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'Mercer' - Web of Intrigue memory

'Mercer' - radio chatter

The Flock members are: Max-14, Fang-14,Iggy-14, Nudge-11, Gazzy-8, Angel-6 if you can't get it yet.

The Prototype team are: Alex Mercer-29, Dana Mercer-26, Dr. Bradley Ragland-50

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Prototype: A Maximum Ride/Prototype story

Chapter 1: The Demon knocks the Angel's door

Somewhere in Arizona

It has been, what, 3 weeks after the Infection was stopped in New York. I have been following leads to the whereabouts of Project Pariah, courtesy of General Randall and his memories.

His memories have been very useful, but someone new is running the scenes, because all sites of areas where Pariah, Greene's Child, the person responsible for rapidly spreading the Infection, and partially my fault, was held were all but smoldering wrecks and blood, but no bodies, computers, or even papers leading to Pariah were all but gone.

The New York Crisis was now over. I wiped out both Infected and Blackwatch resistance in that city. The Marines, though a threat, were following orders, and have never seen someone rip a tank in half life a can-opener on a can, or shred people to pieces like a chainsaw ripping through a tree. I let them live, let them tell stories, hoping that they would bring to the surface the truth of how the Infection came to be. The people who survived New York recognized me, but strangely, didn't report me or turn me in. Either they were too scared, because they have seen firsthand of what I can do, or too grateful, because I might have saved a few people in that city during the terror and the death.

Now, I had no known goals, but I knew I had to find Pariah. He might start another Infection, like New York, or be the subject of an army of super-soldiers who would have the same skills as me, and I didn't like either option.

I was lost, but I was moving fast. My abilities also allow me to run faster than other people. The Infected and Supersoldiers developed by Blackwatch were the only things that could catch up to me.

While I thought about my next move, I remembered something from a scientist in Blackwatch:

'These 6 children are extraordinary!'

'Yes, but have been the cause of Itex's recent fall, so please do not envy a group whose failure practically made them a running joke to scientists everywhere.'

'Most of those idiots there called them "Defective", or "Genetic Failures". The only failure I see is Itex's own inability to see their potential'

'Hmmm,' I recognized that voice as Randall's 'I am beginning to think that they are the ones we should target, and not ZEUS.'

ZEUS is a name given to me by those Blackwatch scientists. Not a bad name, I might add.

'So, what's our next course of action, sir? Go after ZEUS, or those kids'

'ZEUS is more important than 6 kids. They can wait after we neutralize our target. Besides, he is the bigger threat here, those kids will have to provoke us if we want their attention now, but until we have solved this problem, the threat, the only threat, around here is ZEUS. Have I made myself clear?'

That was a complete understatement, Randall, I thought. But I wondered, these kids are very good. I was able to read memories on another scientist who knows about them more than he does about me. Obviously, he never got a chance to study them. I figured that if they were that good, the least I can do is check up on this. I have time, and I have a feeling that they would run into a group of people who might know something about Pariah.

As I thought about my next decision, I saw 6 figures swooshing down at a small town just 2 miles from where I was standing, and suddenly, I had an idea.

I followed them to the small town and to the house they entered in. I recognized that it was the house of Dr. Valencia Martinez. I had known her, or Alex known her. I was a college student back in the day when I was a freshman. I met her at a biology class. I and she became good friends, because of our similar goals, but different paths. The last time I talked to her was when I was a starting my first year at GenTek. I thought that if she saw me again, I wouldn't get a very warm welcome. The news about the terrorist, aka me, spread around like wildfire. I would instantly be handed over to the police. Plus, the attention around me would get people in jeopardy, so I decided to hide my powers for awhile.

I used a new trick, the ability to shield my mind, to stop pesky psychics from reading my intentions. I did so by using memories I have and meshing those up all together would confuse her. I studied about the smallest girl in the Flock. Nobody would guess that she was a very dangerous kid. But I knew better.

I wanted to find out about Mr. Chu, an Asian man who was a benefactor in GenTek, and wanted to see what he was up to. He had held Ms. Martinez captive, in the attempt to get Coalition to Stop the Madness (CSM) to stop pressuring big companies, in order to cover up his little garbage bin underneath the Pacific Ocean. He thought he would survive the cataclysm with all that money. He is scum, like Randall. The man would have to be dealt with, just like Randall. He had information, one that I would be willing to kill for.

I knocked on the door.


"I'll get it!" I shouted. I came here to see my mom and how she was doing. It has been, like a month since we last saw her. I was worried about her, but I had to be sure that no one would follow me and The Flock, and pull another stunt that could seriously jeopardize my mom's safety. But after weeks of waiting (and relaxation in Hawaii), we decided to head back home and see how she's doing.

Right now, the Flock and I were at home, playing and talking and eating. We had a splendid time, and no one has tried to kill us yet, and my mom was happy to see us.

I was eating at the most delicious thing in the world: cookies. I simply loved them. I went crazy at them once, but decided to lessen the sweets for a while, but I was enjoying them when someone knocked on the front door.

I opened it and I saw a man, maybe in his late 20's, with a black jacket over a white polo. His grey hood gave his face a very menacing look, and he looked kinda scary, but I've seen worse, and this guy wasn't worse.

"Who are you?" I asked

"Alex Mercer. I'm an old friend of your mom. I heard she was hurt, and I came as fast as I could." He replied.

A cold chill ran down my spine. Something about him wasn't right. I was about to tell him to "get lost" when my mom came out.

"Alex! You're alive!" She hugged him. I was shocked, and to be honest, it takes a lot to shock me.

"You look terrible. Maybe I should've-"He started.

"No! It's okay. Dana called. She," She then looked concerned "told me about your situation and the past months." He groaned, and I wondered even more who this guy was.

"I have some questions. Mind if we talk outside?" He asked, and then glared at me "away from your family for awhile."

"That would be fine with me" Mom said. But I disagreed, saying "Mom, don't. You are still…not feeling well." I was well aware of her time in hell with Mr. Chu, and I was worried, for the following came into mind: 1.) She still needed rest, 2.) That man looked like he was going to kill someone, and I didn't know about him, and 3.) Because I wanted to make sure she was safe.

"Don't worry dear. I'll be fine. I know him from way back in my college years." She kissed on my forehead and left out the front door. I could hear outside with my super accurate hearing (comes with being a bird kid) that what they were talking was very different from what I'd heard.

"My God…So, are Alex Mercer, or ZEUS?" My mom asked in a shocked manner. It gave me a very cold chill down my spine.

"For the sake of it, just call me Alex Mercer. Now let's find a bar where we can talk privately."

I now had a gut-wrenching feeling that my mom is in serious trouble, or will be in serious trouble, unless I follow her.

So, after a little convincing, The Flock, minus Total, the flying, talking dog, would help me spy on my mom and her dark, broody friend that makes Fang look as threatening as light rain.

Whoever he was, he was not going to hurt my mom.

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