Hakubi Potter Harry

Disclaimer & Author's Note: I do not own the Harry Potter franchise, or the Tenchi Muyo! series, or any possible characters from any of their spinoffs. I also do not own any mentionings of anime and mangas that may pop up here, as well as Japanese songs from around the 90s era.

Now, some things may be different. I won't go into much detail with the Tenchi side of things, though I will do my best. Considering what is going on, the Tenchi characters will be a couple years older. It's been awhile since I last watch the anime or read the manga. There will be a few differences, such as the Tri-Wizard Tournament being held in Year Five, not Year Four (and Cedric Diggory would at this time be in his final year at Hogwarts). Also, no Umbridge! And Harry's choice of outfit for most of the story is reflected off an art of Kagamine Len and Kagamine Rin I found on Gelbooru.

I also did a minor bit of age manipulation as well so that at least the Tenchi girls would be still fairly young, and alterations to the events of the girls being on Earth and with Tenchi.

Chapter One

She couldn't believe what she was witnessing when she and the others arrived at a destroyed home. An aura of darkness seemed to permeate the very air around the ruins of what would have been a loving family home. They found two bodies amidst the rubble, but both of them were showing no signs of life.

"Just what could have happened here?" muttered a stunned Ayeka.

"Something very bad," Ryoko spoke up, before the group heard the cry of the cabbit, Ryo-ohki. She was pawing and meowing at the rubble of a baby crib that covered a crying infant. Washu was there first, and threw the destroyed crib away as she picked up the crying infant. Her floating laptop nearby was going nuts, alerting of a strange energy coming from the infant's forehead. More so, the lightning bolt-shaped scar that scarred the right temple of the baby's forehead...

The infant stopped crying when he felt himself in warmth. He opened his green eyes, and gazed up upon Washu. "Well ladies, and gentlemen, this baby here is the source of the energy signature my computers detected earlier," Washu announced to Tenchi and the others, showing the cute baby to them.

"Awww, he's a cutie," Sasami giggled.

"How could an infant really produce energy similar to the Kou-ou-yoku (Light Hawk Wings)?"

Washu shrugged, as the baby closed his eyes and fell asleep, feeling calm in this stranger's arms for some reason. "I have no clue, but I can learn more when we get back home..."

"But... first I think we should at least lay these two to rest... that boy's parents," Tenchi brought up.

Sadness gripped the air. In a matter of minutes by a nearby tree that wasn't damaged, a small shrine was erected, and the bodies of James and Lily Potter were put to rest. And then they were gone just as a man, a giant of a man, flew towards the ruins of the house on a motorcycle of all things. Sadly, Hagrid would have arrived too late.


Yosho looked up, seeing his grandson and the ladies all returning from wherever they rushed off to in a hurry. He then takes notice of a small bundle of blankets wrapped around a sleeping infant with matted dark hair.

"And who is this little bundle of joy?" asked Yosho.

"From the DNA Scanner of mine, his name is Harry Potter. He's an orphan from the United Kingdom," Washu explained, taking delicate care not to lose her hold on the sleeping Potter infant, "his parents were found dead, and the house in ruins."

"Oh, that is terrible," Nobuyuki exclaimed.

"The air held a stagnant aura of darkness around the house. Never before have I felt such a feeling," Ayeka mumbled, taking a seat, the others following suit.

"My computers went absolutely nuts when it detected the energies of the Kou-ou-yoku. Its source is from this sleeping babe. I'd so like to see how different his could be from Tenchi's, though..."

"He's just an infant. More likely, since I would gather you have taken the child from his home country-"

"Way ahead of you grandpa," Washu interrupts, grinning, "Cuz I'm going to adopt the boy."

"Well... it would be good to have another guy around the house when he grows," Tenchi agreed.

"Yeah," Ryoko agrees too, "I can be his smoking hot aunt, while Ayeka can be his old granny."

"Old granny!" Ayeka shouts, now sending a glare at Ryoko.

"Girls, don't fight. You'll wake the baby," Tenchi cuts in before another fight can escalate.

Nobuyuki gets up form his place at the couch. "I'll go and prepare the old library into another room. Tenchi, come help me will you?"

"Sure father." Tenchi gets up.

"I'll help too," Sasami shouts, as the relatively smart and youthful five year old gets up to follow Tenchi and Nobuyuki.

Yosho sighs, and stands up as well. "I suppose I can go and see if there are any baby clothes of Tenchi's we can hand down to little Harry, and also drag out Tenchi's old baby crib from the attic."

"I'm going to look up information on an infant's needs and then buy 'em." He gently hands the sleeping Harry off to Ayeka and storms off. Now it was just Ayeka and Ryoko. Both were quiet, as Ayeka's lips curled into a warm smile.

"He does look cute, though," Ryoko tells the Juraian Princess.

Ayeka can only agree to that statement. It was a rare moment for the two women to be friendly around one another; of course it's because of a new addiction to this odd collection called a family. Of course, no one knew of the events unfolding back in the United Kingdom. Inside her lab, as Washu was finishing up with her side research, her computer started to beep, detecting strange energy fluxes. Washu thought it was possibly the same person or persons who may have destroyed little Harry's life, so she erected a barrier to cover the grounds.

Fawkes who was flying towards Harry's known location suddenly stopped when Harry vanished. The mystical bird was completely puzzled, having known Harry before only by meeting the infant child three months after he was born. Stumped, the fiery bird decided to return back to her master's side. Later that night when everybody was asleep, Washu snuck into Harry's new room. She gazed down upon the sleeping child. The resident mad scientist felt motherly affections towards the boy.

"Little Harry-kun..." she brushed her hand across his head in gentle strokes, "I have a feeling you will have bad people coming for you." She reached down, and with robotic arms, the droid arms managed to secure a expanding ring onto the left middle finger, "this ring will protect you until you can protect yourself..."

Forward to 1995

His dark raven hair was in long boyish locks. Most of his hair was pulled up from behind into a bit of a short high ponytail using a decorative charcoal black ribbon. His green eyes, though gleaming with an intellectual look, were a bit sharp; some of his peers would say he pulls off the bad boy look without being a bad boy (in other words, many girls crushed on him heavily and/or flirt with him). The clothes he wore were a white men's tank top, and a sleeveless yellow vest. The vest itself was small, as it would expose his lower stomach (which was covered by the snuggly-fit). On the back of the vest was kanji for his surname: Hakubi. Black leather pants was always his main choice of pants to wear with a looped yellow/black belt (with a long side hoop hanging off the right hip), as well as black stylish sneakers with yellow highlights, laces, and the soles of the feet were the color of his eyes. Starting from mid-bicep down to the wrist, is detached spandex silk sleeves, with the right covered bicep displaying some sort of LED screen of sea green, cerulean, and orange lights in short rectangles. And, to complete his odd fashion style, he wore yellow squared ear guards with the flat surface also displaying a similar LED light screen display.

Oh yes, and he always keeps his fingernails perfectly trimmed, and under a light coat of yellow fingernail polish. As for that ring that was placed on him as an infant, it lost its protective shields and became an ordinary self-expanding ring. Hakubi-Potter Harry grew up in Okayama, Japan, with his adoptive family. Of course, adopted by Washu, he took her surname since she was the one who gave him the most love out of the rag-tag group of ladies and three guys. Washu also discovered more about Harry's unique abilities that he has within him as he grew up, which not only included the Kou-ou-yoku (and is ultimately the catalyst of his survival of the Killing Curse), but because she had discovered his ability to use magic (after a length discussion and more research in her lab), it was revealed that Harry, with enough training, could possibly replicate several of the Juraian abilities such as an energy barrier for defense and protecting those close to him, or several of Ryoko's abilities such as flight, creating energy spheres or a short energy sword, and intangibility (i.e. go through solid objects). Of course, all can be done to a certain degree.

But Harry had an unusual amount of magical energies, so it was possible for him to fully replicate these defenses and offensive techniques. More study (and tracking down local magical outlets and areas around Japan and other parts of the world, which required traveling) unearthed more about the study of magic that Washu and the others were interested in. Even the ideas of a familiar to a witch or wizard was an interesting subject, especially when Washu had no choice but to take Harry with her to once again check out more books that revealed the study of magic and its many theories, that a white snow owl flew from a shop in Tokyo, and landed on the stroller that baby Harry (when he was still a toddler this event occurred), giggled a bit when the owl began to preen through Harry's messy hair. Thus is the reason Hedwig, Harry's pet owl and familiar, became a member of their dysfunctional family.

But anyway, with all the studies Washu conducted, Harry underwent training to learn them as he aged. Yosho thought it would be bets if Harry learned a bit of sword training should he ever have to come across using such a weapon in the name of defense. He did learn when he was old enough that he was adopted, and that his real parents had passed away. It had hurt, but thankfully he had people who desired to have him as part of their dysfunctional family. At the age of eleven, he would have gone to Hogwarts... had he been on Earth. There was some trouble that brewed, which resulted in an adventure through space itself, an adventure that would keep him away from the planet, and from Hogwarts, for four years. Hey, four years fighting against a corrupt individual bent on universal domination can lead to misadventures in the long run. But, let's cut to right now: fifteen year old Hakubi-Potter Harry minding his own business as he returned home from another day at the Imperial School of Magic and Mystical Arts.

Of course, today Ryo-ohki joined with him (which only got more girls to fanboy over him). He looks up as he heard a small crash in the distance. Harry sighed. Mihoshi was back again. Then he smiled, and quickened his pace to get home, Ryo-ohki following Harry as fast as she could for being a Cabbit. He liked Mihoshi; she was like the older fun-loving big sister to him. If only she could learn how to pilot her starship more professionally. For goodness sake, she was a member of the Galaxy Police Force. He did however feel sorry for Kiyone, who was her partner.


It's late August of 1995. Dumbledore was depressed when he and the others learned of the passing of James and Lily. Voldemort, somehow, was killed on that night. The only person who would have the exact details of how Voldemort was vanquished disappeared that Halloween night. But studies revealed that the Killing Curse had been deflected by a strange type of magic (they classified) that came from the area of the crib's original location. While many celebrated Voldemort's demise, many also worried and hoped that Harry could be found, but he couldn't be found. Years had passed since, and Dumbledore could only wait until the letters were sent when Harry turned eleven.

That failed when an address failed to conjure itself onto the parchment envelope. But Dumbledore didn't stop trying, and those who knew James and Lily, did all they could just to find the missing Potter heir. Sirius and Peter encountered one another but unlike in another world where Sirius became too hot-headed to think straight, gathered some Aurors to track down the man responsible for the death of James and Lily, and possibly the disappearance of Harry. Thus, leads the hunt of Peter Pettigrew, The-Man-Who-Betrayed-Family as he was nicknamed in the wanted sections of the Ministry of Magic and in the Daily Prophet.

Dumbledore sighed. Four years had passed since Harry's supposed introduction to the Wizarding World, and still no sign of the child. He was beginning to doubt that Harry even was alive. It was puzzling to see James and Lily buried, but Dumbledore when he went to the destroyed home himself, noticed how the burial and the mini shrine depicted Japanese origin. But searches in Japan was all for naught. For one thing, the Orientals were more adverse to the growth of technology, and while abandoning the old traditions of the Wizarding World, still kept true to their land's roots whilst continuing onward. Plus, eastern wizards and witches were much different than westerners.

But it was on this day (or night considering the time differences) that Dumbledore nearly died choking on a lemon drop when the last envelope wrote itself up for one Potter, Harry, addressed to a rural area in Okayama, Japan. Though one part of his mind is puzzled by the addiction of another name mentioned in the address.

"MINERVA!" Dumbledore would shout after Fawkes managed to perform the Heimlich maneuver to the old man. How a phoenix managed to perform a life-saving technique would remain a mystery.

This is what it said in the address:

Hakubi, Potter, Harry
Third Bedroom on the Second Floor
Masaki Shrine Household
Okayama, Japan


Harry's head bobbed back and forth, his voice echoing to the lyrics of the song he was listening to. There was a knock at his door, and Harry turned the music down on his stereo, before heading to the door to answer.

"Oh, neechan, is dinner ready?"

"Yup," Sasami replied with her usual smile.

Harry smiled as well, and turned his stereo off before walking with her down to the dining table.

"Sasami-neechan... have you ever gotten this feeling that something is just bound to happen, and not the usual fights between your sister and Ryoko?"

Sasami frowned a bit. "Now that you mention it, lately I have been feeling a bit of an odd presence."

"It may just be me," the Japanese-raised British teen began, "but I have this feeling that it involves that dark soul fragment that Kaasan managed to extract out of me with help from Lady Tsunami."

Sasami frowned more. She remembered that incident. Harry was only nine years old when Washu decided to have that soul fragment studied. And then the extraction process with Lady Tsunami's help (who manifests herself within Sasami), left Harry drained and on the verge of death, but he managed to recover in three weeks. Arriving in the dining room of the house, Harry takes his seat next to Washu, ignoring the usual petty argument Ryoko and Ayeka were having involving who can sit by Tenchi.


The owl that was flying lay dead on the forest floor, its letter discarded. However, a set of talons snatch the letter and flies off in a different direction as the dead owl from Hogwarts was now getting chewed on by a hungry wolf. It would take an hour or so, but the bird that grabbed it flies into an open window and lands on a nearby perch after the letter is dropped down onto the desk of the Japanese Minister of Magic. It was the Ministry of Mystical Arts' job to monitor any letters sent from other countries. When one such letter came from a foreign school, it was the job of one department to intercept the letter. Ever since that war the westerns in the United Kingdom had with some Dark Lord with a silly name, they were cautious.

The Minister Chiharu Manami's numerous charms did not detect anything amiss. No hidden Portkeys, no altering charms. Opening it, she skims the contents of the letter, her eyes narrowing slightly. "Dumbledore... now what do you want with one of my citizens?" she questions to herself, before sending a forwarding message to Headmistress Suzuki Yumiko. This certainly was a puzzling incident that needed to be resolved.


Harry was a bit nervous. He didn't really know why he was being called to the Headmistresses office. It certainly was a bit of a shock to his fangirl base and a few guys as well. He heard the door open, and a young woman peeked out. She had violet eyes, and spiky desert sand yellow hair with thick fringes fanning across the sides of the forehead, and a black hook-like mark under the eyes. She was fairly dark-skinned, not too dark but an exotic tan dark.



She motioned with her finger, and he stands up, and enters the office, as she closes the door behind her. Harry takes a seat on the chair in front of her desk, as the eyes of Yuki, her pet familiar and known as a Snow Phoenix, chirps a soothing call.

"Harry-kun," Yumiko speaks up, directing his attention to her, "you know about your past, correct?"

"Hai. Kaasan and a few friends were in the area when my previous home was destroyed by some evil nutcase who mysteriously died, who may have a hand in the death of my biological parents."

Yumiko nodded. She and Minister Manami managed to gather a bit about the identity of the girls who lived in the Masaki Shrine House. Of course, while half of the world may not believe they were aliens, because of their uniqueness they were mostly left alone. In the land where legends and myths of demons and mythology of demons in the various eras of the Oriental Lands... nothing truly do not surprise her much. She was trailing off her original thought, anyway.

"Well, as you know, since the Dark Lord Voldemort's reign, we have become more cautious about our distant relatives in other parts of the world. Since we ourselves deal with a few details of the super natural and such. Anyway, one of our interceptors encountered a letter addressed to you from the United Kingdom. It comes from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry."

"I heard of that school before in International History last year, when I was doing my studies of great wizards and witches from other Wizarding Worlds," Harry spoke up. He was handed a copy of the letter made of the original, and Harry took the time to carefully read over it.

"Harry, since you have read prior knowledge of the school in your history books, you would know that Hogwarts' school schedules operate differently than ours," the Headmistress informs the teen.

"Hai," he responds, folding up the letter in the opposite direction, "September begins, and ends around mid April or early July I believe."

"Harry. I know you like it here, but it would probably give you an opportunity, of course, if you wish to take that option. We can work out a deal for the current Headmaster of the school to take you in for one year as a trial run. But when you head home later today, make sure your caretakers see the letter. I wish to know their reactions. Please come to me before class begins tomorrow."

Harry nods, and she dismissed him with an excuse so he wouldn't get in trouble. As the door closes shut, Yumiko looked towards Yuki.

"We have an old man to contact, Yuki-chan."

The white phoenix with piercing blue eyes and highlights on the crown, breast, and tail feathers trills in response.

Walking through the hallways on his way back to his class, he took out the letter, and once again reads the contents. Having a great deal of knowledge on the local languages, as well as studies on English, and Juraian, he's able to read the loopy cursive writings of the person who pre-wrote the letter by a women touch, before it descends into a vague writings of a wise old man. He just wondered what his friends would say about it...


"Sanmiittai no Hantā (Triune Hunters)..."

Harry's magic sparked, calling forth three elements. The animated target was ensnared by the shifting earth under it, before a bolt of lightning and a blade of wind was launched from the swinging of a medium-sized boat oar. The target was neutralized, and the Battle Magics sensei calls time. There was applause form his peers as he steps down from the training platform, and takes his seat in the back. The oar glowed before it shrinks, and transforms back into a wand: Japanese Black Pine, 10½ inches, Phoenix Feather, used best for Charms, Runes, and Battle Magic. Runes are inscribed on it to function and allow the crafting of his spells and special skills, and also because of his unique magical skills, is the reason why its main form is that of a boat oar. Mainly, the representation of the boat oar is due to folklore that the Shinigami have different forms of transportation. One such rumored is a flying boat oar.

"Hey, Harry-kun," he heard the cry of one of his few best female friends. Harry smiled a bit as Momochi Haku takes a seat next to him, making sure that her long raven black hair was pulled back into its single ox horn with the two Senbon.

"Haku-chan," he greets her.

"So... what did the Headmistress wanted you for?"

Harry simply takes a letter out, and hands it to her, and she skims the contents while Harry waits for the inevitable.

"Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry?"

"Yup. Apparently before my late introduction because of my unique talents... I was originally scheduled to enroll at that school due to the consent of my biological parents."

"I see. You did research on that school before, right? About the founders whom made the school?"

A nod from Harry is the answer she receives. Then the chocolate-eyed teen looks at Harry when he stifled a laugh. "What's so funny?"

"Oh... just my sis Ryoko... remembering the time she got drunk and she exclaimed, who wants to do jello shots off my fun-bags?"

Haku giggled, understanding how funny it was. Arashi Shiruba, another friend of Harry's, sits down opposite of the three-seated table. Harry liked his friend's name. When westernized, it meant Silver Storm. Of course, silver eyes, silver short hair with spiky locks fanning half of his face, and silver bangles. Hell, most of his clothes are white: jeans, shoes, fishnet shirt with button-snapped vest. Haku however wore an eerily identical outfit that he wore and in the same colors. However, while he wore long leggings, she wore fitting shorts. Whereas Harry wore a fitting white tank, hers was black and cut-offs that exposed her toned belly. The sleeves on her arms matched Harry's, only the left side had more fabric at a triangular point, with her third finger slipped through a sewn hole attached to a gold ring. The boots she wore are to the knees, and she too wore the same ear guards that Harry wore. And, her fingernails are perfectly manicured, and under a coat of yellow nail polish.

"I figured that it would be an interesting experience to go to a school in a different country. Ya know, absorb the culture. Granted, I hope to argue with Yumiko-sama if I can go with a friend or two. So, how about it?"

Shiruba sighed. "As nice as it would be, I rather stick around here. Ma would probably have a fit about me being in a different country for a year."

"You're not going alone, Harry-kun," Haku said, "I'd like to join you."

Harry smiled. "Thanks Haku."

"Just bring me back a souvenir, Harry," Shiruba tells the raven-haired teen, who only laughs at the lazy position Shiruba placed himself in.

In the United Kingdom, more so at a certain school known as Hogwarts, Dumbledore would look up to see traces of snow decorating his desk, and a white and blue phoenix dropping off an enclosed muggle envelope with the address registered to him and his school. The phoenix gazes at Dumbledore for a brief moment, before vanishing in a swirl of snow and slushy ice. He reached over to brush some of the snow off his dish filled with his favorite candies, before unsealing the muggle envelope. Unfolding a pink letter decorated by the edges with floral patterns, his old eyes skim through the small print.

And there you have it. I know... what the hell are you thinking? Well, Harry isn't going alone to England of course. Tenchi and the girls are all also going to join Harry and Haku. And do not worry; Harry will take on a bit of Washu's personality when it comes to creating things, though mostly it'll be when the next chapter pops up. And just for the hell of it, despite his smarts, he'll still be part of Gryffindor.