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This fic is dead. I found my muse for it laying quite unnaturally still, along with a note explaining that she felt bad about getting in the way of other stories. The note wasn't in her handwriting, but all of my other story muses were quite... persuasive in convincing me it was real. Dictated, maybe?

Anyhow the point is that I don't want to leave people hanging too badly, since I had actually planned this fic out all the way to the end. So I'm posting my notes so that anyone who wants can read them and see where I was planning to go with the story.

I'm not likely to ever pick it back up again. I made a lot of mistakes trying to fit too much into this that it was difficult to focus on anything. I may try to rewrite it or continue it after I have more experience as a writer. This was my first fic ever, so I did learn quite a bit and I'm taking some of those lessons learned into other stories. Maybe when I learn more I can come back and fix this. Maybe when I get some time to do much other than work and sleep...

Oh, and before I forget: If you don't like spoilers then don't read this. But you may be waiting for a VERY long time for me to do anything else with this story. I'd be willing to let somebody else continue this if they want.




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10: Ukyo notes that her scream woke up a lot of her neighbors, and drags Ranma into her cottage. She

sits him down and feeds him while the two have the talk that I've had intended for them. Ranma

doesn't take it too well, but realizes that she's really trying to give him more freedom, so he

relents. He's had dreams about her too, with the most recent being only the night before. Ranma and

Ukyo agree to act as though they'd only been aquaintences, as opposed to fiancees. Ukyo's uncle

listens to the whole conversation, and decides that he no longer needs to exact revenge on the boy,

since Ukyo's attack on the wedding not only caused enough trouble, it caused enough damage to the

area that combined with Shampoo and Ukyo's attack on Ranma's mother's house, released him from the

engagement. Since Ukyo was the one to request this, Ranma aquiesces. As Ranma nears the end of his

breakfast, there is a knock on the door. It is Yujiro, and he requests that Ranma follow him to go

meet the Master.

Back at the dojo, Akane and Hiroshi arrive and are greeted warmly. Akane doesn't immediately

remember anyone but her father at first, but recalls Nabiki after she tries to extort money, and

Kasumi after eating some of her cooking. Everyone else is upset that Akane doesn't remember Ranma

yet, but Nabiki points out that it's best that she doesn't, since nobody knows where he is. That

being said, she goes and has another talk with Mousse. Akane has her first nightmare where Ranma

takes everything she has, then tells her that she is useless and can't stand having her around. She

still doesn't remember who it is, but feels that she'd rather not, if that's the sort of thing he


Things to stick in when I have a short chapter:

Amazons find out where Ranma is - They have to back off because of some past history with that

school's master. Shampoo is pardoned since the non-interference pact takes precedence. Do it by

chapter 15 or it'll really be too late.

11: Ranma and Yujiro meet up with the Master of the training grounds, and when Ranma brags about his

'family art', it's pointed out to him that Happosai and Chingensai used to be students there. As

Ranma looks around, he notes that the younger students going through the basics are being led

through katas that are intimately familiar to him. Discuss Happosai's past with the training grounds

here, as Ranma becomes more and more excited about this place. The Master says that he's been

watching Ranma for a long time now, and would like him to consider staying on. He mentions that he

had been planning to invite Ranma as soon as he turned 18, since he could help teach at that point

and that would allow him to stay for free, but that someone had paid his tuition up until that time,

and thus Ranma was welcome to start now. Ranma asks who paid, but the Master says that the person

preferred to stay anonymous. The Master also mentions that he is considering retirement, and that

Ranma may be a good candidate, along with Yujiro, who has been there for quite some time. when they

are dismissed, Ranma challenges Yujiro, saying that he'd like a chance to size up the competition.

Back in Nerima, Akane returns to school and gets reaquainted with her classmates. She remembers them

soon enough, but decides to have Hiroshi(and Daisuke) join them for lunch, since she still feels

very comfortable around him.

12: Ranma wakes up, face down in the dirt. A number of people have surrounded the location where he

and Yujiro fought, and they are eying him warily. Yujiro is nowhere to be seen. Ranma picks himself

up, and is greeted warmly by a boy around his own age. The boy mentions that nobody had ever given

as good a fight against Yujiro as Ranma had just done, and that he shouldn't take the loss too hard.

At Ranma's response (vocal and loud and arrogant), he fills Ranma in on the rule that Ranma must

master at least two schools before challenging Yujiro again. He explains that this is to promote a

broader range of skills and to ensure that each Everything Goes fighter truly has the ability to do

just about everything. Ranma grits his teeth and admits defeat for now. His newfound friend invites

him to a class on swordsmanship, which Ranma takes, even though he's not really all that interested

in it. There he learns that Kuno used to be a student there, with his sister in Martial Arts

Gymnastics, until their father upset the Master of Black Magic and the entire family was struck with

madness. After class, Ranma puts in a request to study Black Magic, but is rejected. He's told that

almost nobody gets accepted, so he doesn't care too much. There is a stack of letters requesting

admittance from Gosunkugi nearby that are marked for burning. Ranma is invited out to dancing that

night, and finds that he really likes it, after being dragged out to the floor by his buddy who

shows him a few quick beginner moves.

Back in Nerima, Nabiki goes over some of her notes, and discovers that she's running out of time to

get rid of Yujiro. He's already taken over many of her resources and is eroding her power base. She

tells the family that she's going on a trip with friends, and heads to the training ground. Akane

goes on a date with Hiroshi, only telling her father that she's going out to a movie with friends.

13: Fast forward a couple of months. Everyone is still having nightmares, but they've largely

learned to overcome them. Ukyo has started to date Mikado, who is a big player on the scene there,

and Ranma has failed to warn her about him. He never really managed to stop thinking of Ukyo the way

he used to, even though she's been treating him the same as everybody else. In fact, she'd been

becoming almost forward with Mikado in an effort to get Ranma to relent. At least that's what she

tells herself, in reality, she's not over Ranma either, and is doing it to try to wean herself off

of him. While on a date one night, Mikado tries to go a little too far. A lot too far, actually, and

as Ukyo escapes, she hears fighting behind her. When she finally goes to look, there is a violently

thrashed Mikado and no one else. She gets the training grounds guards and they take care of things

while she tries to figure out who could have been following them. Ranma stays hidden in the

Umisenken so she doesn't find him.

In Nerima, Akane has been having regular dates with Hiroshi when one night they are discovered by

Ryoga, who is 'happening by'. Ryoga questions her about what she's doing, but Akane doesn't remember

him. Hiroshi ends up explaining things to Ryoga and during their conversation (to which Akane isn't

listening because she's excused herself to the bathroom) Ryoga gets splashed. Hiroshi doesn't have

any time to react to it before Akane gets back and instantly recognizes her P-chan.

14: Ranma and Ukyo end up dancing together one night after their 'dates' (Ranma didn't actually have

one, he made it up) ditched them. Ranma's changed quite a bit after a few of the schools he's

studied. He's fought Yujiro a few more times since the first, but hasn't beaten him yet. As it is,

Ranma is enjoying himself far too much to really complain. Here, he's finally able to get all the

training he could ever ask for, and has been soaking up immense amounts of knowledge. Ukyo mentions

that he hasn't come to learn from her yet, and she suggests that he do so. He relents and he signs

up for her advanced class, for which there aren't any other students yet (not a popular school). So

he and Ukyo start to spend a lot of time together, and Yujiro starts to spend some time scouting

Ranma out for weaknesses. Ukyo is chosen, and Yujiro starts to worm his way to her as well.

Hiroshi finds that he has some difficulty with Ryoga/P-chan, as Ryoga starts to do the tricks he

always used to with Ranma while in P-chan form. Hiroshi doesn't rise to it as much, and thus avoids

angering Akane, but it's still close. Kasumi notes that Hiroshi has been spending a lot of time at

the dojo and suggests that he start taking classes. Akane decides to start training him.

15: Yujiro starts taking Ukyo out on dates and Ranma gets jealous. They fight again, with that being

one of the terms, and Ukyo begins to wonder just what's going on. She had been trying her hardest to

ONLY be a friend to Ranma, and now it looks like Ranma was starting to get feelings for her. Also,

Ranma is invited to study Anything Goes Commerce, and is amazed when he finds Nabiki there. She

explains to him that she's going to train him harder than she's ever trained anyone else, and Ranma

rises to the occasion, learning FAST as soon as she mentions that it's like fighting, except you do

it with money. After a particularly hard session after which Nabiki states that he was now in his

mastery challenge (gives him a starting fund), he takes Nabiki out to lunch, when she sees where

he's chosen(the restaraunt is not doing well and looks the part), she refuses until he offers to

pay. It turns out that he'd set the whole thing up beforehand, betting with the owner of the

restaraunt that he'd be able to get her in there. With the winnings, the owner says that he'll have

a hard time remaining in business. Nabiki complements Ranma on a nice move, and the two leave. Ranma

states that he'd forgotten something and runs back inside and invests the winnings along with part

of his bankroll into the restaraunt.

16: Ranma invests a lot more into local businesses and even helps out a bunch with the renovations

that most of them need. He works out some deals with tourism departments and gets quite a good ROI.

In addition, he works out some modeling work(girl side) with a Martial Arts Supply company. Costs

him practiacally nothing, but again, has great ROI. He sinks a lot of money into Ukyo's new

restaraunt which she starts in the nearby village.

Akane starts training some of the local children and really starts to get her life on track. As

she's training Hiroshi one night, Kasumi notes that she actually seems happier than she's been for a

long time and posits that perhaps it would be better if Ranma didn't come back at all. Nabiki

considers this and agrees, unable to mention that with Ranma's current location it's unlikely he

ever will. She decides then and there that Ranma's passed his test.

17:Yujiro starts to horn in on Ranma's businesses, but with Nabiki's help, it does not go well for

him. It's considered a win in Ranma's favor. Yujiro never took her class, preferring to deal with

things in a more direct fashion(Thuggery), and Ranma realizes that could be a weakness of his to take

advantage of. He spends some time finding out which schools Yujiro never studied and gets into some

really wierd stuff.

Akane and Hiroshi start becoming closer. They go on a non-date(just friends, honest) and find that

they really like it. Akane feels bad about something and Hiroshi helps her to realize that it's

because of her past with Ranma that she can't remember. She breaks down crying because she can't

remember him at all, and in a fit of emotion, they kiss. Nabiki's watching, and approves(he's going

to be a doctor, after all).

18: Ranma and the master of the school have some deep conversations about where the school is and

where Ranma would go with it. The master all but gives Ranma the school on the spot, since he can

tell that Ranma is honest when he tells him that he wants to keep it very small, private, and for

serious martial artists only. He can tell that Yujiro basically wants to become a Yakuza using the

school for recruiting. Ranma starts to fall into some more leadership type roles, and begins

teaching a lot of the students - Something Yujiro never did(took time away from his own training, he

said) Yujiro starts to get a bit less subtle as he sees that Ranma is undermining his authority.

More with Ranma and Ukyo spending time together.

19: Yujiro starts his move to take over by killing the master of the school. Pretty much the whole

chapter is one big fight scene. Ranma barely wins, mostly because while he's fighting Yujiro, Ukyo

leads the rest of the school in polishing off his thugs and Yujiro gets pissed off too much. Ranma

puts him down with one hell of a Hiryuu Shoten Ha.

Akane starts to remember Ranma. Some of the good, some of the bad. She realizes that as much as she

may have loved him, they really were NOT good for each other and any attempt at a relationship was

doomed to fail. She cries with Kasumi and Nabiki at this.

20: Ranma is unanimously determined the new master of the school. He takes it pretty well, until

he's alone, then he gets some of the best teacher he's got and asks them to help him figure out what

he's supposed to do. That's when he finds out about Mousse, since he shows up to the Sensei meeting.

Hiroshi proposes to Akane. She accepts.

Shampoo is all alone, moping. Then Mousse shows up out of nowhere to cheer her up.

Happosai gets an official-looking letter, informing him that his student, Saotome Ranma, is

withdrawing from his school in order to become the new master of the school of Everything Goes

Martial Arts. End with his thought- 'took him long enough. Here I thought I was going to have to get