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To avoid confusion on who is speaking at the moment, here is a quick guide:

-A- Alex Mercer

-M- Max

-F- Fang

Chapter 4: Tryouts


Ok, to anyone reading my adventures religiously, I'm sure that you know that I am a rock; unmovable, unshakable, and most importantly, un-effing-scared of some guy dressed like a goth.

But unless you've read the news, I'm sure that you know about the Manhattan incident where the entire island was sealed off by the military due to some chemical bomb setting off somewhere. By the time the military got in there, millions of people, both civilian and military, died.

And you said the TV wasn't educational.

Anyways, the found out who pulled the trigger and it turns out, it was a scientist turned terrorist wannabe named Alex Mercer, the same guy who is standing out the front porch.

As soon as my brain began to comprehend who this guy was, I also knew of the dangers this wacko can do. So without further ado, I Sparta kicked (Yes, I just said that. What? You didn't watch 300 yet?) the guy away from my mom and dragged her away from him.

Normally, she would agree about my actions at this point of time, but today was different. She yanked my hand away and I was in staring at her with disbelief.

"Mom! What are you doing? Do you know who this guy is?" I asked.

"Yes, dear, I am fully aware of what he can do, and I was his college student back when I was 19 years old. And I know Max that he is a good man. He explained to me on what really happened back in Manhattan, particularly in Penn Station." I stared at her in disbelief.

"But this guy killed millions of people, Mom, and he is not setting foot in my house. Not while I breathe." I said in determination.

Alex just smirked. "Funny, I just did that 8 hours ago."

I yelled my battle cry and did a 360 degree sidekick right in the chest. Normally, an adult would have been sent to the adjacent house, or hit a car right in front of my flying ragdoll, but he didn't even flinch.

My eyes widened in shock, but shook it away and warned him "Don't you dare try and harm my family, you freak." Oh, the irony.

He seemed to know it was ironic because his grin widened, much to my irritation. "Look whose talking. Besides I'm not here to fight."

Iggy and Gazzy have taken my right flank, and Nudge and Angel took my left. But I didn't see Fang anywhere. But when I saw a small speck of movement behind Alex, I smiled mentally.

Angel, I thought hard, Try and read his thoughts, we might have an advantage, plus I don't want him making a bang bigger than Iggy's. Also, if you can, try and knock him out, got it?

OK. Thought Angel, and her eyes began to concentrate very hard on Alex's eyes.

At first, I thought that it would work, but then Angel had a blank look on her face, then buckled under her own weight and collapsed, screaming with her hands clutched on her head.

My heart was in my throat. "Angel!" I rushed to her side and hugged her tightly.

"What's happening? What's wrong?!" I cried, but she screamed louder, then she did the most terrifying thing possible:

Her eyes rolled up to the back of her head, and she became limp.

My head was screaming "focus!", but my heart yelled "Angel first!" Gazzy was now crying, but his tears he shed was just a prelude to the volcano that was about to erupt in Gazzy's head.

"What did you do to her?" I demanded.

He simply chuckled. "She should know that looking into my head would be an equal to her dropping a rock on her skull."

Now the Flock was mad, but uncomparable to the sheer anger in Gazzy's face.

"You bastard!" He yelled, and charged head first into Alex.

"Gazzy! No!" I shouted, but he ignored it and went into a spinning side-kick.

Technically, when a bird kid does something like that, an adult would have had his butt on the ground right about now, but when Gazzy's foot connected with Alex's chest, it was like hitting a steel wall with a rubber ball.

His kick bounced off his chest, and Alex immediately did a front kick on his stomach, which sent him flying into the air. I was stunned to see Gazzy being kicked up high. Sure it wasn't surprising that we can fly, but when someone is flying because he was kicked into the air, that was a recipe for disaster.

Now my brain was in slow-mo, figuring out a plan. This was spiraling out of control, but we still have a numbers advantage.

I then made the plan and quickly yelled orders "Iggy, Nudge, get Gazzy!"

They promptly complied and went an "up and away" (short term for flying off).

Alex just looked at us like we were pitiful puppies. "2 down, 4 to go." He said.

I was in a fury. I put Angel down. Before Iggy and Nudge could grab Gazzy, I roared towards this, this, monster, and placed all my power into my fist.

I was a rock, in case you haven't read my adventures, but when he caught my fist like he was catching a pillow, my face registered utter shock.

"Nice try, girl" He teased "But that's not good enough." He began to squeeze. I yelled in pain as I heard a familiar voice snarling. "LET. HER. GO!"

Alex turned to look at Fang, holding a particularly nasty piece of lead pipe and swung it down on his head.

He fell faster than a roller coaster on the top of a particularly steep drop. He fell face down on the ground and on my foot.

Eew. I kicked his face away and his back bent in ways only a particularly boneless man could do.

He helped me up and immediately checked my hand.

"It's fine, it's Gazzy who we should be worried about." I said, but as I turned away, my blood ran cold when I heard Alex say "I disagree."

Fang and I were flabbergasted. Who was this guy? Was he another freak like the Erasers?

Before me and Fang could move a muscle, he somehow teleported, yes, you've heard me right.

He simply went from point A, to point B, and before I raised my fist, I caught his shoulder and both of us were heading towards the house and we crashed right through the wall.

I barely heard my mom's cries to stop and Ella's sobbing. I now know how it feels to be it with a bomb, officially.

Fang came over to my side, followed by Iggy, and helped me up.

"You alright?" asked Iggy, concern spread all over his boyish face. "I left Nudge to take care of Angel and Gazzy."

"Yeah, but this guy is tough," I admitted "But that dosen't mean he isn't all powerful. There must be a way to take him down." I scanned the room and found some pepper spray that Ella uses when she goes out alone. I quickly deduced that it was useless and found some kitchen knives scattered across the floor. Wow, either this guy was tough, or he just took way too much vitamins is beyond me, but he was not gonna get away with hurting my family. I grabbed them, and gave them to both boys. Then, I heard a crunching sound in the direction of where the kitchen used to be.

A silhouette appeared and me, Fang and Iggy crouched and got into our battle positions.

Alex stood out and held his hand out "Easy now, you and I both know those little toothpicks aren't gonna work." My response was to simply grip the handle of the knife harder.

He sighed "Violence against me will avail you nothing." And before our eyes, his right arm turned into a large, sharp blade, which he pointed it at me. "Now, put those down before you join the other 2."

My nerves snapped and in a roar, charged at him with ferocity, knife ready to stab in the chest.

My knife hit its target, but not at the chest. I let go of the hilt and stared in sheer horror that I had just killed a man. But to my shock, and my horror, the guy just stood there grasping the knife out of his head like he was pulling it out of its holder.

He chuckled menacingly. "That was strike 3, girl. You're out." And his left hand shifted into a big, black ball.

And, that was pretty much the last thing I saw.


"NO!" I yelled as Alex turned his left hand into a club-like weapon and whacked Max like a golf ball.

Time seemed to slow down for me as she bounced off the wall and collapsed like a sack of potatoes; her body was broken in ways I cannot describe.

I wanted to run to her side, but I was faced with a dilemma: I leave to help her, I would be leaving Iggy alone with that monster."

I gritted my teeth as I saw Mrs. Martinez run to Max's side, trying to determine which part of the body has taken the most damage.

And with Nudge and Ella helping Angel and Gazzy, that just left me, and Iggy against a shape-shifting terrorist.

The Flock has a way of attracting trouble to itself, in two ways: provoking Max, or we do something that pisses off some very powerful people.

"Alright" I whispered to Iggy "You take his left, and I take the right."

"Got it." He replied.

In that moment that we stopped talking, we charged.


You'd think that with all the battles these kids have gone through, they would've figured it out that I was just trying to stop fighting and start talking, but they must have an invulnerability complex, or else they would've done something rational, like, stop and talk.

But, since I took 2 of their youngest down, plus their leader and half of Mrs. Martinez's house, that option was long gone, and I had to deal with it.

I decided to end this quick, so I dashed forward and, switching to my muscle mass, where my hands are the size of 10 strong men in one arm each, grabbed gently(an understatement) and lifted them up in the air.

Before I snapped their necks like twigs, I finally took note of my surroundings, most of all Mrs. Martinez, who was understandably distraught.

I cannot ask help if this is the kind of reception I'm giving, so…

I groaned and rolled my eyes, and, hoping that I wouldn't regret this later, put both boys down, who where gagging and gasping for breath.

I've noticed the girl I thwacked in the head was up and holding a very nasty piece of metal in her hands.

Now, in my exploits beforehand, I managed to gain the ability to control electricity when I was searching for clues for Pariah. Let's just say an exploding bomb + Me = electrical powers.

The boys just gaped at me as electricity conducted from my finger tips and gave a little jolt on the metal she was holding.

The sooner the electricity surged through the metal, the sooner she went to lala land.

I then turned to the boys, and Dr. Martinez, the blind one is out, no doubt from exhaustion, but I soon discovered that the black haired kid who could disappear was still conscious but barely.

Then I turned my back on him and he tried to get up.

"Don't hold your breath." I warned "I've done your tryouts to talk to Dr. Martinez, now I get to post my offer to her, and if you're interested, you.


"Me?" I echoed.

"Well, I know that girl won't listen, and it might just serve both my purposes and yours, so if you're willing, let's sit down and chat." He promptly grabbed the chair that ain't turned to firewood yet and sat on it.

"What makes you think that whatever you're selling I'm buying." I gasped, the ribs need to heal a bit.

"Because you know of one Mr. Chu" The second I heard that name, I gripped the nearest object tightly and squeezed it hard, trying to get some support to get up.

He smiled. "Then we have a common foe."

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