They all miss Cedric.

In one way or another, he's touched their lives. For Susan, it's holding her hand in second year whilst they're visiting Justin in the Hospital Wing. For Eloise, it's dancing with her at the Yule Ball when she didn't have a partner. For Megan, it's being her first kiss. For Hannah, it's calming her down when the Dementors boarded the train in third year.

For Zacharias, it's hauling Seamus Finnigan off him during a fight. For Ernie, it's staying back to tend to his injuries after a Quidditch match. For Justin, it's helping him figure out his feelings for a certain girl. For Wayne, it's letting him share a compartment with him during first year when no-one else would.

So, it's hard for them to deal with such a big loss to the Hufflepuff house. It's hard for them to lose someone they cared about so deeply. It's hard for them to lose someone they all considered a friend.

A/N: I've got really terrible writer's block and I need inspiration, so if any of you could make some suggestions about future drabbles - who'd you like to see next, what kind of predicaments they'd get in, etc - it'd help a lot! Thoughts? :)