Much to Lucy's displeasure, the rainy weather quickly turned freezing, coating Narnia in a layer of frost. The skies became darker and grayer, threatening to open and cover them all with snow. The weather was a mixed feeling for all. Susan, Peter and Aubrey absolutely loved the snow and the cold weather. Aubrey loved the idea of snowball fights and ice skating, Susan loved the cold weather and the chance to sit in front of the fire, enjoying a good book or the company of her siblings and friends. Peter loved the cold, he was a bit of a baby when it came to the summer months, often locking himself in his bedchambers, refusing to move. Edmund and Caspian hated the snow and cold. They much preferred feeling their toes. And Lucy, well Lucy was mixed. She loved the snow and all the fun they could have with it, but the winter time reminded her so much of their first time to Narnia and the perpetual winter. But most of all, she hated how still everything became. The once alive lands lay quiet, the trees and animals often hibernating.

It was on a cold, cloudy day in the beginning of December when the first snow began to fall. Susan preferred to watch the beautiful sight from the safety and warmth of the library, Caspian at her side. The two of them were wrapped up together in a blanket. Edmund pulled his covers over his head, preferring to pretend that the snow wasn't there, maybe when he opened his eyes it would be summer once more. Peter and Aubrey were in the kitchens, blissfully unaware of the chill surrounding them as they sipped on hot chocolates and murmured to one another.

Lucy was walking through the forest as the snow began to fall. She lifted her head to the sky and let the snowflakes land on her face. She walked further, deeper into the forest glancing around her at the many unmoving trees. A slight chill ran through her body and she had to remind herself that they were just sleeping and would return when the lands thawed.

"Sleep, my friends." She whispered quietly, placing her hand gently on the trunk of a tall maple.

Looking up at the sky, she decided to turn around. The clouds were thick and dark gray, and Lucy knew from experience that meant a heavy snowfall. As the trees began to thin, the snow on the ground became deeper and deeper.

"Your siblings are worried sick, you know," a strong voice called out. Lucy smiled, she would recognize that voice anywhere. Tamir appeared from behind a rather large maple. Lucy looked at the bundle in his hands. "Something about getting lost in the storm and freezing to death." When he reached her side, he unwrapped his bundle, revealing a blanket. He draped it over her shoulders and offered her his arm. "I told them it was more likely you were getting lost in your head." Lucy chuckled and swatted at his arm playfully.

They walked back to the castle in companionable silence. Over the past few months Tamir had become one of her closest friends. He was always there when she needed someone to talk to and was always willing to accompany her on whatever crazy adventure she decided to get herself into. She had begun to feel less alone now that she had a friend.

The snow was beginning to pile up as they reached the castle. Lucy brushed the white flecks from her hair and shivered.

"Care for some hot chocolate?" she asked. Tamir smiled. This time Lucy offered him her arm, causing Tamir to chuckle.

"You are a strange one indeed, Lucy." She stuck her tongue out at him and pulled him towards the kitchens.

In mid-December, the castle quietly celebrated Lucy's twelfth birthday. They had a small gathering of her family and friends and toasted to the health of the youngest Queen and Lucy couldn't have been happier.

As December ebbed away into January, the snow did not stop. Each morning the inhabitants of the castle awoke to find the castle grounds covered in white fluff. Edmund continued to hibernate within his room. Being so grumpy, his sisters and brother were more than happy to leave him be. After much pushing and pulling, Susan was able to convince Caspian to come out into the cold with her and the others for a snowball fight.

Lucy's giggles cut through the open air as Aubrey chased her around, a snowball in her hand.

"Rey! Stay away!" she shouted to the older girl. Aubrey plastered an innocent look on her face.

"What is the matter Lucy?" she asked in a sickly sweet voice, advancing on the younger girl. Peter chuckled from the safety of his fort, watching his wife and sister.

"Rey, no." Lucy backed up, trying to put as much distance between her sister-in-law and herself.

"I just want to talk Lucy," she said with the same voice. Lucy turned, ready to duck behind the nearest tree when suddenly she was hit in the head with a snowball. She spun around to look at Aubrey and found the girl roaring with laughter, her snowball still in her hand. Lucy looked around, trying to find her attacker. Peter was still hiding in his fort, trying not to be seen by his wife. Susan and Caspian were by the frozen lake, the former trying to teach the latter how to ice skate. While looking for her attacker, another snowball hit the young Queen, this time in the shoulder. Lucy looked to where she had thought the snowball had come from and saw a mop of dark hair trying to disappear behind a boulder.

With a wicked smile, Lucy gathered her own ball of snow. Quietly creeping through the trees, she made her way towards the boulder and her attacker. Making as much noise as a field mouse, Lucy snuck up behind the young man. She could see him peering around the boulder, looking for her. Without warning, she lobbed her snowball towards him where it landed smack dab on his head. He turned around with a surprised look on his face that caused Lucy to break down with laughter. Tamir smiled wickedly as he grabbed another handful of snow, unbeknownst to Lucy.

Catching her breath, Lucy saw him taking aim. Before he could throw it at her, Lucy lunged forward, knocking herself into Tamir which sent the two of them tumbling down the small hill. They landed in a laughing heap at the base of Peter's fort, the side of which had been knocked down into a pile that Aubrey was sitting triumphantly on. Peter was soaked from head to toe in snow.

"I won." Aubrey said with a smile, causing Peter to pout. Lucy and Tamir doubled over with laughter once again. Aubrey kissed Peter on the tip of the nose, 'for being such a good sport', she claimed.

As the sun began to set, Peter, Aubrey, Lucy and Tamir headed inside. Each one thoroughly wet and tired from the day. Susan and Caspian said they would catch up later and headed towards the forest for a walk. Susan snuggled up next to Caspian to keep the chill out. They walked in silence for some time before Caspian decided to break it.

"Marry me."

"What," Susan asked, not quite sure she had heard him correctly. Caspian let out a breath and tried again.

"Marry me." Susan stared at him, at a loss for words. Caspian could feel his heart slowly falling. He was crazy, he knew that, but he had known Susan was the one since he first laid eyes on her. He needed her to know. "Susan, I love you. I know this sounds crazy but I just feel like it's right and…" Susan silenced his rambling with a kiss. When they broke apart, she looked into his eyes.

"I love you too," she said firmly. "Yes, I will marry you." Caspian smiled and captured her lips with him. Susan giggled against his lips as he wrapped his arms around her waist and gently spun her around. Caspian pulled a beautiful ring from his pocket.

"I found this in one of my parents chambers in our old castle. It belonged to my mother. I want you to have it." As he slid the ring onto her finger, Susan felt tears of happiness prickling behind her eyes.

"Peter is going to go crazy," she said as he wiped the tears from her cheeks. She couldn't stop staring at the ring.

"Actually, Peter already knows." Caspian said sheepishly. Susan jerked her head up to look in his eyes. "I asked him a few weeks ago, right after Lucy's birthday." Susan smiled at him. He had asked for Peter's permission and she thought that was the sweetest thing.

"So Peter knows…" Susan began.

"…Which means that Aubrey knows and knowing her, she can't keep a secret like this so I'm sure she told Lucy." Caspian finished. Susan chuckled.

Hand-in-hand they walked back to the castle where their family awaited.

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