"AHHH! That mother Fucker! I cant believe he doesn't even know my name! Like come on everyone knows whose who I am Volleyball and Soccer team Caption, Grad Valedictorian and student body president! I am the shit up and threw this school!" I said to Cassidy and Emma as we changed into our PE clothes.

"I told you so!" Cassidy said while picking off a piece of lint off my volleyball shorts.

Cassidy and I play Volleyball together and Emma and I play soccer together. Today the girls block and guys block were playing volleyball against each other, because yesterday we played soccer and girls totally kicked ass.

"Time to kick ass Mother Fuckers!" Cassidy said while we set up the nets.

Jared looked over from the other side of the net and winked at me. I just nodded my head and smoothed out my shirt.

Cassidy served the ball, Paul returned it, Cassidy bumped to Emma who set it to me, giving me the perfect set up to spike it in Jareds face and well I took it. The game pretty much continued on like that. The girls team won 58- 28 at the end of the period.

I was putting the net away and Jared walked up to me. "so you play Volleyball? Your pretty good Kim." He said while helping me.

"Ohh so now you know my name? Yeah I play volleyball and soccer, pretty much everyone in this school knows that I am the caption of both teams, and I am not pretty good I am fucking amazing" I said to him

"Full of ourselves aren't we?" He said while trying to move closer to me

" I am not full of myself, I am just confident" I said while moving away from him and walking toward the change rooms. I told Emma and Cassidy about Jareds and I little conversation outside.

"AHH! Kimmers! He wants you in his pants!" Cassidy while pulling her shirt over her head.

"Oddly enough I think Cassidy is right. I think he likes you" Emma added

"Maybe" I said before we all walked to our lockers located beside each other.

Lunch was usual apart form Jared stares and constant winking. My next class was art Emma and I had this class together, Emma jabbered on about Scott till class was over.

Thank god it was Friday one more class then weekend. I walked to Chemistry with Cassidy. Jared was already in his seat 3 rows back from mine. As I walked in He smiled and winked, I am only human I couldn't help but to blush.

I took my seat quickly Beside Cassidy.

"Okay class today we begin our final project , in partners" Mr Barber said the Class cheered "Assigned partners" the class yawned

"Okay, Mike and Elizabeth, Cassidy and Mr. Paul Rashid," he looked at me "Miss. Connweller with…" He looked around the room "How about.. Mr. Jared Pelletier"

"Of course" I said to myself and gathered my books and took a seat beside him.

"Hi" I said to him

"Sup babe" he winked

My insides burned a little

"a little ahead of ourselves aren't we" I said while opening my text book

"Maybe I could get your number, and we could hang out then you could be my babe" He said while reaching for his phone.

"Maybe" I said while handing him my iPhone and he handed me is Chocolate flip. I quickly punched in my number then handed my phone back.

We worked on the project for the rest of the class. We began to pack up our books.

"So Kim, what are you doing tonight?" He asked

"I have soccer til 6 but I am free after that" I said

"Well maybe you and I could go to the beach or something" He asked with hopful eyes.

"Ummm….Sure why not Heres my address and pick me up at about 7ish?" I said handing him a peace of paper with my address written on it.

"Kim, thank you so much" He said then smiled at me flashing his white teeth, The bell rang and I hurried off to my locker.

"OMG! Guess what I have a date with Jared tonight!" I squealed to Emma and Cassidy

"Awe babe I am happy for you! Where are you two going?" Emma asked

"The beach" I answered happily

"Kimberly wear your blue and green bikini, you look so fucken hot in it" Cassidy said while we exited school.

"I agree you look very attractive in that one" Emma added

"Okie dokie, Cya at soccer Emma. Bye guys" I said before walking to my Mustang

Soccer when by slowly, I got home quickly showered and threw on my bikini and a summer dress and cardigan over that. I walked to the main floor and waited for my night to arrive.

Okay so what do you think. You may notice in all my storys all the girl are athletic well because girls that play sports are the best. Volleyball and Soccer are the sports I play on the school team so that's why they are always the main ones. Emma and Cassidy are based on my two best Friends Emma and Cassidy. Lol I tried to make Kim portray on how I would act in a situation like this so please review it means a lot when you do.

Jassmine xx.