It was just one of these days, where Jess knew from the beginning on, that it wouldn't go well.

She didn't sleep well and woke up with a headache.

After she spilled coffee on her favorite shirt she had to change again before driving to the NSA building.

The mission she should have been on was cancelled (only God knows why). So she had to take care of the more boring tasks that fell into her line of duty as the Alpha of the super hero society.

First there was a Problem with a Super who couldn't keep their secret identity a secret (and no it wasn't Mr. Incredible… This time at least).

Then some Super teens thought it was fun to cause some havoc down town. After catching them and giving them an earful, she made sure they got home and their parents knew what their offspring's had done. She hoped they would give them a really long period of grounding time or whatever parents did these days to reprimand their kids.

After that there was a downright boring meeting with the head of NSA that just wouldn't END!

And at last she had to catch up on her paperwork. She hated paperwork, the main reason why she was lacking behind with it.

So at the end of the day she was tired, bored, still had a headache and just glad to get out of the NSA building and steer her motorcycle in the direction of home.

Getting through traffic took longer than she liked. Cursing the whole drive, she only stopped after she passed the gate to her drive way.

Parking before the front door she sighed, finally home. All she wanted now was a steak, a glass of red wine and some peace.

Walking up the front steps, she pulled off her helmet and went mentally through her wine cellar. Deciding on a Cabernet Sauvignon she inserted the keys, pushed the door open and saw all her plans of an nice and quiet evening fly out the window or in that case the door.

From somewhere inside the house she could hear screaming. After a "NOOOOOOOOO! HOW COULD YOU!?" followed maniacal laughing. Jess groaned. 'Shit, I don't need this right now.'

Putting her helmet away and throwing her keys on the sideboard, she followed the voices. Her irritation visible through the small bolts surrounding her fists.

Walking down the hallway the shouting got louder.

"HEY! That's not fair! NO using of powers! You know the rules PRINCESS!" rang a male voice through the house.

A female voice countered "I WASN'T using any powers! And DON'T call me princess, IDIOT!"

"I'm NOT an idiot, BLACKY!"

"STOP calling me THAT, FIRE-HEAD!"

The reply was cut short by Jess throwing open the door to the living room.

"OKAY! THAT'S IT! I HAD AN REALLY ROTTEN DAY AND DON'T NEED YOU TWO FIGHTING THE WHOLE EVENING! SO STOP THIS INSTANT OR I'M GOING TO…." But the two fighters never got to know what Jess would do, because she stopped her tirade suddenly, as she registered the scene before her.

Seated on the couch, Buddy and Vioelt looked stunned back at her.

On the table before them sat a large carton of pizza, different assortments of other junk food and several cans of root beer and coke. On the screen at the wall you could see colorful carts flashing by and two of them falling of the rainbow race course, the players holding their controllers momentarily forgotten between their hands.

Jess looked equally stunned back at her two charges. This was definitely not what she had expected.

A full blown out fight with a shouting match that she would have to break up? Yes. But Buddy and Violet sitting beside each other and playing a game of Mario Cart? No, absolutely not.

Violet was the first to get her voice back "Oh eh.… Hey Jess… you're home early…"

Jess just nodded.

"Soooooo… You had a rotten day?" Buddy asked with caution.

Again the answer was just a nod.

Violet spoke up again "I-If we are too loud w-we can stop the game." She offered timidly.

With a shake of her head Jess answered "No. It's okay…" Making a quick decision, she left the room shouting over her shoulder, "I'll be back in a moment."

Buddy and Violet now looked stunned at each other. What was she doing? Behind them their carts fell of the course again.

Just as they decided to go back to their game Jess stepped back into the room. Now dressed in a comfortable hoodie and sweat pants she grabbed a third a controller. Opening a can of coke she said "Okay you losers. Start it up again and I'll give you a real reason to scream in frustration."

At first the other two looked owlishly at Jess and then smirked at each other. Oh this meant war!

Letting herself fall into her favorite armchair, Jess grabbed a slice of pizza and took a large bite out of it.

Who needed a steak and wine, when you could have junk food, coke and a friendly race war? Yes… This was better than fancy food and drinks, this was family, this was life!