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Chapter Eleven

Washu looked at her computer just as her extractor managed to pull the soul fragment out from a very fancy ring with a blood red gemstone set in place. It was responding to a message sent to her. Pushing her wheelable chair over to the large keyboard, she quickly brought up the video call. Displayed on the monitor was Harry, however she took quick notice his background was that of an underground cavern.

"Harry, son. Where are you?"

"I'm still at Hogwarts," he replies, "however... I discovered this massive underground chamber under the school while I was searching for that soul signature in the school. This is what I found." He moved his holo-screen to show his mother the carcass of the giant basilisk.

"Holy... Harry, I'm coming back to Hogwarts. I'm really interested in that creature."

"Sure, mother. Uh... anyway, I'm still looking for the soul fragment here at the school but I just can't pinpoint it."

"We can find it together, then," said Washu, "anyway, I extracted another soul fragment and have it sealed away; however I also want to upgrade your energy signature you have installed. There are several traces of the soul magic lingering that would otherwise confuse your scanners."

"What do you mean?"

Washu leans back into her chair. "What I mean, son, is that because of your magical energies, it leaves behind a faint trace, like a print, into the planet. Which are also, from what I am assuming, are the sights where these soul fragments had been split, and these Horcruxes, are made."

Harry simply nodded. Washu wasn't the only one doing background studies on the Horcruxes.

"Anyway, don't do anything too rash. Since you let loose your hidden talents, I would have no doubt people wish to know what you can truly do," Washu said, a bit of disdain in her voice. It took the reassurance of Yumiko and Manami that nobody would harass Harry into learning his "talents", "Remember what Yumiko and Manami told you to go by?"

"Yeah, even though technically it's not a lie." He chuckles a bit. Learning adept magicks outside traditional ways would be absurd by those of the Old Blood, especially those fanatics who believed in a vision led by Voldemort. Even though it was made known that magicks come in different forms in other parts of the world, not many would learn foreign magicks outside their own country (and in the words of Minister Fudge and some woman who wore the ugliest pink clothes and cardigan ever, dark foreign magicks).

"Keep in touch, though," Washu tells Harry, who nods before killing the connection, prompting Washu to groan, her head thunking the desktop.

"This whole soul fragment business is really starting to piss me off," she muttered, looking up and over to the pulsing black jewel that was stuffed with the captured soul fragments. Who knew how many more there was out there?

Once they found all of the fragmented soul pieces, they can destroy it, and then destroy the idiot who tried his hand at obtaining immortality. But a thought worried her: just how powerful was this Dark Lord? Sooner or later, there was bound to be an event where Harry tapped into the Kou-ou-yoku, and when that happens, many more outside Japan will be doing whatever they can into finding out its origins. She may be the smartest and greatest scientist in the universe, but at times it was also very troublesome for her.

The whole business with Harry's life and all this soul fragment business with some evil man who wants immortality is one of them. Elsewhere, an ugly baby was sucking down the milked venom that came from a large snake, while a balding man was working on preparing the upcoming ritual to be used by the time of the Third Task.

Leaving her lab, Washu headed to the kitchen, and she grabbed a glass of cold water from the tap and drank the cool liquid.

"Washu, you seem troubled," spoke Ayeka.

"It's this whole crap with Voldemort and his twisted desires of attempting immortality with those Horcruxes."

She frowned. With the visitation of her parents, even she was worried about Harry's well-being, the situation that he was in concerning this school tournament, and the business with the dark magicks that come from fragmented soul pieces discovered.

"I would be frightened to think of that evil man ever discovered the power of the Kou-ou-yoku. He would be somebody much worse than... than HIM."

"Yes, that would be very bad, indeed," Ayeka agreed, finding the situation very disturbing.

"Anyway, Harry contacted me... he discovered a giant snake-like creature in some underground cave under the school. It's dead, mind you," she said before Ayeka could explode out in worry, "so I'm heading back to Hogwarts when it's night time there."

Ayeka nodded, as the two women looked out the window to the cloudless night sky and the stars shining brightly.

"Do tell Harry to not do anything reckless," Ayeka tells the scientist.

"Don't worry. I know Harry wouldn't be too irresponsible. Haku does have a foothold on him if he starts to act on his mischievous streak," she chuckled.


With Harry, he decided he had enough, especially when it became apparent that students were looking for him. For what, he had no clue, and desired to not get caught up in a student's version of interrogation. Slipping and sliding his way past the throes of the crowd, he finally got the chance to phase into a solid form, and then quickly exit an empty classroom on the third floor.


Damn, he thought, turning around and he saw Remus walking up to him.

"Harry, are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine," he responded, wanting to just get back and hide away until Washu returns back to Hogwarts from Japan, "before you say anything, you didn't cause too much trouble, though I did have to make sure you were warded down by rune-crafted chains. I somewhat underestimated your wolf side."

"I'm sorry," Remus said.

"Don't be. Sooner or later, you'll be able to tame your furry side with my help and guidance, and then you'll never have to depend on that Wolfsbaine Potion." Or somebody finds a cure for the werewolf gene, he adds in thought, then again, I could probably look for a cure if I got help from mother.

Remus nodded reluctantly. "Oh, Harry, Headmaster Dumbledore would like to speak with you in his office. Uh, I have no idea why," he added in when he saw the look in his godson's eyes.

Harry nodded, and walked off not in the direction of the Headmaster's office. Of course, he doesn't even know where the old man's office was in the school. Okay so he does having once found an old map in some dungeon filled with joke items and other random collectables that displayed Hogwarts and every single person in the facility... okay I'm getting too far off. In short: Harry would see the Headmaster... eventually or when he felt like it. Right now, all he wants is to take a soak in the hot spring.

Disappearing around the corner, Harry did not notice that someone was watching him and grabbing the right bicep, fingers squeezing a bit. Under the clothes, the faded Dark Mark burned with a dull itch.


As soon as he avoided that gaggle of first year Gryffindors whom the majority was Muggleborn (and were asking questions like if he was Superman like in the comic books), he slipped into his private dorm house, and slammed the door behind him shut.

"I knew exposing my true self would be a hassle, but damn..."

He began to take off his clothes, starting with the shirt. Upon reaching the hot springs room, he steps in after snagging a towel of the nearby shelf, and closes the door behind him as he slips out of his pants and boxers. Clothes all folded up gently, and accessories taken off and set aside, he slips into the milky waters, and allowed its warmth to penetrate any aches he felt, and ease his worries away. The only sounds in the room were his sigh he let out and the rustling of the water as he shifted to get more comfortable in the water.

"I wonder where Haku and the girls are?" Harry pondered, taking notice that Yuri was relaxing in a small floating ring... gently floating past his vision.


"Are we even allowed to leave Hogwarts?"

"What are they going to do? I'm a foreign in this country basically," Haku reminded Daphne and Tracey, "and I wanted to go explore London. As long as we return back before we're noticed missing, we'll be fine. And if that happens, I know Harry would make an excuse. Besides, I saw the way most of those ugly boys in your dorm house were looking at the two of you. I despise people with rape intentions."

"Where are we going?" asked the fourth girl of the odd group, Luna Lovegood.

"Well, from using Harry's computer, I managed to find a good location for a pizza parlor in London I wanna go to. It's not that far from that dingy wizarding pub we left."

"Leaky Cauldron," Tracey said.

"Yeah, that."


Harry closed his eyes... and then scowled as his communicator beeped on him. Swearing softly, he reached over, and snagged the wrist communicator, and pressed the button on the ringed device.


"Hey, Harry!" came a familiar voice.

It made the teen smile a bit. "Hello, Mihoshi," he responds into the communicator.


Night had befallen Hogwarts when Harry snuck out of the school and aways from the castle, the boat in the lake, and the carriage in the fields when Washu finally arrived.

"Took you awhile. Thought you'd have trouble."

"Yeah, well... what with all the extra guests here and all... kind of hard to fly in with Ryo-ohki."

The cabbit meowed in greeting, and Harry smiled a bit. Grabbing his mother's hand, they phased through the ground, not realizing that a Centaur that was hiding in the foliage of the Forbidden Forest saw all of this. Soon after Harry located the dungeon he found the giant serpent in, and touched down to the floor. Ryo-ohki stayed clinging to Harry (she had transformed into her human form at this time) as Washu walks to the dead creature, intrigued by the size of the creature.

"Wow... impressive find, Harry."

"I know..." he joins his mother examining the giant serpent. His communicator beeped, making him blink as he walked over, and picked up a black diary that he saw submerged in the water, "Hey, mom. This diary has traces of soul magic on it!" She rushed over quickly. The book itself was wet, almost disintegrating due to being in the water so for long, and it had a puncture mark through it.

"Yup." Washu examined the book with her scanner she pulled from the sub-dimensional pocket, "but this book shows no life signs. I think whatever was in it was destroyed."

"Destroyed? How?"

"Either by this bite mark... or something else. I just don't know. Interesting dilemma," she muttered.

"What do you want to do?" Harry observed, his eyes not leaving the giant carcass of the Basilisk.


A week passed since the discovery of the Basilisk. Washu wanted to test the remains so she took it back to her lab back in Japan. Classes were as normally conducted at Hogwarts, and Dumbledore tried to speak with Harry concerning his fears his Boggart had transformed into. Harry never gave the old man the time when it concerned THAT. As for Sirius and Remus, the two men were doing all they could to know more about their missing godson.

Just be friends All we gotta do
Just be friends It's time to say goodbye
Just be friends All we gotta do
Just be friends Just be friends
Just be friends...

uka ndanda kinou no asa hayaku ni
ware ta gurasu kaki atsume ruyouna
koreha ittai nandarou kitta yubi karashitataru shizuku
bokura hakonnakotoshitakattanokana

waka ttetayo kokoro no okusoko deha mottomo tsurai sentaku ga besuto
sorewo kobamu jikoai to kekka jikadouchaku ( douchaku ) no kurikaeshi
bokuha itsuninareba ie runokana

yuruya kani kuchi teyukukono sekai de ashi sou ( aga ) ku boku no yuiitsu no katsuro
iroase ta kun no hohoemi kizan de sen ( sen ) wo nui ta

koe wo kara shite saken da hankyou zankyou munashi ku hibiku
hazusa reta kusari no sono saki ha nanihitotsu nokotte yashinaikedo
futariwo omone teta guuzen anten dansen bou ku sen ( chidi ) ni
shosen konnamonosa gen ita kare ta hoo ni tsutau dareka no namida

All we gotta do Just be friends
It's time to say goodbye Just be friends
All we gotta do Just be friends
Just be friends Just be friends...

kidu itanda kinou no nai da yoru ni
ochi ta kaben hiroi age tatoshite
mata saki modoru kotohanai sou tenohira no ueno chiisa na shi
bokura no jikan ha toma ttamama

omoidasu yo hajimete atta kisetsu wo kun no yasashi ku hohoemu kao wo
ima wo kako ni oshi yatte futari kizutsu ku kagiri kizutsu ita
bokura no kokoroha natsume ( toge ) darakeda

omokurushi ku tsuduku kono kankei de kanashi i hodo kawa ranai kokoro
itoshi terunoni hanare gatainoni boku ga iwa nakya

kokoro ni doshaburi no ame ga bouzen ( bouzen ) shou zen ( shouzen ) shikai mo keburu
kakugo shiteta hazu ( hazu ) no sono itami soredemo tsuranuka rerukono karada
futariwo tsunai deta kizuna tan ( hokoro ) bi toke nichijou ni kie teku
sayonara itoshi ta nin kokomadeda mou furimuka naide aruki dasu nda

Of course, Gryffindor Tower was now accepting to hearing random Japanese songs coming from Harry's closet-transformed dorm room. That didn't stop the OWL and NEWT studiers from making formal complaints to their Head of House.

ichido dake ichido dake negai ga kanau nonaraba
nando demo umare kawa tte ano nichi no kun ni ai ni iku yo

koe wo kara shite saken da hankyou zankyou munashi ku hibiku
hazusa reta kusari no sono saki ha nanihitotsu nokotte yashinaikedo
futariwo tsunai deta kizuna tan ( hokoro ) bi toke nichijou ni kie teku
sayonara itoshi ta nin kokomadeda mou furimuka naide aruki dasu nda


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The lyrics of the song is from Just Be Friends, but the version is sung by Kagamine Len.

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