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Chappy 1

The eyes of blood and fire balls

Okay this is the weirdest day of my life. That I can remember anyways and trust me I got a weird enough life. I went to bed very late last night and slept in my nice normal bed, buried under three sheets of the thickest fabric. Did I mention it was the dead of winter? Well, it was! Now I find myself staring at a shinobe. Yes, a ninja! And everything around me looks anime-ish. What would your first question be? Well mine was...Where in the world or worlds am I? And the answer? In a peaceful and nice forest clearing by a spring during a warmer month. Staring at not one ninja, but three! My mouths open and I really must look like an idiot, so obviously I shut it.

The girl in the group is wearing a long dark robe with a red sash. On her back was a metal fan. My mind already knew her name, but I figured if I tell them their futures it's going to get awkward. The guy on her right is carrying scrolls on her back and is wearing an odd kitty costume outfit with purple make up on his face. The last guy my mind takes in is the youngest guy with red hair and a red tattoo on his forehead. Wearing a hard leather vest over a dark red coat and under a gourd. "Holy crow! I've landed in the Naruto world or I'm dreaming!" I think in my head. I blink quickly after taking all the information. Do you know how much it hurts leaving your eyes open for an extended period of time?

"Hey? You okay?" Temari asks. She looks surprised, almost as much as Kankuro and I.

After a moment of thinking and checking to see all my limbs work. "I'm fine. Wha-?" I exclaim after seeing my reflecting. It's not the anime look that's fine and it's pretty accurate. But my blonde medium length hair is now shortened and curved into loops that hide behind in my hair, which slightly sticks out at different angles. Also I have a black tattoo of a black yin (or is it yang?) symbol, but without the dot. A longer line brushes near it and dots line the bottom of it. Did I mention it's on my shoulder? That stuff isn't freaking me out. I always wanted a tattoo, and I got this with no pain. Not the fact I'm wearing a red embroidered sleeveless shirt that has red bands going around my back. Nor the pants which are slim jeans. It's that I'm barefoot and my eyes are red. I mean blood red. I have that ever-changing eye color and lately they've been golden. "Eh? M-my eyes?" I fall backwards getting tangled up with Temari. I paled realizing I looked like my arch enemies. Cue dramatic drum roll!


"Your eyes color?" The puppet man asks, "Heh. That's strange. By the way who are you, kid?" I glare at him. Annoying know-it-all is he?

"Three things, rag doll. First, my eyes have always changed color. But, never this color. Second, don't call me kid, idiot, or I will get mad and you do NOT want that to happen. Third, my name ..." I hesitated, and then lie. Hey, I can't tell them my real name! Names have power, that and they really didn't need to know. "My name is Selvow." I give Kankuro a glare and myself a slap in the face for choosing such a Mary Sue-ish name. "Remember it, woodman." He is so mad at those names, but fairs fair. I turn to Temari. "Who are you people?" I really must act like I come from a far away land because I certainly DO NOT want Orochimaru or Madara after my for all my Naruto watching. If they knew all I knew. It would be very confusing and I'm not good with confusing things.

"I'm Temari." She points at Garra and Kankuro. "Those are my younger brothers. Kankuro and Garra. We're Sand ninja. What are you doing out here? Do you live nearby?" Great! I've landed with a Mary Sue appearance and I have no idea how to get home. But after a few seconds, mayhap a minute, of thinking I believed it would be best to stick with these sandy ninja. I mean, I would rather put up with people who are more serious than Naruto and hopefully, probably nicer than the Akatsuki or Orochimaru. After all death isn't a very good idea when one is so young as a wise man said.

"Temari, eh?" I turn to look at the sand ninja. "I'm not from around here. I woke up and found myself here." I shrug."And from the looks of things I'm not anywhere near where I should be in the least."

A noise in the underbrush near the clearing interrupted our chat and we all turn toward the noise. I'm already facing the noise so it's more of a looking up situation. Quite a few kunai fly toward us and I'm jumping aside to avoid the kunai that's been thrown my way. Thank God for dodge ball! I will always praise my gym teacher for the co-ed brutality of flying missals I have been made to endure. Thinking of the future fight I scoop two up, just as Temari grabbed me.

"Let's go" she says. I jammed an elbow into her fan. The result a moan of pain for me. But, at least I got something I can use to protect myself! I gave a small squeak of terror as a branch broke under Temari's feet.

"Let me down!" I squeak. I hate heights that move!

"Hey, Gaara you sure you want to run away from a fight?" Kankuro askes,"We could take them."

"No we can't." Snaps Temari, "They're Orichimaru's test subjects. No telling what powers they might have." My ears perk up. Orochimaru is already chasing me? Why me! Why now! And why in the freaking world are we running! They're shinobe and Gaara's one of the most powerful out there! I don't want to admit it, but I kind of wanted to see a real ninja right. It would be so cool! No screen! That would mean I would probably get hurt though and I so didn't want to catch a kunai in a body area. After a few seconds of even more thinking I thought up a pretty good question.

"Then how do you know I'm not one of his test subjects?" I ask a stupid question really but a necessary one. After all how did they? I mean I kind of, possibly, probably turned up out of nowhere.

"Are you?" The question comes from Gaara. First time he's spoken and it wasn't to say hi! Pretty rude. But, then if he still was demon-bearer, I really didn't want to be his enemy.

"Nope!" I reply grinning, "If I was I would probably look like those guys back there right?" I can see them now and they are U-G-L-Y! One has eight legs! Eight! But I can't really see them good enough for a clear description. But, I might be able to if they got any closer. They were pretty fast too. "Umm... You guys might want to speed up or slow them down or both! Their gaining!" THAT got their butts in gear and they really picked up speed and I nearly fell off Temari. "Oy! Temari? Can you put me down? I can run myself ya know!" She ignored me. My answer came from the wood head over there.

"Yeah, but can you keep up with trained shinobe and away from those lab rats?" Called Kankuro. I growl a long line of chosen names at him. Finally I amuse myself by using some straps from my pocket to secure the kunai to my wrists. Also I grin in pleasure at feeling certain items in my pockets that appear to be the same jeans I had worn the day before. I love my pockets and their habit of collecting useful and useless little pieces of junk.

I gave that up and tried to figure out how far our trackers had fallen behind. Finally we reached a large hollowed tree. There was a small cave, perfect for hiding. It was a good thing too. The sun was getting ready to set. It was later in the day when they found me anyways. I could tell Temari was exhausted. So I started to harass her about letting walk on my own and walking herself. I mean we did lose them, hadn't we? That and though I was lean, and no the perfect Mary Sue body with curves thank you, the going was hard on my fellow female and current designator carrier. I mean I have small curves and wasn't skinny enough to be a Mary Sue. I had fat everyone does, but runs from home to the nearest park and staying there had trimmed my legs to muscle.

"Have we lost them?" I inquire. I get no answer. "Hello! Earth to Shinobe?" No reply. I grumble. I was getting ready to do something drastic if they didn't put me down! Lucky Temari did and soon. I was glad I really didn't want to exhaust her too much if we had evil Orochimaru lab rats after us.

The shinobe settled about the hollow. Kankuro and Temari went out to scout. I sat down keeping half an eye on Gaara. My nose twitched. I stood and started to poke things around the clearing. I searched the nearby shrubs. I have a sensitive nose and I smelled the thing that it loves! I was about to wander off to find the gurgling water source I heard nearby when Gaara stopped me.

"What are you doing?" He asked. I sniffed, and grinned.

"Getting a bit of a luck charm." Was the response. I wandered in the brush, following my nose. That wasn't enough to warn me off the drop off though. I stifled a small yelp, as I toppled forward. There had been a small cliff, by the creek and I was going to get soaked. I gasped as sand formed under me and slowed the fall. Slowly it rose up the cliff. I scanned the wall of dirt. My nose smelled the delicious herb that smelled better than it tasted. Spying it I pulled it out with a gleeful smile. "Mint! Mint! Mint!" I sang as I got off the elevator of sand. I turned to face Garra who was looking at me with an expression that clearly stated I was an idiot. I grinned and shrug. "Thanks." I followed the sand boy back to the hollow and settle in the base of a tree, inhaling the sweet aroma of the plant.

"What is that smell?" Mumbled Kankuro as he entered the clearing. I grinned a wolfish smile at the shinobe.

"Mint." I answered and resumed to smell the delightful herb. Kankuro shook he's head and told Garra their status. Within a few minutes Temari returned with the same reaction minus the "what is that" word phrase. The shinobe fished in their bags for food. Temari shared hers with me. It was the basic rice ball meal they usually ate on the road. Luckily for me I'm a rice eater.

The sun was late the when I awoke. I had left the cave to rest on a spire of rock's ledge. My seat was located quite a few feet above the forest floor. It was an easy climb with plenty of hand a foot holds. The full moon had cast my surroundings into a fantasy landscape. I was thinking more than anything. I had quite a few things to muse over. First I had no idea how I got into the Naruto-verse. I went over the details over a dozen times. But the facts were simply there. I had had a normal, slightly unpleasant day. I had gone to bed one day, the next I was sitting in the grass staring at Temari. It was so strange. Like a dream, but not one. A not-dream-yet-dream.

The other thing was when I was. I figure I was in the Shippuden section. The clothes had clued me of that and the sense that those ninja that had chased us weren't just pawns. I was sure someone was not far behind them. Not far, but far enough to the sand ninja not to notice his or her presence. I felt it. I cannot explain more clearly.

My next problem was that I had to try to figure out what I should do. What I needed to and what I had to do. It was not a simple. I'll join the sand or I'll join the leaf. Nor was the answer I'll join Orochimaru or I'll join the Akatsuki. No, those weren't the answers. The answers were to think and to have a few plans. Ninja can always ruin a good plan. Or aid it with some improvising. I had to fight against Orochimaru and I had to aid the leaf and the sand. The Akatsuki was out of the question. They would kill me or do worse. No, I had to choose a root that would keep me alive and help those around me. That was one way. Another was to be entirely selfish, but that would not get me far.

My path was not going to be easy. I knew that much. This was a hard world not like the easy street of the one you're probably sitting in right now. I knew stuff there. But now home is so far away. Dang it! I can so NOT get depressed right now! If I do I'll be killed if there is a shinobe battle. Plus, crying over spilled milk isn't my style. I'm the type of person to take her feeling out on the next thing that pisses me off. It's so much more fun that way. I like my walls and I will keep them! Without meaning to I started humming the Avril Lestrage's song Naked. I love her songs so soothing, funny, sad and really, really good! But, my homesickness caught up to me and I became depressed. My fingers, which must always be fiddling with something, were breaking rocks of the spire and tossing them off my perch.

That's when I noticed him. The sand had jumped up to shield him from the falling bits of stone, which weren't that little. He was leaning against my spire watching for enemies probably. The way we had come from. I took notice of him and set my fingers to learning every nook on the two kunai I had -er- found. Hey! It isn't stealing when you find them on the ground is it? And when someone is trying to kill me I really don't think anyone would begrudge me if I took a few weapons to protect myself. Anyway they were not that good. The blade was dull and flawed. I have a love of sharp objects, mainly knives and swords, so I know how to judge a blade. Though I wonder if the principle of a sword and knife are the same.

All in all, I basically forgot about Gaara. Till the moon had left and I had jumped from my rocky nest. I hit the leaf-carpeted-ground with a duck and roll. You learn how to do this after fall from a horse a couple times. I heard movement behind me and my first thought was... "AHHHH! Damn you freaking', ugly monsters! I hate Orochimaru! Eh? Uh... hi? Gaara?" My leg had, well, would have nailed him in the stomach if the sand hadn't once again protected him. I pulled my extremely accurate kick in. "Sorry Gaara. Thought you were someone else. Don't you damned shinobe make any noise?" He looked at me like he saw right through me.

"We do." He has such a breathy mono-tone voice. Kind of like Itachi's. "Tell me, what is your real name?" Ouch! He knew! That damned raccoony, little, ugh! I have no idea what to call him. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

"I would, but it would be best I didn't after all..." I argued. "Names have power. Selvow is MY name. Though not one I use in the everyday life. Please don't argue." I shot at him, when he was about to respond," It would do no good. If I've made mind up it's a twenty five to seventy five percent chance that I will change it to threat or any outside influence. Half in half, if I make the choice." He on the other hand sands nothing. Merely stared off over the distant. I gave him a glare for good measure.

The other shinobe woke up and we were walking this time. I can't complain, but I was just getting use to the tree branch traveling. But, I guess they were low on chakra and this way would make it harder for the enemy to find us right? I grew bored with the scenery. I've seen trees all my life and though they are beautiful, they are always there. My limbs moved without my thoughts. They were far ahead.

First, I had to get better weapons. The kunai were useless, but could be used as a last resort. They were flawed and dull. Heh. A rock would work better. My mind searched through the other ninja and non-ninja feudal era weapons. I thought about a scythe, but discarded it. Too long and to slow. The broad sword was the same. I was light and fast. I could use a fast light weapon that was easy to carry and hide. A sword could do. Mayhap a bow. Not a bow. My aim was terrible. But, it would have been nice.

I already figured that I would travel with the Sand siblings as long as possible. It would help me get though this wilderness. Also, I think I'd probably would be going with them whether I wanted to or not. Unfortunately I'm not a Gaara or Kankuro fan girl. If I was they would have left me for the song ninja. Nah. I was a dragon person and there aren't many dragons in Naruto. A real bummer.

After a few hours of thinking, my hand sought after my secret. I broke the wrapper. In my hand was an atomic fireball and it was beautiful. The ripping of the wrapper had gotten Kankuro attention. He eyed the candy in my hand as I popped it into my mouth. Oh my gosh! That thing was hot! My face must have revealed it to the shinobe puppet master. He looked quite curious. I drew forth another one, and switched the one I was sucking to my cheek.

"So, what's that?" The wooden doll man asked. Gesturing toward the red ball. I raised my eyebrow in a dramatic pose and swept my hand about the candy.

"This?" I asked with such a fake shock that even he noticed it. "This, my wooden doll, is the element of terror! The master of heat. The lava of fiery juices!" I tossed it to him. "It's a fire ball. Becare-" I was cut off as he popped the atomic fireball into his mouth.

The result was very pleasing.

His eyes grew wide and he had such a look of horror and pain and surprise on his face. I doubled over laughing. Temari turned around, followed by Gaara. I wheezed with the humor of the act of passing a fireball, an atomic fireball, to the unsuspecting shinobe. The other two looked at us with confusion and, in Gaara's case, indifference. Kankuro had turned from a normal color to red. Beet red. The poor guy spat the tricking treat out and turned on me. I stood there looking at him eyebrows raised and an innocent smile on my face.

" Y-you tried to kill me!" He exclaimed, with all the indignity he had. It was quite hilarious. I lost control of my already burning gut.

In my best I-told-you-so voice I told him," Hmm... What an interesting shade." He turned redder, if that is possible. "Hey, now! I did try to warn you! Heh! Hahahahah! You were so burned! It was a fireball, my puppetry friend! An atomic fire ball! "I lost my battle to mirth after that.

Garra turned around and walked on. Temari looked annoyed, but ignored us. I busting with laughter and Kankuro glowering with outrage followed suit.

"It was poison I bet." He growled.

"I was eating one wasn't I?" I demanded. "And it was in a wrapper so you can't complain of poison! Your weak willed as it is."

Turning purple he retorted, "Yeah and what about you? You're not even a shinobe so why are you following us?"

"I'm following you, dolt head, because I got nothing else to do and I was being chased by Orochimaru gang! I hate snakes! Ugh!" I exclaimed.

"Well, he could have messed with your memories." The puppeteer snapped.

"No my memories are my own." I responded coolly.

"Really? Is that why you enjoyed that stinking' herb so much, runt?" He teased.

"I just happen to like mint!" I glared. "No worse than playing with dolls like a girl."

"Your a pain in the butt, kiddo." He responded.

"Don't call me that you cultist!" I growled. We faced each other hackles raised.

"Knock it off you two!" snapped Temari. Kankuro knocked it off the second she started talking I glared at him and her for a sec before resuming the pace. My memories were my own weren't they?

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