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Rose killed Dimitri. When she returned she told Lissa everything, but their friendship has been strained. Lissa and Christian never reconciled and she started acting very "Royal" again and is dating Aaron again. Rose gave Adrian a chance, but they are very casual since she still loves Dimitri and is broken over his death. At graduation Eddie got assigned to Lissa along with another 26 year guardian named Chuck Merrill. Much to her dismay Rose got assigned to Christian Ozera who her and the rest of gang are no longer friends with.

This is my first fan fiction so be nice. I've outlined this story as Richelle does when she writes, so I have a general idea where this story is headed, but may change it a little along the way. Hint hint I can be swayed with your awesome reviews. In this story Rose ends up with one of the 4 boys (Adrian, Dimitri, Christian and/or Eddie). Ultimately my goal is to do 4 different stories where she ends up a different one each time. No one knows who Richelle will have her end up with in the end. Would love your opinion on that one, if I had to bet I say Adrian, but only time will tell. I think she still saves Dimitri's soul and he is no longer Strigoi, but in the end is with Adrian and they have kids that will star in the next VA series. What do you guys think?

I hope you enjoy!

Richelle Mead owns Vampire Academy not me. This story will have many new characters that all come from my imagination : )

Rose POV

Why me? That is all I can think as the jet takes off.

Not only am I completely screwed since the "Queen Bitch" was successful in not allowing me to be one of Lissa's assigned guardians, but she assigned me to Christian Ozera, which means I am also assigned to Tasha Ozera. Ugh, two of my most favorite people in the world, NOT!

~Flashback to Graduation~

I am sitting in my chair with the thought I would be announced as Lissa's guardian. I know the Queen didn't like me, but I know she really wants Lissa protected being the last Dragomir, and would not let our bond go to waste. Next thing I hear is Lissa's name being announced, "…and you will be guarded by Edward Castile." I choked on a little bile doing my best not to vomit yuck. I swallowed it down and fought back tears as I looked over to Lissa, she looked just as sad as me.

Ever since I returned from freeing Dimitri's soul and spilled my guts to her we haven't been as close, but she was still my best friend, well rather more like my sister. I looked over to her and Eddie walking to get their diploma's and Eddie's stake. He looked happy, but sad for me at the same time. He was so worried about who he would get. Just when I think things can't get any worse I hear Christian's name announced "….and you will be guarded by Rosemarie Hathaway." What NO NO NO NO NO NO this can't be happening. With the exception of Ralf or Jesse this could not get any worse.

I just sit there I am so stunned. Finally someone taps my shoulder and I get up in a complete daze to get my diploma and stake. I look over at Christian and he does not look happy at all. Things between him and Lissa went from bad to worse once I returned from Russia. Not only did he did not forgive her, but he pretty much hated her since she was back with Aaron. Honestly I didn't like the Aaron choice very much myself, but Lissa was my BFF so I bit back my snarky comments and supported it. In doing so we all cut ourselves off from Christian and he was not happy with any of use, especially me. We had grown some what a friendship after our killing Strigoi together so I think my shunning him hurt him the most. But of course in true Christian form he put up his defenses and acted as if he was lucky we didn't talk to him anymore.

"So Rose…..you happy with your charge?" Christian had such a smirk on his face I swear I just wanted to smack it off.

Everyone was hugging and catching up to their friends and family. But I had a different destination, Alberta. I ignored everyone and stormed right up to her. "What the hell is going on here, are you and the Guardian Council insane?"

"Rose I know you are not happy, but I told you since you went to Russia they already starting assigning others as Lissa's guardians. She has Mr. Castile and Mr. Merrill who will be protecting her. I know you are not happy Rose, but it's all political. Everyone expected Mr. Ozera not to get a guardian at all and his family has some powerful allies behind Tasha so they assigned him the best and that is you." Alberta gave me a small sympathetic smile and touched my shoulder as if to say she was sorry, but there was nothing she could do.

The statement, 'we assigned him the best' stopped me in my tracks. It's nice I was thought of as the 'best', god why me? I waited my whole life to be Lissa guardian. Those that always said life doesn't turn out how you expect it to weren't kidding.

~End Flashback~

I sulked in the cushy leather seat of the private Academy jet in-between Tasha and Christian. Six months ago I was on track to be Lissa's lead guardian and in love with my soul mate. Now he is dead by my hand and Lissa and I will be separated for life. My first thought was to resign and go live amongst humans, but I promised my Mom I would be responsible. Plus I feel that I owed it to Dimitri, he trained me so hard I couldn't let all of my Love's work go for not. Plus there was that small chance that some day I could be reassigned to Lissa or someone better. But if I let Christian or Tasha get killed that would be a bad mark on my record. Jeeez talk about a rock and a hard place, ugh!

So here I am on this plane bound for who knows where? Of coarse Christian being the loving Mr. Personality he always is will not even tell me where we are going. I looked over at him reading his stupid magazine with that smirk on his face; I could just kill him I swear. Tasha is next to him just reading a book looking so content and happy, why is she always so full of sunshine, how annoying. I can't help but feel so alone. I had to leave all my friends, Adrian, my parents and Lissa. Adrian what a mess. I promised to give him a chance; we were sort of dating, but nothing too serious. He understood I was completely broken and could not give myself to anyone so we kept it very casual. A few dates and stolen kisses here and there, but that was it. He agreed that anything he had with me was better than nothing and never pushed. He was really a great guy, if it wasn't for my love for Dimitri I am sure we would be a serious item by now.

I must of fallen asleep because next thing I know I am sitting on a swing in Adrian's Grandmother's garden. It is so beautiful, I am swinging under a trellis that has a breathtaking bougainvillea plant growing all through it. "Come out Adrian I know you are here"

"Little Dhampir I will always be here for you." He gives me his best sexy smile.

I am wearing a beautiful white cotton eyelet sundress. Adrian has on khaki docker type pants and blue striped button down shirt, he looks great as always. But his eyes look sad and wistful, I could tell he was trying to hide this by smiling, but it didn't reach his eyes, I saw right through it.

"Why so sad, Adie?" He hated my nickname for him, which is why I continued to use it. I can be so sarcastic, but that's why he loves me.

"You have to ask?" He reached down and grabbed my hand pulling me off the swing and down to a blanket that magically appeared on the flawless grass. He pulled me in his lap and caressed my cheek with his hand.

"I can't believe you're gone. Why won't you take me seriously? Just resign, marry me, live at court with me and you can see Lissa everyday. Please Rose, please." He put the full force of his amazing green eyes on me and I had to look down at owr now intertwined hands and fought my best to fight back to tears that so wanted to come. I know he was serious he only used my name 'Rose' when he was serious and not Little Dhampir.

"As tempting as that is I just don't think that's possible. Look what your aunt did to me when we were just casually dating, how would she react if we eloped. Sorry I value your and Lissa's future's too much, and my life for that matter. I am sure she'd have me off'd the second we sad "I do." I smiled at him trying to break the tension. I was joking, but part of me wondered how low Queen Bitch might stoop to get me out of the picture and get Lissa and Adrian together. I have one word for her Karma is a bitch.

"Rose I know you think this is a joke, but I am 100% serious. I love you with entire being; let me take you away from this depressing life as Christian Ozera's guardian, Please?" He gave me his best pleading puppy dogs eyes again.

I could tell he loved me, but how could I use him when I just could not return those feeling. Maybe some day, but not yet. My whole being longed and craved my fallen Russian God. If only Dimitri would have lived my life would not suck. I missed him so much it hurt to breath most days. Being Lissa guardian is the only thing that kept me going and now that was gone.

I looked Adrian's eyes, took a deep breath to steady my depressing feelings and started. "Adrian, I care for you deeply, but I could never accept such an offer knowing I could not return your feelings. Maybe someday, but I am not ready. I am so sorry, please forgive me." I played with his silky hands hoping the contact might reassure him I cared.

"I know Little Dhampir, I know." He sighed and just held me. "Please know you will always have my love and I am here whenever you need me, please just call and I will come running. We also have our dreams; my dreams will always be about you Rose even when I am not 'dream stalking' you." He used my word, I always teased him about dream stalking me.

I felt the dream start to fade. "Adrian we must be landing I am waking up. I'll see or talk to you soon, okay." I held him tight pretending life was good for the briefest second.

"I love you little Dhampir, I'll see you tonight in our dreams."

He kissed my forehead and I woke to Pyro shaking me. Hey "B" we are here. Not sure what was with the new nickname Christian gave me, but I was only referred to as "B" by him and Rosemarie by Tasha. Why can't they just call me Rose?

I looked across Christian and I saw the ocean. My enhanced Dhampir senses allowed me to see at night. In the world of Vampires our nights and days are the opposite of humans so it was 11 am, or the middle of the day for us vamp folk.

We landed and I saw LAX, hmmmm interesting maybe life wouldn't be so bad. I could handle a life at the beach in LA even if it was with Tasha and Pyro.

Hope you liked it, tell me what you think. It might start off slow, but will build and get better as it goes along.