Chapter 2: The Recovery

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'Heads up!' a First Year yelled.

A muddy-looking football then proceeded to spiral across the dining hall, Kelly shoved Annabelle against the wall, protecting her from the ball, and most of the First Years.

'Uhm...thanks.' Annabelle smiled slightly; she wasn't used to being so... close... to someone as attractive as Kelly.

'No problem.' Kelly did the same half-smile that Annabelle had used and blushed, surprising the younger girl.

The two then fought their way across the crowded hall, using tables as cover and dirty trays as shields, and finally made their way to the cafeteria line.

Annabelle walked over to the line, dumping her filthy tray for a fresh one.

'What are you doing, Fritton?' Kelly gave her a strange look, which Annabelle had no idea of how to interpret.

'Lining up to get some food...?' This came out as more of a question than a statement, but then Annabelle was always a little unsure of herself – despite being a fully-fledged St Trinian.

Kelly grinned, 'You don't have to line up any more, Fritton.'

'Why not?' Annabelle asked, incredulous.

'You're with me now.'

'I am?' Annabelle was even more confused.

'Yeah, now come on, Fritton.'

'Oh-kay...' Annabelle followed Kelly uncertainly, slightly caught up in the incredibly sexy way that her hips moved.

'Ugh.' Annabelle thought to herself, 'Don't go all gooey over me now, Fritton. You're a St Trinian now, YOU do the teasing, and you do NOT get teased.'

'Where are we going?' Annabelle asked, her voice full of the childlike innocence that was so her.


'Ooh, very descriptive Kelly!' Annabelle laughed, 'You should become an author!'

Kelly gave Annabelle a look that clearly said 'shut up', and continued walking.

'Dear God, take me now before I suffer the wrath of a PMS'ing Kelly.' Annabelle silently prayed, 'how can someone so sexy be so intimidating?'

'Come on, Fritton.' Kelly called, and Annabelle suddenly realised she was lagging behind, 'and stop perving at my arse!'


Looking up from Kelly's behind [which she had clearly been 'perving' at], she blushed.

Yet again.

'I wasn't-' Annabelle began, but was cut off.

'Sure.' Kelly's brow rose higher than Annabelle had ever seen it, but Kelly said no more, continuing her sexy strut that had caught Annabelle's attention so easily in the first place.

'Fritton is smitten.' Annabelle laughed to herself, following Kelly like, which she noted, and moved so she walked confidently beside Kelly.

They moved through the school quickly, until they reached a very normal-looking door [with three bulky locks on it], which Kelly unlocked.

'Nice security.' Annabelle smirked.

'Nice face.' Kelly shot back, entering the room.

Annabelle touched her cheek self-consciously, but shrugged off the remark, despite being hurt, and followed Kelly into the room.

'Oh, so this is your bedroom?' she asked, curious to know more about the beloved head girl of St Trinian's.

'Yeah,' Kelly replied vaguely, 'you like it?'

'Sure.' Annabelle said, looking around the room.

Kelly's room was painted a simple white, with nothing that could easily connect the girl to the room. Her cupboard doors were closed, bed neatly made, and clothes put away. A small wooden dresser with locks on it sat in the corner.

'What are you doing, Kel?' Annabelle asked, watching as Kelly slipped a key from the dresser to the inside of her white blouse.

Kelly smiled, 'Just come with me, Fritton, you'll see.'

Walking out the front door, Annabelle did as Kelly asked, following her down the hallway and through the empty halls of the school.

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