The next night was different. This was our first official day, or night, in New York. Mother and Father were getting ready to meet the Orlocks. The reason we even came to New York was becuase of the fact Count Orlocks party was crashed. When we heard word that the Van Helsing crashed the party. As one of the , the in my opinion, strongest and powerful families in the world, we simply couldn't have puny humans "crashing" a vampire ball. It was even more strange the party was an Orlock party, I over heard Father saying.

I usually never attend their "business meetings", but I knew Xander would be there and we needed to talk. I liked Xander, I really did. So that means we needed to talk. I wanted to explain the kiss to him. I didn't want him to think I only did it because of Jules. In a sense i guess I did, but I would have wanted to do it eventually. I know Xander doesn't really know much about dating, so I didnt want to push him. This was going to be fun. Not.