Chapter 2 Naked forever

As bulma cleans herself off she see goku running up to her in the distance, and begins to looks at the criminal sense. "Shit hmm I know..." As goku appears closer to bulma grabs her bag with two fingers pulls out an long knife, and with great speed chops up the birdman. Just like that it was all over, and quite overwhelming. "Bulma are you okay?" Bulma turns and smiles as she walks over to goku. "Yap, I am find, and look at how much stronger I am." As bulma dances around naked, goku eyes go wider then an trashcan see the dump-truck. "YOUR BALLS ARE GONE!"

Bulma smiles hearing these words and begins to speak, "Stupid girls don't have balls we have breast, and there great to have. Goku, do you know what balls are for?" Goku just stood there with an weird look in his eye? "Goku Balls are for giving girls like me milk, I know you might not believe it, but it all true." Goku looks at his pants, and nods... "I know, I just met an girl whom told me the same thing." Bulma eyes look at goku with an evil grin, "Did she do anything to you?" Goku face turn beat red, "Yap it felt weird..." as goku finished his line, He felt and wet feeling coming for his pants. Goku eyes wide even more wide as he fall backwards on to his back. "Don't worry goku I'll make it feel good..." Bulma in an blink of an eye had pin goku to the ground, and was giving goku an Super X blowjob attack. It only took one second, but it was an powerful second as goku climate 10 time.

"Good job goku! NOW IT TIME FOR THE REAL FUN!" Goku had an look for horror in his eye, as bulma grabs goku penis. Before goku could say anything bulma had already eaten his monster cock. It was like time had stood still, they fuck for hours, and hours going at each other like they where wild beast in the sandstorm and there only sirflive was to eat. But unknown to them time had really stop, they truly where being fuck in an timeless zone. It would take bulma an few more years to notice that there where stuck, but when she did; she just continue to fuck goku like an dog with an 14in dick. It was way to good not to be fuck.

1500 days later, "I cumming!" Bulma head moves at great speed destroying the young man dick. Bulma head moves with great speed again, this time pulling her lips off the tip of the young boy dick and letting it shoot off her like candy. "Come on Goku are you done? I can still keep on going" As goku looks into bulma intoxicating eyes, his penis get rock hard again. "hhehe How do you do like my sexually eyes? I bet you want more?" Bulma eyes had the power to control anyone penis within eye few.

If she want to she could make all the men in west city her slave. "Bulma I want more!" Bulma laugh, but soon her worst nightmare would come true. That night of fucking was almost destroyed by goku ultimate sperm. Bulma had fuck goku so long he had master the sex arts, that he long forgotten. For the next 2000 years bulma was used up like and rag doll, and spit out like yesterday trash. It would not end! Goku had regain his sexually powers, and he was use them all on bulma. It was an lucky day that time return back to them, and she able to free herself form the evil penis. After that they both went to there capsules house, and went to sleep hoping that time would never freeze again.

The next morning was good shiny day as bulma steps form the bed she hears an long loud splash, and looks down. "GOKU!" Bulma runs out to the living room, and then opens the door to see goku talking with an turtle. "GOKU! WHAT THE HELL!" Goku and the turtle look at the naked girl with weird eyes? "Umm bulma your naked it?" Bulma look at him and gets even more mad! "WHY AM I COVER LIKE AN BUKKAKE!" goku smiles then speak "Sorry, I had trouble getting to sleep." Bulma jaw drops like it was in an TV comedy movie.

"Goku next time ask? I might have want to been awake..." As bulma grabs an pink skirt. "Okay Goku lets go and get the dragonballs." as bulma hits the button on the house, and turns it back into an capsule.

"Okay bulma but first, I'm going to take him home." Bulma give goku an quick look, and nods. "Shit, Okay lets go, and you better keep up with me." As the two race off down the hill. "Bulma your much faster now, how did you become strong like me?" Bulma smiles as her pink dress blows in the winds, her pink skin showing off the cum as is flies behind her. "Goku It was your milk it gave me new live... Please also give me some more!" Goku face turn bet red as he smiles. "Sure I give it to you forever, I promise!" Bulma begins to cry as she know, she was just using him but hearing those words change her mind. She made an new vow to also watch over goku.