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I Will Not Cry

He saw the white walls surrounding me. He looked to his right and saw a bouquet of lilies. The smell reminded him of a certain blonde. And that certain blonde was right before him, lying unconsciously on her hospital bed.

Of all the girls in the world why did it have to be her! The most desirable woman he ever known. Maybe this was a punishment to him, for all the bad things he has done to the world. If she belonged to another man, would this happen?

He buried his hands in his palms. He remembered the times when he was with her in the park. Their first date; how he regrets that he didn't kiss her on her 16th birthday. The opportunities he missed to say to her that he loved her more than anything and anyone else. All the regrets, all the sadness, all that love. Gone. Simply whisked away by the wind.

The monitor that states that she was still alive kept beeping. The sound replaying in his mind that might be going on forever. "Wake up Lili; I need you to wake up." He whispered monotonously.

She was the only reason for him to be sane. She was the reason he changed. For years he's been living as a juvenile delinquent. A rebel. But then he met her, an angel, so sweet, so charming. How could he say no? But then, IT happened.

Then miraculously, her hand twitched. She slowly opened her eyes. For days, she hadn't moved. "Lili! A-are you feeling better?" the Blood talon panicked. "A little." She said inaudibly. "Hwoarang, I need to tell you something." She whispered. He leaned closer to hear her better.

"When I die, promise me that you won't cry. Don't let one drop of tear hit the floor. And I'll return it by leaving with a smile. "She said. "Don't say that! You won't die!" Every word was a dagger through his heart. The whole hospital was doing everything to save her. How could she be so sure that she'll die?

"Just promise me." She smiled that smile that always got him to say yes. He couldn't do anything but nod. He didn't want her to be disappointed, she's already too weak. With the last bit of her energy; she held his face, her cold palm on his cheek. She seemed so fragile, so breakable. He closed his eyes, holding her deadly cold hand on his cheek.

Then she uttered those three important words: "I love you".

He opened his eyes to say that he loved her too but it was too late. The monitor continued on to the same note. Her hand fell down to her bed. Like she promised, she left with a smile. Now he couldn't hold back the tears. It just ran down freely. "I didn't even get to say goodbye."

Three weeks later….

He was on top of a thirty-floor building, the cars honking noisily below. The wind was blowing his fiery crimson hair. He looked above and called out:

"Why would I cry, if I could just follow you there?"

She kept her promise; it was time he did too. He didn't cry, he promised.

He jumps.