Disclaimer: Oh, how I wish I was J.K. Rowling.

Challenge/Characters: 100 Drabble/Oneshots Challenge given out on HPFC. The characters will be various Hufflepuffs.

Status: First drabble out of one hundred.

It grows bigger and bigger, until it pops. Just like a balloon.

Justin has always hated telling people that he disagrees with them because it feels useless - it only leads to pointless cold shoulders, and usually ignites an argument that isn't resolved for days. He doesn't tell people, and maybe that's his problem. He keeps his true feelings bottled up inside.

He keeps quiet when Zacharias is being an utter git, and he doesn't storm off when Susan's flirting recklessly with Ernie. He doesn't push Hannah away when she's being too emotional, nor does he tell Wayne to just shut up about Daphne for once.

And then, one day, it gets too much; he bursts. He goes completely off his head during the middle of a debate in the common room, and his friends look completely shocked. He tells them to shut up and stop arguing because, "Dude, who cares if an astronaut or a caveman would win in a fight?"