Chapter Three

Jareds POV

Of course her house was the biggest house in all of La Push, probably the biggest one in Forks aside from the Cullens.

I drove up, I got out of the car and walked up to the door I knocked, she opened it. She looked absolutely adorable in her little dress and sweater over top. Her hair looked so cute wavy down her back and bangs pulled to the side.

"Hey Jared" She said nervously, awe she was so stinkin cute.

"Hey Kim, you look wow.." I said lost for words, she blushed awe

"you look very wow yourself Jared" She said then closed the door.

We got into my Honda Civic that is shit compared to her Mustang but she didn't see to mind.

"So are your parents home?" I said noticing the empty drive way.

"Ummm no, My parents work in Port Angleas, My mom is a Lawyer and My dad is a Doctor. They work 6 day weeks 12 hours a day plus there 2hr commute to work there and back. The day they have off there usually super busy with other things so I don't see them much. I mean I miss them but then again its kind of nice having the whole house to myself to do as I please, then again I have been a independent person since I was 16 so I have been like this for the past three years. They know it kind of bothers me so they shower me with gifts 2 cars later and unlimited credit card limits later they would think I wouldn't feel lonely but I still do" she said very quickly, then her face turned red. "Sorry you probably didn't want to here my life story"

I felt bad for her "Awe, I want to know all I can about you. You don't need to be lonely anymore; I am here for you always" I said then glanced at her

She had her face towards the window, But I could still tell from the reflection she was blushing at my last remark. I couldn't help but to smile

We drove to the beach, when we arrived I looked at Kim, " I have a surprise for you, but you need to close your eyes" I said but then checked out hot smoking hot she was.

"Okay?" She said, I took her hand and she closed her eyes and lead her to the beach.

"Open" I said and she open her eyes

"Awwwee Jared!" she said as she looked at the picnic I set up for her under the star filled sky will the moon for light. She sat on the blanket.

We ate the sandwiches I made, I took to pillow from the basket. We laid on they blanket looking at the sky telling stories and getting to know each other better.

She quickly sat up I looked at her curiously, "Lets go swimming". She said then began to take off her sweater. I watched her take off her dress and expose her perfectly toned body in her bikini. My mouth flew out at the amazing sight.

She looked over at me and giggled she moved her body closer to me and touched her nose against mine, "Careful flies might get in" then she closed my mouth

I quickly took off my shirt and shoes and chased after her into the water.

She was quite fast but I still caught her. She splashed water in my face. For a god 45 minutes we played in the water, until I noticed she was shivering. I decided we should head back for her sake if it was up to me we'd be here all night.

I drove her home, I walked her to the door.

"Thanks Jared I had fun!" she said while unlocking the door.

"Yeah me too", I said then moved closer to kiss her, she turned her head so the kiss hit her cheek rather than her lips.

"Sorry, I don't kiss on the first date", Kim said while looking down

I smiled at her then gave her a hug. "Okay I can respect that, Good Night Kim" I said before walking back to my car.