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Wild Ride

Chapter 4

Her head felt numb and her eyelids felt heavy. She lazily opened her eyes, and the blurry image of a brown and slightly moldy ceiling came into view.

She instantly shut her eyes, because absolutely everything was wrong with that picture. She felt the sheets with the tips of her fingers, and suddenly began to panic.

No Namine, none of it is true; you're really at home, in your comfy bed and clean white sheets. You never actually went to college because you realized it was a huge mistake and instead you decided to take a year off and head to the beach. Yes, that must be it!

See, she reassured herself, your not completely insane, so open your eyes and…

"WHAT THE HELL!" Namine screamed, opening her eyes could have possibly been the worst decision of her life. She was so shocked that she not only forgot to breathe, but the fact that she cursed for the first time in her life didn't even register.

No, nothing could, except for the fact, that his face was right in front of hers.

Panicked thoughts traveled through her head, was she kidnapped? Date raped? Or worse, exposed to a deadly disease?

"Aw, come on doll face, I'm not that ugly," he slurred, she was about to scream again, but yelling from the hall caught her attention.

Suddenly the door swung open and Sora flew in, "Hayner, what the hell? Get away from her!" He quickly ran over to the bed, glared at Hayner and spat, "There's free beer downstairs."

Hayner smiled and poked Sora in the chest, "fine, fine, I can take a hint, even if I am -"

"- drunk," Namine angrily finished the sentence for him. She was fully awake and fully confused not to mention royally pissed off.

Hayner swayed over to the door, before turning back to wink at Sora and say, "good luck, she's a feisty one."

As soon as he was gone, Sora turned to face Namine with an apologetic look in his eyes. "I leave for three minuets and the drunks descend." He shrugged his shoulders and chuckled, but Namine didn't laugh.

Instead she continued to glare at the ceiling, the floor, the rug, and the sheets; it all was absolutely filthy. "Sora, you have three seconds to answer a few simple questions," her voice was rather calm for the mental panic she was currently experiencing. "One, where am I; two, why am I here; and three, when was the last time these sheets were washed?"

Sora tried to send her an apologetic smile, but her cold stare didn't budge. He answered, rather nervously, he must of known she wouldn't like his answers, "Well, this is Roxas's room…you fainted, and probably…never."

Namine took a deep, cleansing breath of toxic air, closed her eyes, and said in the calmest voice possible, "Take me home now, I need a shower; there is no telling what has gone on in this bed."

He obeyed, took her hand, and led her through the house. The party was even more rowdy than before, and she quickly came to the conclusion that since it was still dark she couldn't have been out for that long.

Luckily there weren't any flying mattresses or ignorant frat boys in her way of escaping the closest thing she had ever experienced to torture.

They were outside within moments, and she inhaled the cool, crisp, night air greedily. Sora let go of her hand, they weren't trudging through an obstacle course anymore, and the extra guidance wasn't necessary.

Namine looked down at her empty hand, and then to Sora's. He was sweet, and she almost missed the feel of his hand in hers. She naturally shook the thought away, and admired the silence she so desperately missed.

A small, almost pathetic chuckle escaped Sora's lips, and Namine sent him a confused look before asking what he was laughing at.

He replied simply by saying, "Well, the freshmen dorms aren't far from here at all, you could have easily found your way back." He concluded without looking at her.

A smile formed on her lips as she playfully said, "Hey now, don't hate on the directionally challenged."

He looked up at her with a solemn look in his eyes and muttered, "I wasn't." He stayed silent for a moment before adding, "Besides, it's not like you went to the party, apparently you were dragged there." His voice was sarcastic, harsh even.

Her smile slowly faded once she realized he wasn't joking; in attempt to break the silence she pursed her lips and muttered, "Something tells me that wasn't all you were thinking."

"Well," he began, "I am beginning to think you almost wanted to go to the party."

His accusation shocked her, and she honestly had no idea how to respond, so she stayed silent, and kept her eyes down.

Sora chuckled again, and muttered, "I know you were on a date with Roxas, he told me right before you fainted." Sora's voice was a bit strained, and he avoided lifting his eyes to meet hers. Namine snuck a glance in his direction. His hands were in his pockets and his shoulders were slightly hunched over.

After a few moments, he let out a sigh of defeat, and shyly sent her a glance in return. Their eyes locked for a moment, and he sent her a lopsided smile.

He looked hurt; he thought that the date was real, when in reality it could easily be referred to as abduction.

She lifted her eyes to his, she needed to explain, that yes, Roxas was older, and attractive, but that he could also be insensitive at times; not all times, of course. After all, he could still be out looking for her, and Namine couldn't help but let that idea warm her heart.

But still, even if Namine remotely cared about Roxas in the most distant way possible those feelings didn't effect how she felt about his brother, Sora, in any way. She almost shivered at the thought of them being related, that fact was going to take some time to get used to. Instead of expressing her blatant dislike towards their surprising relationship she suppressed her distaste and instead managed to send Sora a small smile.

He chuckled again; he obviously mistook her smile as sympathetic, and said, "You don't have to be nice to me Namine, I'll stay out of the way, promise."

She opened her lips to protest, but he turned away from her and said, "We're here." He looked at her one last time, before shoving his hands further in his pockets, muttering a good night, and turning away from her.

If this was a movie, or a fairytale she would have called after him, and he would have turned with a hopeful smile on his lips. But this wasn't a movie, this was college, so instead of calling his name, Namine watched him walk away, and after sighing herself, turned the handle to the building and stepped inside.

She trudged up the stairs with a hollow feeling in her heart. She didn't have feelings for Sora, or Roxas for that matter. She didn't like anyone, and she was determined to keep it that way.

It was the first day of college, and Namine already had more trouble than she wanted to deal with. Sora was sweet, Roxas was suave, but thinking about them, separately and together made her head hurt.

She sighed again before exiting the stairs and opening the door that lead to her floor. The hallway was dark, but she still managed to make out a figure sitting against her door.

She recognized him almost instantly, it was Roxas, and he was sleeping. A small chuckle escaped her lips, he looked absolutely adorable. His hair was just as messy as before, but she urged herself not to notice. She didn't want to focus too much of her attention on his looks.

She quietly walked up to him with a puzzled look on her face; there was a sticky note on the floor next to him. She picked it up, careful not to wake the sleeping beast, and read it.

It was from Kairi, and it made her laugh so hard she almost blew her cover.

Hey Nam, stopped by your room; you weren't here, but this sexy bag-of-bones was. I hope you were nice, and didn't kick him out of your room, again! Poor guy looked so uncomfortable sleeping sitting up like that…

Anyway, call me later, and don't have too much fun tonight!

X's and O's Kairi.

Only one conclusion could be drawn from this note; her friend was outrageously insane, and that it was official, she needed medical attention.

Namine slipped the note into her pocket and then motioned to open her door. She sighed; there was one major problem, bedhead was leaning against it.

Not wanting to be rude she kneeled down next to him and lightly tapped him on the shoulder. He didn't budge, she whispered his name, but that didn't wake him either. She rolled her eyes, he was such a typical college student; a fog horn probably couldn't even wake him up. There was only one option left; she needed to use brute force. She smiled to herself; this was going to be fun.

Without giving it a second thought, she raised her hand and flicked him in the cheek. Not only did his mouth make a small popping noise, which was funny, but he also rammed the back of his head into her door.

Namine slapped her hand over her mouth; that was hilarious. He immediately shot his head in her direction and gave her a look of utter disbelief, "Namine?" He questioned after slowly blinking her into focus, "Why are you here?"

He was rubbing the spot where he hit his head, and he looked ridiculous; she rolled her eyes, "I am here because I want to sleep."

His eyes lightened and a smirk formed on his lips, "Well, Namine, I am flattered–"

She shook her head and held back a laugh as she interrupted him, "No Roxas, this is my room; you're leaning against my door." The smug expression on his face instantly fell, and he took a quick moment to analyze his surroundings; this probably wasn't the first time he had woken up with no recollection of where he was at all.

She laughed at his confused state and stood up. He remained on the ground and looked up at her; there was a smirk yet again on his lips. He extended his hand to her; and then it registered, he wanted her to help him up.

Namine laughed, and crossed her arms, "No way."

He quickly countered, "But don't you want to get in your room." She looked down, his hand was still extended. She rolled her eyes, but took his hand anyway and pulled him up. He did most of the work, of course, but he still stumbled a bit, and for a spilt second her hand was against his chest. She resisted the urge to let his close proximity distract her; instead of surrendering, she pulled away from him, muttered 'you're welcome' and moved towards her door.

He stepped in front of her, blocking her path, and said, "What that's it? No good night kiss? You didn't even ask me why I was here!"

She ignored his comment about the kiss and instead answered, "Well, I assumed you were here to see my roommate." She looked at him with taunting eyes as a victorious smirk fell on her lips.

Roxas whistled, and let out a low chuckle, "Damn Namine, that was a low blow."

"Yes, well, the truth was bound to come out sometime," she muttered, and then began to reach for her doorknob, "now if you will excuse me." He blocked her hand, and backed against the door. He was more stubborn than she expected him to be, and after staring at her blockaded door for a moment she sent Roxas an irritated look.

Before she could speak he interrupted her by saying, "Hey, all I am trying to do is protect you Namine," he shrugged his shoulders, there was a small smile tugging at the corners of his lips, in other words, a giant warning sign that meant he was thinking, and Namine knew that when his kind started thinking no good was to come out of it.

"Don't worry, I stopped believing in the boogie man at age six," she abruptly replied; she made a quick move to reach for her doorknob again, she grasped it, but much to her displeasure so did Roxas.

She bit her lip at the sudden contact, and quickly glanced in his direction.

Namine quickly assessed the situation; she was standing in a dark hallway with a junior, who she barely knew, on the first night of college. Oh, and the worst part is that he didn't even pull his hand away, nope, he kept it over hers on the doorknob, and the feeling it gave her was really making her nervous.

"I didn't mean the boogie monster," his voice was almost a whisper, not that it needed to be any louder, they were close now; she could even feel his breath lightly hit her forehead as he spoke.

She let out a calm, deep breath, and attempted to angle her body away from his. Sadly her attempt failed miserably when she hit her nose lightly against the door, she pulled away quickly, it smelled like mildew, and she was almost positive she got an infected splinter because of it.

She closed her eyes and despite her wooden infection attempted to continue the conversation, "you couldn't possibly be talking about my room mate, could you?" She asked in disbelief.

He merely shrugged his shoulders. "She's not even home!" Namine exclaimed, to put it lightly she was mildly outraged. A small smirk appeared on Roxas's lips again, "and how do you know she isn't home?" His question was simple, but it was the way he asked it that made Namine anxious.

Namine looked at him for a few moments before hesitantly responding, "The lights are off." The small smile on Roxas's lips grew into a smirk, and Namine bit her lip, somehow she knew she was in trouble now.

Roxas couldn't help but hold back a chuckle at her dumbfounded reaction, and further more, at the response he was about to give her. "Namine, in my world having the lights off usually isn't a good sign, if you catch my drift."

She stood there, staring at him, as her mouth fell slowly age, "You're a disgusting pig," she muttered, and attempted to push him away.

"Hey now, just admit I am right," his smirk grew wider, "darkness has never been good," she sent him another irritated look, but he continued anyways, "take literature for example, something I am sure you can relate to, darkness always symbolizes bad voodoo." He wiggled his fingers at the mention of voodoo, and Namine let out a small chuckle, believe it or not, under all the partying this guy was just another weirdo with a bad haircut.

She shook her head as a small smile pulled at her lips; she was supposed to be angry at him, but somehow we was able to make her laugh anyway. Against her better judgement Namine said, "Wow bedhead, you never cease to surprise me," a legitimate smile formed on his lips, as she continued, "I never knew you were capable of saying something mildly intelligent."

His smile instantly fell, but he recovered quickly, "Come on Namine, at least invite me in, it's so late."

She sent him a perplexed look, glanced at her watch, and rolled her eyes, "Roxas, its 10:10."

Her annoyance didn't seem to faze him because he excitedly replied, "Hey, isn't that time good luck, aren't you supposed to make a wish or something." She rolled her eyes again and replied, "No, that's 11:11."

He smiled widely, "Oh well, too late, I already made a wish." He sent her a wink, and an unconscious smile crept onto her lips.

Silence lingered in the air for a moment and after a bit of subtle encouraging by the devil on her shoulder Namine finally asked, "Well, what did you wish for?"

She regretted the question as soon as it left her lips, but she didn't have enough time to renege her statement before he caught her gaze.

He smirked down at her, and slowly lowered his head. Her breath caught, she knew what he was doing. His lips were slowly coming closer, and despite the blaring alarms in her head, she wasn't doing a thing about it. In fact, instead of pushing him away, she nearly complied by closing her own eyes.

Namine could feel his warm breath on her lips, and she wouldn't admit it, but she loved the way its contrasted with the cool air swirling around them. The moment had offocially consumed her, and she knew that it was impossible for her to pull away. She had spent all her life preparing for college, those friday nights studying and planning all for this, the college experience; it was this situation in particular that she wasn't at all prepared for. She sighed inwardly, her parents would be so proud.

A part of her wanted to pull away, but luckily she didn't have to, because he said, "I'll show you sometime," and then he pulled away first.

She stood there for a moment, she wouldn't admit it, but there were goose-bumps on her arms, and chills running down her spine. After a quiet deep breath, she slowly opened her eyes.

He wasn't standing there anymore, in fact his figure was now retreating down the hall.

It took a moment for her to recompose herself before she shakily turned to knob on her door. Before she stepped inside she did two things; first she made sure her roommate wasn't home, and second, she glanced in Roxas's direction.

He was already down the hall, and just before he turned the corner he glanced back at her as well.

He stood there for a moment, smiled, then saluted and turned the corner.

Namine shook her head and sighed deeply as she entered the room. She flicked the light on; no one was home, thank goodness. She walked over to her bed and collapsed, this night couldn't have been more tiring.

She forced herself not to recap, Roxas and Sora and Kairi and her impossible roommate; she just wanted to forget about everything, at least for a little while so she could attempt to sleep.

Unfortunately, just as Namine laid down her head to sleep, none other than her roommate burst in, with a very chatty Kairi close behind.


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