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It was a dark, starry night. Not many were still awake in the dark castle. Only one light was shinning and through it, many screams of pain and agony could be heard. The screams continued on until around midnight, when suddenly, a baby's cry could be heard, wailing somewhere in the castle. A tall man with dark hair and olive skin, with a sword strapped around his middle could be found rushing through the many corridors. He found his destination, a plain wooden oak door on his right, and pushed it open. Inside was a man of about the same age and looks, the only difference being the pointy beard on the front of his face. The man was standing at one of the tall windows against the opposite wall, staring at the stars above.

"Your wife, sir," said the first man. "She has given birth, to a boy." The second man sighed and continued to gaze at the stars.

"The heavens have blessed us," he said quietly, then turned around to face the second man. "You have your orders, General Glozelle." The second man nodded his head, a bit hesitantly, and then swept away from the room.

Prince Caspian was sound asleep in his bed, having one of his many dreams about the Kings and Queens of Old. In this particular dream, he was ruling alongside them and fighting off their many enemies. He was shaken awake just as he was saying something to the beautiful Queen Susan. He looked up into the weary eyes of his long time tutor, Doctor Cornelius. Caspian rolled back over and muttered five more minutes, hoping for a little more sleep before his nightly lesson on the stars.

"You will not be studying the stars tonight, my Prince." He pulled on Caspians arm, urging him to get out of bed. Once up, Caspian stared at his confusedly. Doctor Cornelius said nothing as he dragged him toward his wardrobe, next to his bed. Doctor Cornelius pulled open the dark doors and pushed against the back wall, revealing a secret passageway that Caspian had used a number of times as a boy, and most recently as two nights ago, to sneak down to the kitchens.

"What is this all about?" Caspian asked, a little annoyed.

"Your Aunt," he said in a rushed voice, "Has given birth, to a son."

Caspian eyes widened in fear. He heard some shuffling outside of his door and rushed into the wardrobe. He quickly closed the doors behind himself, though not completely. He wanted to see what his Uncles men were up to. He watched as the General, one he had known his entire life, silently raised his hand, his men locked arrows into their crossbows and took aim at the bed Caspian had been sleeping in not just five minutes before. He watched in horror as General Glozelle gave the signal and about ten arrows rushed at his bed at top speed. The tore apart at the bed hangings and exploded feathers into the air on compact with his bed and pillows. Caspian was frozen in horror, surely his Uncle could not be behind this. He had taken care of Caspian since he was five and his father died.

He felt his arm being tugged on and looked down at the Professor. He had tears in his eyes, but he pulled Caspian along as shouts could be heard, ringing through the quiet castle.

Doctor Cornelius led Caspian out through the back where he had his horse, Destrier, waiting for him. On their way, they had stopped in the armory, loading Caspian up with a sword, dagger and crossbow.

Caspian pulled himself atop Destriers back. He looked down at his Professor and gripped his hand tightly, more shouts could be heard echoing down the small back ally. The Professor groped inside his pocket and pulled out a bundled package. Caspian stared at it.

"Be safe, my Prince," he told him quietly. "Ride hard and aim for the woods, they won't follow you there." Caspian nodded silently, at a loss for words, then stared at the package in the Professors hand. The professor quickly handed it to him. "Use this only in your greatest time of need." Caspian unwrapped the package and stared at the horn in his hand. It was beautiful, carved to look like the head of a lion. He stuffed it securely in his pocket and turned to face the Professor.

"Will I ever see you again?" He asked worriedly.

"I do hope so, there is so much more I wanted to teach you." Caspian solemnly nodded his head. He was about to kick off when a small voice reached his ears.

"Where are you going?"

Caspian and the Professor both turned to see a small girl standing just behind them. She was dressed plainly in a dark blue cotton dress and black riding cloak. Her red hair fell in light waves to her shoulder blades, her chocolate brown eyes, Caspians eyes, looked up at him, sparkling with sadness.

"Ali, I . . ." he began, but was cut off by Doctor Cornelius.

"Princess Alida, I must ask you to return to the castle."

Princess Alida stared at him, then turned her questioning gaze to her cousin. Shouts could still be heard, closer this time, and the Professor turned his head.

"Ali, I have to leave," Caspian told her sadly. Tears were forming in her eyes.

"It's because of him, isn't it," she asked forcefully, turning to glare at the dark castle above them. Caspian wasn't sure which him she was talking about, but nodded his head anyway. Ali set her jaw in her stubborn way.

"I'm coming with you," she said determinedly. He brown eyes flashed warningly, telling him he better not argue, but Caspian wasn't going down without a fight.

"No," he said. "Absolu—"

"My Prince," Doctor Cornelius whispered. "They are getting closer, you must hurry."

Caspian sighed. He didn't have time to sit here and argue with his cousin.

"You know just as well as I do that I have no place here," she sternly told him. "Now that they have a son, I will be cast aside, into the shadows, treated like the vermin they think I am. I will be much more useful at your side, helping you." She eyed the crossbow hanging from his shoulder. "I'm wicked with the crossbow, much better than yourself, I must say, and I can handle a sword pretty well. Please Caspian." She turned her big brown eyes on him and he knew she was right, about everything. Her parents had never truly loved her, she was supposed to have been a son. He didn't want to admit it, but she was more than decent at fighting. She could beat some of the nights twice her age. Ali smiled at him, knowing that she had won.

"Alright," he said, very unhappily. He reached down and pulled her onto the saddle behind them. She wrapped her small arms around his waist and leaned up against his back.

"You must hurry now," the Professor told them. "They are very close. Ride safely, young ones, and remember," he looked at Caspian, his eyes determined. "Ride to the woods." Doctor Cornelius slapped Destrier on the romp and he took off at a quick pace. Caspian urged him on. They were running through the courtyard of the castle, he could hear shouts to close the gates echoing from all around him. He pushed his horse, praying they would make it.

They burst through the gates and were now running at top speed over the bridge that linked the castle to the small town just outside of it. Criers could be heard, yelling through the streets, announcing the birth of the new Prince. Caspian gritted his teeth and rode on. Soon, they were running through the wide open lands between the town and the woods. At top speed, Destrier broke through the tree line. Caspian glanced back, over his cousins head, to see General Glozelle and his best men pursuing them. They paused at the tree line, but not for long. Soon they were after them again. Caspian weaved his way through the trees. They had reached the center of the forest now, but Caspian was almost positive Glozelle and his men were just behind them. He turned around to see where they were, his first mistake.

"Caspian!" Alida screeched. Caspian turned around, and was whacked in the head with a low hanging branch. His entire body slammed backward, knocking Alida from the saddle. His head exploded in white hot pain, his eyes loosing focus. When he regained his eyesight, he noticed he was no longer sitting atop Destrier, he was being dragged along the ground. Sticks, twigs and leaves stuck to all parts of him as he tried to free his leg. After a minute of kicking his foot, it finally slid free of the saddle. Destrier continued riding and Caspian laid on the ground, trying to shake away the pain. He jumped when he heard movement off to his right. He looked up to see two small men staring at him, one held a sword in his hand. Caspian looked around for his own sword and saw it lying just out of his reach, right next to it was the horn Doctor Cornelius had given him. The man, a dwarf Caspian guessed, stared at him in shock. Caspian edged toward his sword and the dwarf advanced on him. There were shouts from behind them and they both turned to see Glozelle and his men not far behind them. The dwarf looked once more at Caspian, then back at the other dwarf.

"Take care of him," he said and rushed off toward Glozelle and his men. In the moment of hesitation, Caspian pushed himself forward and grabbed the horn.

"No!" the dwarf yelled, running at him, but it was to late. Releasing all of the air in his lungs Caspian blew hard into the horn. The dwarf reached him and hit him over the head with the butt of his dagger. Caspian fell to the ground unconscious. As the dwarf was dragging him inside, Alida appeared from the trees. She gasped when she saw Caspian, and the dwarf turned his attention on her. He pointed his dagger at her and she raised her hands in surrender, she had no weapon to fight back with. The dwarf grabbed Caspians leg and dragged him towards the little house, all the time keeping his dagger pointed at Alida. When they reached the door, he roughly pushed her inside. There was a scrambling noise and a badger appeared in front of them. Alida stared at him, hardly believing her eyes.

"Oh, Nikabrik! What now?" He rushed forward to examine an unconscious Caspian. Alida just stared at the two of them. The Old Narnians, they were real! Two of them were standing and conversing right in front of her. So all of Caspians and Doctor Cornelius' stories had been true! Deep down, she knew she had always believed them, but her father had yelled at her and told her they were stories for babies and that she better grow up and start acting like a Princess. Of course, she had never told him of whom she had heard the stories, she had made up a quick lie, telling him she had found them in a book from the library that she couldn't remember the title of. This had satisfied her father and he sent her to her room. She felt terrible when, for the next few months, her father had ordered half of their servants to search through every book, finding the accused one that held all of the foolish stories. Alida, so wrapped up in her wonder and her memory, did not notice when the badger spoke to her.

"Miss!" he yelled, successfully tearing her from her thoughts. She stared at him. "Do you mind holding this young mans head while I bandage it?" Alida looked over at her cousin and noticed that he had been laid across a small bed. She silently nodded her head and walked over to them. The dwarf, Nikabrik, glared at her and left the room.

"Don't mind him," the badger told her. "He's always grumpy." Alida laughed and knelt down next to Caspian. She took his head in her hands, surprised at the weight, he really had a big head, and placed his head in her lap. She brushed aside his bangs so the badger could easily reach his wound.

The badger took out a cloth and began dabbing at the small cut on Caspians head.

"I'm Trufflehunter, by the way," he told her. She nodded her head, showing that she had heard, and continued to stare. Trufflehunter cleared his throat awkwardly. "Do you have a name?" He asked her, she could hear laughter at the edge of his voice. She blushed and smiled at him.

"Alida," she said. Trufflehunter nodded his head.

"Princess Alida," he said softly. Alida stared at him in wonder, how did he know? He chuckled when he saw the confused expression on her pretty face.

"We have our spies too," was all he said. They sat in silence as Trufflehunter finished cleaning the wound. Once clean, Trufflehunter ripped up a cloth and began to wrap it around Caspians head. When he finished, Alida laid his head on the pillow and followed Trufflehunter into his kitchen. He motioned for her to sit on the stool to which she happily accepted.

"So what brings that young man and yourself this deep into the woods?" he asked her calmly. "I thought all you Telmarines feared them. He poured some hot tea into a mug large enough for her and offered it to her. She took the mug with a smile and sipped. It tasted wonderful, better than anything she ever had back at the castle.

"I certainly don't fear the woods," she told him. "Caspian and I as children loved exploring them." The badger stared at her. "As for what brings us here, well that is a long story." Her gaze dropped down to the wooden table, but before her eyes fell, Trufflehunter saw sadness in them.

"It seems we have some time," he told her, placing a comforting hand on her arm. "And you'll find that I am an excellent listener." Trufflehunter smiled at her and she found herself smiling back. She began her tale, telling him all about her parents and Caspian and the birth of her baby brother and their fleeing the castle. Trufflehunter was, as he said, a very good listener. He never once interrupted her. By the time she had finished her story, Caspian had awoken. Alida and Trufflehunter sat in the kitchen in silence, both mulling over the events that had passed. Sometime toward the end of her story, Nikabrik had snuck back inside, still glaring daggers at her. He sat next to Trufflehunter at the table and pulled a bowl of fresh soup toward him. Alida shifted uncomfortably under his intense gaze. She couldn't help but feel like Nikabrik was going to charge at her any second and rip her throat out with her hand. He pulled a piece of bread up to his mouth and bit into it.

"Breads stale." He said gruffly. Trufflehunter stood, a bowl of soup in hand, and walked toward the room Caspian was in.

"I'll bring him some soup," he said, looking at Alida. On his way to the room, he placed a bowl of soup in front of her. She smiled gratefully at him and swallowed it down quickly, not realizing just how hungry she was.

There was a commotion from behind her and she heard Trufflehunter yell out in surprise. Nikabrik jumped up from the table, dagger in hand, and ran at Caspian who had just emerged from the room. Caspian looked around frantically for something to defend himself with. He pulled a poker from the fireplace and blocked Nikabriks wild strikes.

"Caspian!" Alida hissed at him. He looked at her and grabbed her by the arm, pulling her behind him. The stool she was sitting on fell over and rolled between her and Caspian. She huffed in indignation and quickly stood up. Caspian fell over the overturned stool and fell onto the steps.

"That's enough!" Trufflehunter yelled, grabbing the attention of everyone in the room. "Nikanrik, do I have to sit on your head again?" Alida giggled as the image of Trufflehunter sitting on a grumpy Nikabriks head entered her mind. "And you," Trufflehunter said, turning his attention to Caspian. "Look what you made me do." He bent down to pick up the spilled bowl of hot soup. Alida rushed forward and grabbed a towel off the kitchen table and bent down to wipe up the spilled soup. Trufflehunter smiled at her thankfully before he walked off into the kitchen to pour a new bowl. Caspian stared at her, not sure what to think, he was so confused. Nikabrik, well he just continued his glaring. He reluctantly returned to his previous seat and continued to sip on his soup. Trufflehunter walked back in a placed a new bowl of soup on the table. He looked at Caspian and gestured to the bowl. Alida picked up her fallen stool and sat back in it, glancing at Caspian. Slowly, he walked forward and took the seat next to his cousin. He sipped on the soup and, much like Alida did, finished it in one gulp.

"Thank you," he muttered to Trufflehunter. He nodded his head and sat down at the table across from the two Telmarines.

"You're welcome," he said. "Your cousin here was just explaining to me your story." Caspian glanced at Alida who quickly hid her face. "She says that you are on the run from your Uncle?"

"Yes, that is right." Caspian shared a glance with Alida and together they stood up from the table. Caspian started fastening his armor while Alida buckled her riding cloak around her neck.

"Where are you going?" Trufflehunter asked them shocked. Alida looked at Caspian.

"We thank you for your hospitality, kind Trufflehunter. But we must be off." She looked at him sadly.

"My Uncle will not rest until I am dead," said Caspian. Trufflehunter grabbed on to each of their hands.

"But surely, you can not go." He looked between them, worry clear in his eyes. "You are meant to save us," he said, looking Caspian directly in the face. Caspian stared back at him, not sure what to believe.

"I'm sorry," he said, and he truly sounded it. He grabbed Alida's arm and pulled her to the door. Trufflehunter ran back to the table and grabbed the horn.

"But surely you know what this is?" He held up the horn, Caspian and Alida turned to stare at him. Alida shrugged her shoulders.

"This is Queen Susan's magic horn," said Trufflehunter, like it was the most obvious thing in the world. Alida stared at him, hardly believing her ears. Surely if all the Old Narnians were real, then the Kings and Queens of old must be too. She looked up at Caspian, but his face was unreadable. He sighed and turned around.

"I'm sorry, but we must go." He turned away and started walking off into the woods. Alida looked back at Trufflehunter, her eyes sorrowful. Without another word, she walked off and followed her cousins retreating back out into the morning sunshine.

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