Puerto Princesa, Palawan

1130 local time

"Soldiers from the Philippine Special Forces have arrested Severino de los Angeles in his mansion in Palawan yesterday. de los Angeles is the leader of the separatist Palawan state and his arrest would be essential for the surrender and reincorporation of the province into the Philippines. de los Angeles' trial will be held Wednesday next week..."

Maybe it wasn't the truth, Carter thought, but at least she had a part in it, even if it was secret. It probably took some ass-kissing in the Philippine Intelligence Services before they allowed the KGB to mount an operation here. Maybe PIS was already planning a raid on the guy...

The phone rang. The incessant honking of horns in the noon traffic made hearing difficult for Carter. "What was that, Director?" she asked on the phone.

"KGB wants you two to go to Afghanistan," the Director replied. "Apparently, they were pleased by your actions last night. They have tracked down an arms dealer there that is rumored to sell equipment to the Taliban. I don't know all of the details yet, but both of your papers have already been arranged."

"Oh, man." She returned the phone to its cradle and walked to the store. "Bad news, Rosie. We're moving out again."

But she wasn't listening. She was focused on the news, and the images were of a charred piece of land, and lots of debris. It was like 9/11 all over again, that little field in Pennsylvania where that United jet had crashed, except this time that little field was in Afghanistan, half a world away. There were so much similarities, it was eerie. Nothing short of the supernatural could explain it.

Little did anyone know it, but this event would be the beginning of a chain reaction that will shake the very foundations of the new world order.

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