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Lucy placed a well-groomed finger nail into her mouth and tore it off.

"I don't see why I must wear this dress." She mumbled and picked up a fold in the skirt.

"The Scarlets' are holding a party that we were invited to. Put on your mask already, Lucélia."

Erza Scarlet was one of the most famous debutantes; next to Lucélia Heartfillia, that is. Erza's nature was as sharp as her name. She was most often described as beautiful, but in a different way than Lucy. Lucy was as elegant and regal as her name. Not one of her hairs were out of their place whilst Erza had hers in a wild mane of, well, scarlet.

Tonight Lucy was wearing a gown of sage green. It flounced at least in two feet in the back and six inches in the front. Five hundred dark green emeralds darted in and around the skirt and up the bodice. Her maid, Levi, had tied her corset up which was now hidden behind the bodice that had long, tight sleeves.

Her mother handed her a silver, intricate, mask that was covered in tiny white glass beads. It covered her cheekbones up to her forehead, but her plump, small lips were left out. A string was hidden behind a mass of curls which was her hair.

The one group that was highly hated by the Heartfillias were the Fullbusters. The fight between the two families had been going on along the decades, possibly even a century or two by now. The thing was it was a stupid reason. Or rather, in modern times it is.

Ancient Juliet had married Romeo without either family knowing. Juliet had had an arranged marriage beforehand. Of course, as all love stories go, something went horribly wrong and the young couple died. By now, you probably have guessed where this story is going. Set in the Elizabethan time period, scandal must be abroad.

The most famous bachelor at this moment was Grayson Fullbuster. Thousands of girls loved him, but only two wanted to marry him. Loving from a distance was Miss. Lucélia, history dating her to be Juliet's great-niece or something among those lines. Erza, the other debutante, also had her eyes set on him.

Grayson, or rather Gray, enjoyed being the envy of most men but he never truly thought of being in love. Most of the time, he was out drinking with his friend, Nathan. Nathan and he were pretty competitive. Each wanted to be better than the other. In one of the past poker games they had played Nathan, in his drunken state, had decided to be called Natsu. Gray was the distance relative of Romeo's cousin's son, though over time the bond had become nearly gone.

Lucy pulled on her wrap and a dark velvet hat to protect herself from the cold, harsh, Autumn night. It was already six and the ball ended at ten. All of the socialites were bound to be present.

Now, Erza loved a good scandal. New reports from her were frequently posted in the paper. She knew of the Fullbuster and Heartfillia feud and she wanted to all she could to push it into her favor.

Erza had of course known of the ball her parents were holding around two minutes before they announced it allowed during one of their visits. First one of the day. The Fullbuster family hated the Heartfillias and fights broke out if anyone from their households saw each other. Servants couldn't visit each other and the women folk couldn't speak. Men couldn't sit next to each other in the bars.

Erza made sure that Gray and Lucy would be at the masquerade.

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