I walked down the street to stop at a dark alley. "Who's there?" there was a sound as if someone smaked into the brick wall.
Because i was a vampire, i could see in the dark. A vampire layed on the floor groaning in pain. I grabbed his hand and helped him up.
"Are you alright?"
He nodded and looked at me. He wasnt like other vampires. He looked different, yet i knew him some how.
"Xander Orlock?" i asked.
He nodded and looked at me shyly. I smiled and stuck u hand out. His long pale finger wrapped around my delicate tan hand and shook slightly.
"Elvira Lunca. And yes, like Lunca, Romania."
"Its a pleasure to meet you." he said with a slight lithsp.
I chuckled. "I do believe the pleasure is all mine."
His deep setted eyes glowed as i flashed a smile at him. Somethinging about him attracted me. I wasn't sure if it was his fangs that never went away, his long finger, his pale flesh, or his pointy ears. But whatever it was, i was hooked. "I was just going out for a stroll if you wanted to join me." i asked sweetly.
His face let up, hen just dropped. "I shouldnt go out in public."
I shook my head and sighed. "Xander, Xander, why ever not?"
He looked down at his body then back at me, and shrugged.
I slipped my hand out of his and frowned. "You are an amazing person Xander, why not show yourself off?"
He stared at me speechless. "Exactly."
I grabbed his long pale fingers and started for the back of the alley. Within minutes, we were outside of the club. I smiled at him a and pulled him toward the back door. I yanked it open and dragged him in while he protested and pulled the whole time. We were in.
"I dont think this is such a good idea Elvira." he said looking around.
I looked back and laughed, "dont be such a party pooper Xander. I'll get us some drinks."
And with that i left him and went to get some drinks. I ordered tow bloody marys and headed back to Xander, nodding my head to the beat. What i saw made me see in red. A bunch of guys were surrounding Xander, pushing him around teasing him. With a few deep breaths i grasped on my control, put on a smile, and pushed my way to Xander. "What do we have here boys. New meat." A smooth voiced said behind me. I handed Xander his drink and slowly turned around. Xanders hand pulled me back. "It's not worth it." he said shakily.
I turned and patted his cheek. I turned and faced the blond boy staring at me.
"I dont belive we met. Elvira Lunca."
"Jules." "Jules." i purred and he nodded. "What a girls name."
His friends laughed as hs eyes flashed. "What did you just say?" I shrugged and took a sip and licked my lips. "You heard me."
"I think i might of heard you wrong. What did you say?"
I rolled my eyes and looked right into his eyes. "You. Have. A. Girls. Name."
His lips pulled back and he flashed his teeth. Xander pulled me back and tried to put me behind him.
"Leave her alone Jules." he said in a low, yet menacing tone.
"This has nothing to do with you Exo." He replied his gaze on me. I pushed Xander aside and face Jules. With a hiss of my own he backed down. "You're just backing up Exo becuase you feel bad for him. When you get tired of him we'll be over there."
He turned and was making his way toward the others when i stopped him. He slowly turned and flashed me a crooked grin.
I returned the smile and yanked Xander to me. Jules eyes flashed with confushion right before i kissed Xander.
At first Xander was stiff under my lips. Then he melted and started kissing me back. His kisses were different form my previous kisses. Sweet, kind, soft. I liked it. I opened my eyes to see Jules back away, looking at us.
I broke away from Xander, panting lightyl. As he panted hard i had no choice but laugh. His pale cheeks blushed bright red. I leaned in and gave him a quick, light kiss on the lips and disappeared.
As i opened the door and sat on my bed i touched my lips lightly. This was the begining of a beautiful relationship. And with that i fell on the bed.