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Chapter 1: The Start of Tomorrow



"What is it?" as the mother answer her twins child. "Can we play at the garden?" The cloud was sky blue and the weather is cool breeze. The spring season was coming and some flowers were blossom in the garden.

"Yes, you can and the weather is pretty good but you two must be back before dinner."

"Right." Then, they rush to the garden. Their mother watched them happy at the living room.


"Ange…don't…run so fast."

"Its you who too slow. Come here faster, brother." As her brother stand beside her, he saw the direction that her hand pointing at. "Wah…it beautiful." The field was full of flower and there were many butterflies dancing around the petals of flower. The sunlight contrasts the water drop and it shining beautifully like a crystal.

"I found this recently I play here. It very beautiful and calm so I was going to show to you."

They hold hands and smiled together.


"Arthur, did you hear someone calling?"

"No. I didn't hear any sound."

She followed the direction of the sound and she found a man with black robe. Then, the man approaches her and points a finger to her.


He mumbled some words and some light came out. She was too scared to run.

By that time her brother reach there, she already collapse on the grass.



(Angela's POV)

Everything was dark and only the sound of water could be heard. I was sinking deeply into the dark and landed on the water. I heard someone calling me.




There a person standing in front of me. Her hair was black in color and her eyes were red like blood. She points at me and mumbled some words but I can't heard what she say. The sounds of surroundings were too loud as if it blocked me from hearing it.

But I managed to hear a sentence.

"Call me…."

And everything turns to fade white.

"At last we reached to New York."

"Yes. It really tired sit on the plane that long and some traffic jam also."


"Ange, what the mater?"

"Is…this the school we apply?"

"Well, yes. We need to see the Principal."

'I never saw a school t-that huge as a mansion.' She thought. They follow the school map that was given together with the register form. After several minute they finally found the Principal office. Before they knock, some voice came.

"Come in. I know you there."

They were surprised that the door opened itself. The room was fully of things. The Principal was sitting on his desk.

"Hello. Welcome to Hetalia Gakuen. I am Principal Rome. As the letter explain, Hetalia Gakuen is a special school only who that had a special power. Of course our school is special because it teaches magic to student instead of teaching like normal people do. Of course it is a magic school. This school only seen by the student here and normal people can't reach or see it."

They silent few minute before the Principal Rome spoke again and handed a paper to them.

"Well, this is your dorm room number and your classroom. Tomorrow you will meet your teacher there. If nothing question then you may leave please and have a good day."

After they thank the Principal Rome and they went out the office. 'So they are the Kirkland's twins. They had grown up already.'

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