at the same moment. "Sarasp…" it seemed as though he couldn't finish his sentence, let alone a word.

"Ben?" I questioned, now realizing why he looked familiar.

Suddenly I felt strong hands grasp my small shoulders and my feet lifting of the ground in a tight hug.

I pulled myself out of his grasp and backed up a few feet, trying to find my breath, for it had left me in the tight hug. Once I could speak properly, I looked back up to him to find him on his knees in front of me.

"I'm so sorry," he mumbled over and over again looking down. I went down to my knees when he made no move to look at me or to stop mumbling. Putting an arm on his broad shoulder, he finally looked up. He looked as though about to cry.

"It's okay," I said bringing him into another hug; his hands immediately went around my waist.

"No, it is not," he said softly, pulling away, but looking right into my eyes, "I let him get you,"


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