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Chapter 2: Bedtime story


I and the rest of the Flock snuck out the back door to watch this guy and my mom so that he wouldn't do anything to her. But by the Time I reached open skies and looked at the front yard, they were gone. I was kind of confused at the moment, as I swear they were just there for 1 minute. They couldn't have just, disappear like that.

Now this set my alert to DEFCON 3, as I flew over the town, hoping I can spot Alex and my mom. But, as it turns out, it was like the man had and invisible cloak or something, because they were nowhere to be found.

Now I was really starting to worry. Had my mom been kidnapped, again?

"Angel, can you sense them?" I asked her.

"No." I was surprised. "This guy seems to be blocking out his head, and mom's because I can't feel her… Wait." She tensed

"What is it, sweetie?"

"They are heading south, somewhere where there are many cafes, and trying to figure out which one to go in."

I flew south, as that area had many bars. I just hoped my mom was in one of them. If this guy did kidnap my mom, I will rip him apart, just like I will do it to Mr. Chu.

Alex POV, 1 minute before leaving

I told Valencia that I would talk to her in the house. The only reason I said I would talk to her in the bar was so that her pesky daughter would be misled and will be far away, if I'm lucky. When I heard silent footsteps going away inside, Valencia said "Can't you trust my daughter? She saved my life you know."

"I'm sorry, but I don't think your daughter would like a person who has his face posted in every law enforcement agency in the country. So here is what I'll do." I whispered in her ear.

She nodded, but her face was pale "I hope you know what you're doing. I trust you of course, but hope this works."

I grabbed her at the waist and ran towards the closest shelter that can hide us, while trying to be careful with Valencia. She wasn't very tough as a human.

I marked a shed that was empty just before I came to the door. I ran under the roof, and set her down gently. "Stay here and please stay quiet." I told her. She nodded, but she didn't sit well with the idea.

I closed the door and slowly looked outside the window. 6 kids and he tagged leader, the 14 year old girl who gave him the icy glare. He grimaced, she would ask that 6 year old to track me.

I then used the persona of Valencia, a new power of mine, one that doesn't involve killing people. I simply scratch some skin, and I can perfectly copy them, even their abilities. I evolved, ever since the end of the Infection in New York. I never tried this skill yet, but I accidentally scratched her hand. So I morphed in to her, much to her shock. I gave a thought, and pictured the town with these café's where I had passed, and thought hard. The girl then told the older one, and they flew off much to my relief.

I morphed back and came to Martinez, who looked like she was about to faint

"How did you do that?" She asked a little fear in her voice.

"It's a long story, and I know just the place to tell it."

I helped her up to her feet and walked across the street quickly so that no bird kid could spot us. Bird kid? I thought, this was a catchy name to them.

I opened the door to her and suddenly something bit my leg. I saw a small dog, possibly a Black terrier, doing the biting. I didn't feel pain, but I wasn't amused. I was about to kick him to outer space when the good doctor said "Total, don't he's a friend." She told him.

He let go, albeit reluctantly and saw a little fear in his eyes "Who is this creep?" he told her.

I looked at it, him, and whatever. In the early days I would have been shocked, but I've seen worse, and this talking dog wasn't it. I leaned forward and said "You try warning them; I'll yank that tongue and shove it down your throat." I warned.

He winced, but Martinez picked him up and combed his shaggy hair, comforting him a bit.

"Don't threaten him like that; and please try to act nice for once. Your sister warned me about your…temper." She said.

I winced, but I knew better than to judge my sister's knowledge, much less my own.

"Come on, I'll give you some drinks and food." She offered. "It isn't nice to just be a big bad man all the time."

I looked at her accusingly. She treated me like I was a child, and saw the dog relax a bit, even chuckling. I hated that. "I'm not a child, Martinez. And no thanks. But the story I'll tell you might interest you a bit"

Then I told her my tale, origins, and present events that I've been doing. She paled with every letter. It seems that, no matter how many times she's heard of experimentation and its cruel effects on humanity, she could never stop being horrified at each word. The dog too seemed to cower underneath the pillow, as if I was telling a bad monster story. The girl next to Martinez, Ella, and half-sister of Max, started to hold her mother tight. She came in just as we had started talking about me. I had no choice but to also let her listen to my story. When I was done, I smiled apologetically. They might have been scared, but I couldn't take it against them.

Max's POV

"Where are they now?" I demanded. I told the flock to split up and look in every bar and café, but they weren't in any one of them. And after 3 hours of searching, I started to get a dropping sensation, and not just dropping.

"I'm sorry Max" said Angel, "I just don't know where they are, it's like they were here, and left in 2 seconds."

"Don't worry, sweetie" I told her, but I had my fears confirmed, and all the blood from my face drained.

Fang saw my expression, and put one had one my shoulder. "She'll be fine, and we will find her, just like last time." He encouraged me a bit with that statement.

"Okay guys let's go home, and hopefully she'll be there." I hoped.

We flew home after a long day, planning what to do now. I was figuring out whom that man in the hoodie was when I landed in the front lawn and at the door step was my mom, Ella, Total, and that man who talked to her before.

"MOM!" I exclaimed. I felt relief that she was alive, but was crushed out by my anger and suspicion on that man, who somehow made my mom disappear.

"You! Who that hell do you think you are-"I got cut-off by my mom's voice. "Max, don't. He didn't hurt me. He just couldn't trust you, that is all. We just talked inside the house, with Total." That explanation didn't help. I was about to continue my threat when he shoved me aside and whispered in my mom's ear. I fell to the ground. I got mad, and Angel thought to me Go kick his butt, Max! I complied silently. My mom would not approve of it, but this guy had to go. I gave him a hard punch on the chest, which would've knocked him over. But instead, he took it and he didn't even twitch. I was surprised, as was the Flock. No normal person could take a hit that hard. My mom broke us apart before I had a chance to squeeze in a roundhouse kick to the face.

"Max, please. Don't provoke him. He isn't, well, like most people." I silently regarded him. He stared at me so creepily even Fang shuddered, and that's saying something.

"Come on in." said my mom. But I heard something, and before I knew it, we were surrounded by lots of heavily armed robots. They somehow were able to blend in with the surroundings, just like Fang. Mr. Chu must have been upgrading them a bit, because their weapons are now machine guns.

"M-Geeks" Gazzy breathed hard. I was just about to grab mom and Ella, head inside and formulating a battle plan when that stranger in the hood stepped forward.

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